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“Hmyr hung himself!“, or How to keep the voice?

for some reason the most part of people is dissatisfied with Sounding of a voice. The voice often seems to the owner too silent or sharp, unpleasant or children`s, insufficiently sexual or too erotic.

Well, claims to it darling weight (whether to me as to the expert not to know about it!) . But very few people thought of as far as the voice is fragile and vulnerable. More than a half of our communication occurs audialno whether it is so possible to underestimate its value and not to worry about how to keep a voice?

What does a voice hoarse, the patient who is taking off from a throat it is rather as whistle? You remember G. Vitsin in to / f “Gentlemen of good luck“? The voice of his hero known as Hmyr is a classical example of a nesmykaniye of vocal chords.

The doctor who treats a voice is called foniatr. And with opinion of the expert of this profile, to. m of N of Ekaterina Osipenko, I want to acquaint you.

You know what does a voice pleasant or not? According to physicians, first of all, of influence sounding :

heredity (here precisely - often it is possible to confuse a voice of mother and daughter);

condition of endocrine system;

nervously - an emotional state (in a stressful situation often arises full bezglasy - an aphonia);

addictions (main of them - smoking).

Until recently foniatra were considered only as doctors for singers, but now people who got public professions handle various problems to them: teachers, trainers, managers. The Foniatrichesky office today - expensive pleasure.

Whether there is a sense to bring the voice to intervention of physicians in whose arsenal, of course, there is also an artificial throat? Or to take care of keeping the voice thanks to a healthy lifestyle and special exercises?

Knowing factors which promote violation of a voice, it is possible most to be defined that it is more important for you: to smoke and at the same time hoarsely to rattle or keep a beautiful timbre and health. If a problem with voice because of nerves - that, respectively, we treat the reason, but not a consequence.

Happens that hoarse the voice becomes at the inflamed throat or cough. In this case it is desirable to take measures at the earliest stage. From personal experience I recommend :

rinsing by lemon juice each hour (freshly squeezed juice is rich with vitamin C therefore, unlike traditional rinsings, it is better to swallow of it, but not to spit out);

drink of the hot milk mixed with a spoon of honey and a spoon of butter (small drinks very hot).

Well, and anyway at violation of a voice of a foniatra recommend voice rest, that is silence (6-8 hours, at least).

At the first feelings of malfunctions with voice special exercises are effective . Are most effective:

the “Lion pose“ borrowed from gymnastics of yogis. We push from a mouth language forward - down and we reach a language tip a chin. That better it turned out, we raise forward - up a language root (5 - 6 times);

“Dome of the top sky“. The sky needs to be lifted as on a yawn and to detain in such situation (8 times).

Both exercises are based on improvement of blood supply at a tension of muscles.

If you want to avoid a voice osiplost during performance, voice loadings, then it is better to refrain from sunflower seeds and chocolate, and to give preference to lollipops.

However most often people who “shouted“ an osiplost address foniatra with violations of a voice. How it occurs? Instead of strengthening of a sound of a voice with use of basic sound extraction, vocal chords are overloaded.

To improve a state, both silence, and milk, and the described exercises are pertinent. At the same time, the main reason - inability to elicit a sound on a support - of course, not to eliminate!

Ekaterina Osipenko recommends to master respiratory gymnastics of A. Strelnikova because the voice is no other than the sounded exhalation.

There are also other special exercises, but about them in the following article.