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Magic of a mirror in the fan - Shui. How to use it to itself on advantage?

the Magic of a mirror interested people at all times. In practicians the fan - Shui the mirror - the powerful assistant, using whom can be filled the house with positive energy and to improve the general atmosphere. Masters the fan - Shui are sure that the ordinary mirror can change life of inhabitants of the house: to improve or worsen. Mirrors will present to members of household missing space, will reflect negative impact of acute angles, will create visually correct arrangement of windows and doors, having improved energy circulation. But if the mirror is placed incorrectly, then on a family failures and diseases posypitsya.

In practicians the fan - Shui is a number of strict instructions concerning an arrangement of mirrors. It is better to get a mirror oval or round and it is desirable big that reflected the person to the utmost. If a mirror small, it has to reflect completely the head looking in it. It is impossible to assume that reflection was cut as it can cause headaches, diseases, to draw troubles. The Chinese masters the fan - Shui claim that crushing of reflection is a crushing of personal energy of the person that badly affects health. It is not necessary to use in a decor of the apartment a mirror tile and lockers with mirror doors.

The hall is not intended for long pastime, but from this room salutary energy (Sheng qi) disperses on all house. In a hall surely there has to be a mirror. If the room of the small sizes, then is the best of all to arrange it sideways from an entrance door. It is good if prosperity symbols are reflected in a mirror: sea landscapes, fountains, figures of storks, etc. It is impossible to place a mirror opposite to an entrance door because energy, without having managed to get to the apartment, will be reflected and will leave the dwelling, having deprived of inhabitants of inflow of new forces and success in affairs. It is not recommended to hang up a mirror between cases as the person looking in it will feel as if clamped in a vice.

A toilet , according to the doctrine the fan - Shui, - the most adverse place in the house. In it negative energy arises (sha - tsi). If the toilet is located near an entrance door, then good luck from the house constantly flows away. The mirror placed on a toilet door from outer side symbolically will force it to disappear.

The mirror can not only double, but also increase several times everything that is reflected in it. It is necessary to watch closely that only the fact that wellbeing brings joy also was reflected in it. If to hang up a mirror over a dining table, the quantity of products on a table will double and in the house will be constant prosperity. Negative things, for example, a garbage can or dirty footwear should not be reflected in a mirror.

In a bedroom

it is better for b not to place mirrors. In a dream, as we know, the person is exempted from the collected negative emotions, and the mirror will reflect them on sleeping again. If the mirror nevertheless is, then the bed as it can cause continuous quarrels between spouses should not be reflected in it.

It is necessary to track that the mirror located in nursery , reflected toys and other objects which are pleasant to the child. One-year-old children willingly play with the reflection - it helps them to study own image.

The mirror of a bagu is the small pocket mirror located in the center of an octahedron. On its parties there are rings trigramm - four elements of Earth. In China this mirror - a symbol of powerful protection against evil spirits and bad power. But the bagu cannot be hung up indoors but only on the outer side of an entrance door.

The burst mirrors should be thrown out at once. It is necessary to treat old and antiquarian mirrors very carefully, and the fan - Shui recommends to get rid of them.

It is necessary to watch purity of mirrors constantly - to dust regularly with them. Only the pure mirror is capable to attract good luck and abundance.