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What to choose: “In marriage nevterpyozh“ or “Good business marriage will not be called“? Tell

, unless will come to somebody to mind to put props to the Eiffel Tower or to partition off a dam Niagara Falls? Then why if two love each other, they hurry this divine feeling, this inherent value to fix legislatively? And therefore, I think that people do not believe in the love. More often - women in man`s.

Newlyweds are similar the Odyssey, ordered to tie itself to masts when floated by the island of sirens. In life there are a lot of temptations and obstacles, and young people we hope that the legal marriage will help to overcome at one stroke if not all, then many of them. It is a trap for weak. To modern Odysseus I would advise to chain myself when you the first time gathered in the REGISTRY OFFICE.

As paradoxically sounds, but just evasion with happiness will help you to avoid many misfortunes and disappointments. In Baltic paths do not asphalt until they are not trodden by citizens. Only then on the place of temporary footpaths lay sidewalks. And already nobody goes on lawns. As everything is simple and wise!

Therefore I for trial defects. Eventually, it is necessary to check whether its cover approaches your pot! Especially as presently marriage became even more short-lived. The institute of marriage goes to all pieces and creeps away. It is difficult to assume what it will be even in hundred years. The dispersion of opinions and assumptions impresses.

Now in modern Europe women do not hurry in marriage. They dream not of a marriage, and of that to this important step first of all to get an education and to take place in life. Still there is a suspicion that they, unlike us, already understood that on the woman`s share, even the lazy, gets everything - more cares and efforts. And now, if the European manages to catch such girl, he holds her both hands. And we, despite many signs of emancipation, at women on the whole have not enough advantage and self-sufficiency.

The woman, as a rule, gives to marriage all the life, and the man - schitannyechasa. The statistics says that out of marriage of the woman live longer though happiness of these long-livers is challenged. And our men both in marriage, and out of its chains live a little, but as live! Main slogan of their life, apparently, Lenin: “It is better less and better!“

However, is only external spirit. Actually, in man`s life of difficulties it is not less, than in female: just they are other, their difficulties. And often the man marries only to solve the household problems.

Only in the last decades, probably adopting foreign experience, compatriots began to catch up as regards rationality of men who always used our disinterestedness. And now to them our transformation - as a sickle in one place. It became very unusual and uncomfortable them with such us. They accepted our genetically bent backs, our inferiority more.

The last century ruthlessly mowed clean the best of the best. The gene pool became scanty. And now our heroes, on the whole, are much weaker than women. Self-confident appearance of men is even more deceptive, than fragility of women.

The woman was offended more by a civilization, than the nature. But women, however, were always the first playing a supporting role. Economic insolvency of the woman, her emotional and spiritual immaturity conduct to defective life. And it, fondly thinking that the husband will solve all its problems, hurries under the aegis an eagle.

But here it is found out that after a wedding the eagle was transformed to a chicken who should be cared, sponsored, preserved against household problems and to be for it long matrimonial life mother - chicken. It, undoubtedly, feat, but feat of chicken.

Darling,s of eagles on Earth it is not enough girl, and all of them fly highly! So the nature is arranged. And if you want to be with an eagle, then have to become an eagle-hen and fly also highly. Otherwise to an eagle you will be uninteresting.

If the woman is financially independent, she can dispose of the life. She is able to afford everything that men initially did not allow it: beginning from independent travel and finishing with a man`s striptease.

But also men do not benefit from a marriage. Marrying, we limit to the known framework a possibility of unintentional meetings, we reduce a mazhornost of life and spontaneity of acts. Married men can be found easily. They lose the luster, and some in the presence of wives with dictatorial bents make impression of paralyzed. And duties at everyone become twice more, and money twice smaller.

The love is replaced with the fresh decent relations. Weigh all this and estimate the lost freedom, and also think whether will give marriage instead of it something like that considerable and powerful.

However, contrary to all legends, it is much easier for self-sufficient unmarried woman to live, but, unambiguously, it is more boring. Though it has more than both a desire, and an opportunity to take care of the own life, but the nature will not deceive.

Here the majority also marries - in hope for luck. But happiness in ourselves: it only in our soul and if it is not there, then never and will be. Happiness - in ability to love, without expecting something in exchange. And if you are loved the same love, then this happiness doubly. Only there is a wish to love that - worthy, but not anyone!

Except love, a lot of things still has to be that the union of hearts, and unreliable traditional marriage, took place that there was a wish to wash socks and to together raise grandsons. But love - the passion, unfortunately, almost always passes.

And the most important in the long union, mutual respect, support do not doubt, is. And, of course, one in this sheaf is always stronger, and not necessarily the man. But if one or one manipulate or dependant treat another, then such union - as a millstone round the neck. At any opportunity it can be dumped.

It is already easy for me to give advice though I do not know also now how to distinguish love from love and when to marry. And whether it is necessary? But the right and loving heart cannot replace no power on earth!