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What can be thought up for safety of the account? Not the password, but login!

once again in addition to secure your accounts in some interactive user Web 2 resources against breaking. 0, it is possible to make the following.

Not only too simple password, and in addition to it your e known to many people around - mail can be one of vulnerable factors in the sphere of safety of the Internet.

Unfortunately, so are arranged, for example, to Yandex and Mail. ru. Social networks “grew“ from their post accounts - and in them login of authorization coincides with mail login.

But there is a set of systems in which as login it is possible to use the e-mail postal address which is not connected with a resource in any way. So the situation, for example, in Facebook and in some other social networks is.

A similar situation, for example, in various technological and technical the Internet - services - we will tell, in many systems of a contextual advertizing. Process at authorization in many known Russian the Internet - shops is also precisely organized.

We will draw the general preliminary conclusion: be safe / are unsafe in itself not the password or login everyone, and as if “login-the password“ steam can. As the password - that malefactors can even pick up, and here login...

On the Internet there is a set of mail services - ordinary “mails“, it is simple to find them. Register on one of them to yourself the e-mail postal address and use it only as login at authorization in such systems. Messages of only one sort - the entering office notices from these systems will come to it.

Yes, of course, superfluous “e - a mail“ - it is troublesome, but think that it is more important for you: additional safety or conditional carelessness. Let it will be your peculiar network “door“ about which you will know exclusively you because you from - for it “will seem“ to nobody - it will work only for an entrance.

At the same time:

- never, to nobody and under no circumstances report about this your e-mail address;

- at all do not place it on your business cards;

- never from it write anybody;

- never “register“ this account in POP3 - and SMTP - setting up your post program, use this mail only through a web - the interface;

- at the same time (see the previous point) always you “leave“ the post account at its next use.

It is possible to make, of course, such address and in system of corporate post domains - at the system administrator is the companies (the organizations, establishments) where you, say, work.

But in remote little-known post system various e - mails can be tens of thousands (and in it besides there can be also about ten post domains, different in writing), and separately taken user is, actually, necessary to nobody.

And here your system administrator can know your additional corporate postal address easily. Even if he is absolutely honest person, yours e - the mail can become casual “the seen world“, say, from a certain list of all postal addresses of staff of the company which, being prepared for the banal reason, can come to be in a recycle bin subsequently.

Main conclusion: as login at authorization in any interactive the Internet - system should use e - a mail which will be essentially known only only to you.

When using as that of your post record known for much the malefactor needs “to split“ only the password.

In our, more perfect case it is necessary to know precisely also login.