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Why Poles so touchingly honor the Warsaw Revolt of 1944 - year? There are no

B the Polish national myth more sacred event than the Warsaw Revolt of 1944, the offered 200 thousand civilians and 17 thousand volunteers - insurgents - the best daughters and sons of the Polish people in 63 days of ruthless fight against nazi aggressors. At the beginning of 2 MV the famous Polish writer with the Russian soul and Petersburg education, Dostoyevsky and Witte`s great admirer, Stanislav Tsat - Matskevich wrote: “Poland is the country of brave, heroic children“ . The Warsaw Revolt proved it literally painfully.

30. 07. 1944 Soviet radio station of Kosciusko, from located in 100 km from Warsaw of Lublin which is already freed by the Soviet troops urged the people of Warsaw to rise immediately against Germans. The appeal was broadcast at least 4 times - at 15:00, 20:55, 21:55 and 23:00.

The people of the capital accepted it as the certificate and the offer of allied cooperation. The Soviet planes turned over Warsaw, the roar of distant guns of the coming front was heard. To the suburb the Soviet tanks T - 34 drove. Tankmen spoke about immediate liberation of Warsaw.

1 - oho August, 1944 by order of KG of joint stock company a gene. The drill - Komorovsky acting in the agreement with the London emigratory government of the prime minister Mikolaychik who these days followed to Moscow revolt against Germans broke out. This fight against huge enthusiasm was supported by all residents of the capital, believing (and even without representing differently) that the London government agreed with the coming Soviet army. Actually was absolutely not so, but ordinary Poles of it did not know. For the third day of revolt the front receded back, the Soviet Ils ceased to fly over the city, took their places Yu - 87 Piece, abandoning Poles the killing, precisely coming across bombs. Insurgents had no antiaircraft weapon. In general, they practically had no weapon. On 50 thousand soldiers was apprx. 150 machine guns (from what 25 easel and 120 manual), 2000 rifles, 600 machine-gun guns and 4 thousand guns. Everything, including and heads of Revolt, expected air dumpings from the western allies, but them o came. it is not enough because Stalin forbade to land in the Soviet territory to allied planes which would help the risen Warsaw. He refused and the help to insurgents (the radiogramm to Churchill from 5. 08. 1944 and officially statement of the deputy of People`s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs Vyshinsky to the ambassador of the USA Harriman 16. 08. 1944), convincing the western and Polish interlocutors through the people that Revolt in Warsaw was suppressed already long ago by Germans and to help - there is nobody. Reasoned logically - as unarmed and inexperienced young rebels can resist so many days professional to CC - vsky and front groups of Wehrmacht? Though thanks to the intelligence data knew as it was valid...

Actually as these several honeycombs of rifles + the modest number of grenades and Molotov cocktails could occupy the most part of the city at resistance apprx. 20 thousand decently armed Germans? It is generally difficult to imagine it.

Impossible the typical Polish shapkozakidatelstvo, cunning and improbable contempt for death was carried out thanks to the fact that Germans were taken unawares the wide scale of operation (many small groups of insurgents worked in all districts of the city) (the first day was the most bloody for insurgents - died them to 2 000). And the most important - the unlimited help of civilians of the million city which built barricades saw off insurgents only to them familiar tracks and transitions, hid wounded (when Poles receded).

After counterstroke by forces which arrived from the Reich (the CC Dirlevanger`s crews and RHONE Kaminsky, 111. regiment azerbaidzhantsev, police regiments, special-purpose equipment of NP. a confidential Typhoon - geret, rocket mortars, firemen and so forth) nazis using all methods (barricades destroyed by tanks before which drove the civilian population, houses burned together with inhabitants - for the first week of residents of regions of the Ox destroyed apprx. 40 - 60 thousand and Hunting is so much - there is so much in Stalinigrada, in 7 months of fights) oppressed a militia to the downtown where the Old City became the main fortress (it is similar Mamayev to Kurgan).

Narrow ulichka, large buildings with deep cellars and unprecedented bravery of defenders (Himmler 21. 09 in Egerkhie [= J? gerh? he] declared that with such resistance and persistent defense of each house, the German soldier faced only in Stalingrad: It is the most heavy fight which to us was necessary to wage since the beginning wars ) turned the Old City into true fortress.

One Cathedral which became as if the southern barricade of the area (situation - across the direction of the German blows) Germans stormed 2 weeks (in the afternoon capture, at night counterstroke of the insurgents who are at war generally guns and grenades beats out from it fascists). Twice Germans managed to drive in a cathedral on tanks that nearly ended with capture of one of them when got stuck in temple ruins. Unfortunately, Germans, after capture by his Poles, could burn it. All these actions were useless, even to 28. 08, Yu - 87 bomb which so far is precisely dropped did not destroy the last walls, burying under itself the last defenders.

The building block of hospital Jan Bozhi fell after 10 days of fights literally for each room in the north. Krasinsky` Palace which is not given to the enemy till last day of defense of the Old City thanks to what apprx. 5 thousand survived rebels on sewer pipes could make the way to other areas became the western barricade. The palace persistently held 22 days of continuous defense the battalion “Parasol“ [= the Umbrella] having paid back these are 50% losses. (Their brotherly battalion “Zoska“ made something rare - in the German uniforms partially broke through, partially passed in the dark “playing a role of Germans“ through 7 lines of extremely dense German defense, and reached the Polish of a position having lost 70% of structure.

On sewer pipes which height decreased to 90 cm, in the dark, in sewage and slush it is frequent after corpses of the dead there, insurgents of 3 - 5 hours will drag the wounded. Tried not to leave them in hospitals, knowing that Germans of all wounded “humanely“ finish grenades or live fire (remained in the battlefield after night counterattack 23. 08 Polish wounded pressed caterpillars of tanks). But 2 thousand seriously injured who could not be evacuated narrow pipes SS-men after occupation of the Old City will shamelessly kill and will burn.

Only 13. 09. 1944 courageous Soviet pilots by PO planes - 2 began to dump to Poles the weapon so necessary to them, but after falling of the Old City (2. 09), only they could keep and ask favor of allies. But, for some reason, did not wait for it. Still with 13. to 23. September insurgents together with the landed regiment 1 - oh VP armies conducted exclusively heavy fights on the Chernyakuvsky base, expecting the help, but “stings, help did not come, reinforcements did not send“ . 2 - oho October, 1944 Revolt was forced to capitulate . 17 thousand insurgents will be taken prisoner. Every fifth civilian of Warsaw forever will remain among ruins of almost completely destroyed city. Everything, the survived, civilian population will be taken out from the city, 87 thousand - are stolen to Germany.

I think if it depended from march. Rokossovsky, Zhukov, or other son of Russia, at “which mercy knocked in a fit of temper“ , they, likely - no, undoubtedly, would be rescued.

But this issue was resolved not by the Russian person, but the ruthless tyrant with vindictive Georgian soul.