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How it is safe to carry out transfer of money at sale and purchase? What is a safety-deposit box?

All of us remember the well-known phrase of O. Bender “Still the flat key where money lies can to you?“ Happen, cases when receiving keys on the long-awaited bought apartment, for buyers turns into such question. How to make so that both the seller and the buyer were happy with the perfect transaction? How to protect itself from not priyatnost of the money connected with transfer? And how to choose bank so that all were satisfied?

First of all, it is necessary to be defined by what way money will be transferred.

the First option money are transferred from a hand in hands. At the same time you at least have to trust each other, but even in this case remember the Russian saying “first try, then trust“. Therefore having chosen this payment method it is necessary to remember the following rules:

1. Transfer of money has to be carried out in the neutral territory. Some agencies are ready to provide the office and the equipment for check of money.

2. About that when and where will be money is transferred has to know a minimum of people, ideally two direct participants of the transaction.

the Second more reliable way - a safety-deposit box. Regulates seyfing questions in Russia 922 - I am the article of the Civil code of the Russian Federation “Storage of values in the individual bank safe“. According to this article, the client has the right itself to place values in the safe and to withdraw them from the safe for what have to give it a key from the safe, a card, allowing to identify it, or other sign or the document certifying the right of the client for access to the safe and its contents.

When using a cell of bank for implementation of calculations in transactions of purchase and sale of real estate except the main lease contract of a cell surely sign the additional agreement. Specify a circle of people which has right of access to a safety-deposit box, terms and documents shown to the employee of bank for access in it. The main documents are the passport and a copy of the lease contract of a safety-deposit box.

Usually sign the contract with bank for a month. In each case this term is individual. For access to a safety-deposit box the seller of the apartment as at least one week the contract of purchase and sale and transition of the property right register in UFRS has bigger term, besides the seller needs several days to receive the money from a cell. If the contract of purchase and sale of housing for any reasons is not registered, the buyer is given two - three days to take away money.

In case in the contract two sellers, i.e. two owners, is obligatory this condition specify in the additional agreement to the lease contract of a cell. And if one of spouses is not able to be present when receiving money, then it is necessary to issue the notarized power of attorney.

From a cell, as a rule, two keys. One remains in bank, another is given to the tenant of a cell. It is possible to open a cell only two keys at the same time.

until signing of the bank contract participants of the transaction need to be defined at whom the key from a cell will be stored. That at whom it remains gives to other participants of the transaction of the receipt on its storage. If the key is taken by the seller, then he guarantees his transfer to the buyer in case of refusal of UFRS in registration of the contract. The bank is a guarantee that the cell will not be opened, and bears responsibility for it according to the legislation.

the safest way - payment according to the clearing settlement, and in this case suitable option can become transfer of money according to the letter of credit. The letter of credit is actually non-cash option of a safe deposit box. For the transaction the special account to which the buyer transfers money for the apartment is opened. The seller has the right to use the account only at presentation of the stipulated set of documents. This option is often used in shared-equity construction when calculating with the builder.

of Means are blocked on the account, until the termination of the transaction, date is appointed by bank, only after production of documents, for example the registered contract of purchase and sale. The seller can encash or transfer money from the account of the buyer to in advance open account. When opening the bank account by the buyer presence of the seller is obligatory.

Receiving money in bank packing, surely count them, without departing from cash desk.

In case cash is necessary for the seller of the apartment, then it is necessary to pay bank for cashing in. Except that not to suffer loss on a difference it would be aware of currencies in the territory of Russia, it is better to open the account in rubles. It is necessary to consider also that when using the letter of credit the sum has to be identical - both in the contract of purchase and sale, and on the account.

Accounting on rent of the Safety-deposit box.

more visually to show in how many will manage procedure of transfer of money from the seller - to the buyer, tariffs for rent of the safe in various banks of St. Petersburg at the rate of rent for 1 month are given below.

Tariffs and conditions of JSC Baltic Bank

For rent of the safe (cell) for individual use of tenants - natural persons with a specific mode of access in one days for the term of 30 days 1080 - 1500 including NDS3

Tariffs and conditions Bank Financial Investment

Individual of 1 - 30 days 600 - 2250 including NDS3

Tariffs and conditions Alpha - Bank Bank

Granting in use of individual bank safes to natural persons.

is 30 days old 1710 - 2945 including NDS3

Tariffs and conditions Yunicredit Bank

Granting in use of individual bank safes to natural persons.

is 1 month old 800 - 1150 including NDS3

Tariffs and conditions St. Petersburg Bank

Granting in use of individual bank safes to natural persons.

is 1 month old 750 - 1200 including NDS3

Tariffs and conditions Sberbank Bank

Granting in use of individual bank safes to natural persons.

is 1 month old 950 - 1550 including NDS3

Tariffs and conditions VTB24 Bank

Granting in use of individual bank safes to natural persons.

is 1 month old 500 - 1500 including NDS3

Plus to these sums increases:

- the mortgage sum at the conclusion of the contract in ensuring execution by tenants of obligations for indemnification of the keys from 1000 to 4000 rubles connected with loss by tenants.

- Registration of the additional agreement to the lease contract with special conditions of access for clients of 1000 - 2000 rubles

- the Commission on registration of the power of attorney on access to an individual safe deposit box of 500 - 1000 rubles

Thus, having in detail studied the market of banking services and observing these councils, you can optimize and reduce the risks existing at this stage of the transaction of purchase and sale to a minimum.

Obvious councils.

1) to Make calculations only in bank. As a last resort it is possible to use premises of reliable real estate agency.

2) do not report and do not receive money without paperwork - contracts of purchase and sale and documents for seizing.

3) Agree with your partner about presence at a meeting of witnesses on both sides. In case of conflict situations in court they will be able to prove the fact of transfer of money.

4) has to know the minimum number of people About your operation.

5) the Buyer has to think over safety of delivery of money to the meeting place, and the seller - after transfer.