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Understanding - a key to? Lesson 2: understanding of a past or meditation - reminiscence of

Strangely enough, the most part of time “homo sapiens“ works automatically. The reason at the same time, of course, is used - mainly that its part which is responsible for the solution of these or those logical tasks. In it we differ from animals not qualitatively (alas!) and only quantitatively. The intelligence of the highest animals allows them to solve very complex problems including demanding planning. And here our consciousness the most part of time dozes, only occasionally joining.

Personally me always shook such moments when you suddenly understand that you are you that you breathe, you feel that you look at the world … Also you understand that only a minute ago you were as if in a dream. It is a pity, such moments come not so often. And they give feeling of original presence at life! In fact, they are also the real life when we live not automatically, and we are fully present at what happens to us.

Fortunately, ability to be present at own life can be developed in itself. Also I think, it makes sense. At least in order that life did not leave by. It is sure: if in the evening to the person to try to remember what happened to him this day, not everyone will be able to reproduce in memory the lived day completely. And it “not completely“ can be very essential! Try, and it will turn out that not so a lot of things distinctly were stamped on the memory. And it means that you really did not participate in events of own life, were not present “here and now“.

So, it will also be our exercise. It is called in the different systems “Understanding of Last Experience“ or “Meditation - Reminiscence“. It is often recommended to carry out as we now: in the evening, before going to bed, reproducing last day. I personally consider that it is necessary to carry out it at the first opportunity, that is every time as you remembered it. It is not obligatory to recall all day. It is possible to remember both the last hour, and the last week.

So, accept a convenient pose, close your eyes and relax. It is the general recommendation for such exercises, and strongly you should not bother with its performance. Do not go in cycles in a pose and relaxation. Usually recommend a pose sitting or lying. But in a prone position, in the evening moreover and blindly some easily fall down in a dream. Therefore do as it is convenient.

Recollect everything that you did during the day (or other period). It is possible to begin with the present moment and to go deep into the past, it is possible to begin, for example, from the moment of awakening and to go by the present moment.

It is possible to restore events in details at once. And it is possible to begin with the highlights of day which are most brightly remembered. Then remember details of each event. It is possible to do it also step by step, remembering larger details in the beginning and gradually restoring events it is the fullest. In principle, on ease of a recall it is possible to judge a measure of our absorption in the events, concentration degree on what we do.

Be not limited to a simple recall of sequence of events, do not deceive yourself! Emotions, thoughts, sounds, smells, corporal feelings - all this makes our life. So, all this is important and to pass it, allowing all these events to be lived automatically, - inadmissible luxury.

It is possible to begin with a recall of small periods. It is possible to increase them indefinitely, plunging into memoirs though till the early childhood. Also try to reproduce everything occurring as it is possible more stoutly. Only do not try to conjecture and represent anything! It “meditation - reminiscence“, but not exercise on development of the imagination and creative thinking. We are interested in reality, but not idea of it. If you cannot remember something (and it “something“ will be much!) it is an occasion not for panic or excessive self-criticism, and for work on itself. Means, at these moments you were not included in process of own life, were not present “here and now“, did not realize happening to you. It does not matter: now - that you know in what direction to move!

Also it is not necessary to perceive this equipment as exercise for memory development. Probably, it can be used also in this quality, but now the purpose another. And improvement of memory can be a side effect when events are better remembered due to concentration, bigger on them.

Certainly, besides the main effect (work on sensibleness increase), these exercises can be used for the solution of especially applied, momentary tasks. For example, they will help to sum up the results of day, to remember what was forgotten and is not made, to trace features of behavior own and people around, without being included in a situation, so, less emotionally and prejudicedly.

So, remembered (and the memoirs are brighter - the absorption in process of life is deeper). Traced that is remembered well, and that hardly. And “made a tag“ on the future: here I (in real life) need to be more conscious. Perhaps, next time mental “tag“ will work and you in a similar situation suddenly “waken“, coming back to a condition of understanding. Gradually similar “awakenings“ will begin to happen more often.

And why, actually, “gradually“ and “next time“? So we far will not leave! In life there is nothing more important than the present moment when, actually, we also live. So not once, and right now! Especially and article already ended.