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What happiness is brought by a horseshoe?

are known to All that a horseshoe - the ancient and most known mascot bringing good luck, success, wealth to the house. And this belief is widespread in the different countries of the world. Why people began to attribute magic properties to such ordinary subject?

is A little history

When for the first time began to ground horses, it is definitely not known. One is reliable that already in ancient Rome owners showed care of horses and mules. They put on legs zhivotnyv the special boots made of a tree or metal. The footwear fastened to their legs leather belts.

In ancient records it is described how the emperor Neron, being going to visit the Olympic Games, ordered “to put“ on several thousands of mules in the silver plates fastening to their legs belts.

The first horseshoes were found in burial of the king of francs Childeric who died in 482 our era. In a tomb there were detection remains of a fighting horse at whom all four legs were grounded. About ways of fastening of horseshoes of data it was not succeeded to find.

In the Middle Ages in Europe horseshoes began to attach to legs of horses special nails.

In Russia the first konovalny school was open near Moscow in the village of Horoshevo in 1732. Local masters could put a horseshoe on a leg of a horse for half an hour. For full time one koval could ground the six of horses.

When arose legends of the horseshoes bringing happiness

Numerous legends and beliefs of horseshoes go back the roots to real life. In early centuries of our era iron only began to appear in Europe. It was very expensive, and any iron thing had high cost.

In the country yards iron was especially big rarity. If any of a family found a horseshoe on the road, then it was considered as a great luck. It was possible to make of a horseshoe, for example, a knife or several nails.

In the different European countries there are legends of a horseshoe as a symbol of wellbeing, luck and happiness. Here one of them: about the Reverend Dunstane and the devil. It is the anglosaksky fairy tale.

To future archbishop to Canterbury Dunstan the devil came and appealed to ground to it hoofs. (It is necessary to notice that the Reverend was also a smith in combination.) Dunstane grounded the devil so strong that that pain twirled on the place and requested mercy. The devil`s oath that he will never try to enter a door over which the horseshoe hangs was a payment for the freedom.

In Russia since the most ancient times was also considered that to find a horseshoe on the road is very good sign. In some corners of Russia there was a special ritual that should be made at such happy find. It was necessary to lift a horseshoe, to spit, make some wish, then to throw far away through the left shoulder, to go straight and not to look back. But in the majority of places there was other custom: the find was taken with themselves and beaten over an entrance door.

What horseshoe is better

Of course, the best horseshoe - gold. It has the biggest magic force to bring happiness. Also the silver horseshoe will approach. From copper too you should not refuse. But if you found the most usual horseshoe, then and it can be your happy mascot, a symbol of wellbeing and good luck. Where to look for happiness horseshoe

I will tell

At once that the task is difficult.

it is the simplest to span to descend in any gift shop where there is a wide choice of bagatelles in the form of a horseshoe. It can be a hanger for keys, ear rings and suspension brackets, charms and so forth. It is also possible to visit the Internet where will offer you a wide choice of various horseshoes - from gold to usual. But these horseshoes will not bring any happiness to you. They are similar to a consolation prize: it seems it is, and I pound also satisfactions from it any.

Can order a horseshoe from the smith. By the way, such service is offered by some websites. But, as well as in the first case, this horseshoe of happiness to the house will not bring. The horseshoe should be found.

And for this purpose can descend on a hippodrome and to look, and suddenly will carry?

But the most probable place where it is possible to find the real magic horseshoe, are villages. If you have relatives in such small village, that time to visit them. Imagine that you go on a rural path, and suddenly in a roadside ditch you see a long-awaited old rusty horseshoe. How many years it lay without the use! Ostorozhnenko lift your new treasure, clean and hide to the reliable place to bring happiness to your house.

Is far better to place a horseshoe

It depends on what happiness you want for the house, for the family. There are several ways of use of the found horseshoe.

If to beat a horseshoe over a door “horns“ up, then it will attract your house prosperity, the world and wellbeing.

If to put a horseshoe on a window sill (the ends in the house) in a full moon, then shines you to win in a lottery, to get an award or a considerable rise to a salary. To put it briefly, it attracts money to the house.

If to carry a horseshoe in the car, then you keep the life, and (it is checked in practice) safely pass inspectors of traffic police.

If flowers badly grow in the house, then the horseshoe put by a row “will solve“ also this task. Rapid growth is provided to flowers.

you Want to receive the help in some important issues - dig the mascot on Hugo - East side of the house. You get support in time, and your problems will move off dead center. Only to leave a horseshoe long in the earth I do not advise as some other seekers of happiness can incidentally find it.

How the horseshoe of the owner still can make happy? She will help to attract good luck, to grant treasured desire, will help to reach prosperity and to become the rich, will adjust and will establish the world in your relationship, will keep health, will endow with unearthly love and, at last, will send you quiet prophetic dreams.

As we see, the horseshoe found on the road - a thing multipurpose and very useful in economy. Attentively look under legs not to pass the happiness! Successful to you finds!