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Our ancestors Lunar people?

In ancient myths and legends a set of versions about an origin of a human civilization, other than the theory of Darwin. I want to offer you one of them (based on Nikolay Roerich`s books “Seven Great Secrets of Space“ 1931).

So, we will address legends of how the mankind developed.

the Cycle of mankind is divided into 7 human Races (called Radical). They appeared one by one. In each Radical race of 7 subraces (number 7 in general special - 7 days of week, 7 flowers...) .

the First legenda:luna inhabits Earth - the First Race of mankind.

the Moon played the biggest role in formation of Earth and in the population her people. Great Lords called Lords of the Moon that they “Generated People“ and gave them internal forms (Monads).

A Earth gave them external covers, bodies. The monads (a spirit kernel with soul) passing an animal stage of evolution on the Moon, having finished the cycle there, began a new step of life on Earth - human evolution. It is so told in the Prologue legend.

First “People“ on Earth are descendants of Lunar Ancestors, or Pitri.

But the First Race did not receive a sacred spark from which the consciousness flame inflames. It were thin entities without reason with animal instincts - the radio sexless beings floating in air. Could fly, lie, go, run, stand. But the person was only the Shadow unconscious.

Second race of mankind. P ó volume given rise.

the Second Race came from the first by budding and allocation. It occurred so: The radio Form around the Monad was surrounded by Aura. The radio form “pushed out“ the reduced similarity from surrounding Aura`s egg. This germ ate and grew at Aura when its development came to an end, it separated from the parent.

the First Race, without having physical bodies (it consisted of Radio Shadows) did not die. It just disappeared in the Second Race as the lowest lives pass into the posterity.

in the course of evolution the subsequent subraces of the Second Race began to be reproduced differently. They “Were given birth p ó volume“. human beings were

It faceless, sexless, 20 - 36 meters in height, already firmer, with two heads, two persons, four hands. Possessed telepathy, communicated thoughts, with reason rudiments. Race

First and Second, and the first half of the Third Race existed 300 million years. to

They were not subject to influence of temperature and are impenetrable for any condition of atmospheric and climatic conditions. Could live equally everywhere: on the earth, under the earth, in water. These Races did not know death, and only regenerated - were dissolved, absorbed by the posterity.

Third Race. Lemuriytsa.

the Third Race appeared from the Second more difficult: from eggs. “Sweat“ amplified, drops increased, became in the form of a sphere - eggs which gradually hardened. The fruit grew in egg several years. Then egg broke and it left the human being. Lemuriytsa`s

were with one head, two hands. It were giants - to 18 meters, later (through several million years) their growth decreased to 6 - 8 meters. Were able to use Space energy and possessed extraordinary physical force. On Easter Island their huge statues are found.

To the middle of the Third Race people were sexless and efiroobrazny. Over time the person became more dense. After division of floors the Third Race learned death (18 million years ago).

But they were not allocated with reason yet. Also “abnormal offsprings“, without reason Spark were born, called them “uzkogolovy“. This “uzkogolovy“ began to be combined with females of animals. Also generated from them the monsters with red hair going on all fours. “The primitive person“ was a person only externally. It had no reason and with a female of an animal monster generated monkeys - generation of the person who did not have at that time reason, and made “the first falling“ - having fallen to the level of the animals (who had more lowest vibrations).

in the middle of the Third Race from Venus came to Earth “Sons of Reason“, and brought a spark of intelligent life in the animal person.

From this point began evolution of human soul.

Fourth Race. Atlases.

the Fourth Race began with

existence 4 - 5 million years ago - came from the elite from the seventh subrace of the Third Race. At first their growth was 30 - 50 meters, then decreased to 3,5 meters. They successfully used telepathy. Could move huge stones with power of thought. Schools studied secret forces of nature and development of the hidden mental forces of the person.

of Atlanta began to apply the abilities in submission of more undeveloped people - the slavery, weapons of mass destruction appeared (nuclear). This weapon was actively used against rebellious. There were a sorcery, black magic. The philosophy of worship of wealth and pleasures arose.

Is possible all this and led to death of Atlantis. There was an accident, Atlantis was flooded. But not all died. Light Forces rescued the developed part of people, those who observed Space laws, understood the responsibility over mental forces which possessed.

the Last rest of Atlantis - the island Poseidon - died during a volcanic eruption and is shipped in the ocean. The great Box Devoted was transferred from Atlantis to Egypt.

Fifth Race. Aryans. Including we.

the Fifth Race exists till today and continues to make new mistakes.

We live during an era of Cali (in Kali Yuga`s Hinduism - the last era after which updating of time begins. It is characterized by falling of morality). Neglecting Space Laws, the mankind was separated with the Highest Consciousness. To people closed a possibility of use of energiya of Space. Balance of the planet is broken. If we do not learn the lessons of our ancestors, we will continue to destroy the nature, to kill each other, then we are waited by a fate of Atlantis.

But there is a change of poles. In ancient books it is written that at the end of Kali Yugi`s era to people will be transferred Space to energy which will help to pass to the next era. To an era of the Sixth and Seventh Race. After death of Race of Lemurs and Atlases, knowledge passed into our civilization to the Devoted Teachers, and was transferred to priests of Egypt, Tibet, India, the South and North America. The Force and Knowledge Devoted were imparted the electee.

Part of deep knowledge was transmitted to people through Elena and Nikolay Rerikhov by means of the Doctrine of Living Ethics, or Agni Yoga.

years Later one of Nikolay Roerich`s sons - Yury imparted to confidential bodies all knowledge and techniques received by his father in Shambhala. Laboratories at People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs, OGPU were created. “The laboratory on studying of ancient knowledge“ at ChK under the leadership of G. Bokiya and professor A. Barchenko collected this knowledge from around the world: on Tibet and India (Rerikhi), Asia (Przhevalsky), on the Kola Peninsula, in the Crimea (knowledge of Sufi Tatars), etc.

In St. Petersburg the laboratory “allocations space with X - beams“ worked.

The method using Space energy received Kosmoenergetik`s name. The written source of this knowledge which remained up to now are texts of sacred books of the Veda: Ayurveda.

is a lot of talk on a doomsday Today. Rerikh gave hope for the close beginning of the Light Era: “Be sure that to everything, with the heart directing to the Great Teacher to light, danger to blow up or be absorbed by the yawned chasm does not threaten. In time the powerful bell will bring together the lost travelers. On change of races Great Revelation, and, as always, people whose consciousness already belongs to the following step of development is always given, can quite apprehend it. The others will use as far as will be able. And the best will be rescued“.

The era of the Sixth and Seventh Races …

Value of some philosophical terms approaches:

MONAD: a kernel of spirit of the person together with his first cover - soul.

AURA: from the Greek word - trend. Tonkomaterialny radiations from all components of the person. Has the oviform form, color, can be equal or flabby, with gaps.

Manas: reason, Thought body. The lowest manas - mind, the Highest - “spiritual mind“.