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How to become the savior Otechestva? John Payrpont Morgan costs

In Paris near Louvre the gilded equestrian statue representing Joan of Arc. The girl whom French not without justification consider as the rescuer of France. Strictly speaking, British would have to deliver it a monument on the coast Canala too.

There are no Joan of Arc`s victories, the English kings, quite perhaps, would divide into halves France and got possession on the continent. Therefore history of Great Britain could go absolutely in a different way. And in that, another, option the country had chance to be not only not great, but even not Britain... However, history does not know a subjunctive mood.

History also does not love repetitions. Happens that in saviors Otechestva she appoints the girl not fragile, illiterate, devoted to God, and the rough, deprived of any sentimentality man. Who is difficult for presenting with a spear in a hand, astride a horse. However, and the Fatherland to it was necessary to rescue another, and with danger its country was threatened not by enemy troops...

John Payrpont Morgan (John Pierpont Morgan) (1837-1913) , really, was difficult to be presented the valorous knight. And here the captain on the deck of the piracy ship he saw each other much. And though to the cruel pirate Henry Morgan (1635-1688) robing in the Caribbean Sea, Morgan is a banker of any relation had no, comparison that is called lay on a surface. Also it was repeatedly used in Soviet period by authors of the books beginning words it seems of “All great modern fortunes are made in the most disgraceful way“ .

Such book with the underlined first phrase - you remember? - Ostap Bender frightened the underground millionaire Koreyko. It was called “Capitalist sharks“.

Payrpont Morgan began to resemble the captain of the piracy ship already at mature age. When, being the first banker of the USA, he ruthlessly eliminated competitors. And too did not stand on ceremony with colleagues. Famous photographer Edward Stayken (Edward J. Steichen) (1879-1973) told once: “To look in eyes to Morgan all the same that to study headlights of the approaching engine. And it is good if at this moment you do not stand on rails“. By the way, E. Stayken was, really, a great photographer. The millionaire`s photograph made by him very well transfers unshakable character and cruel will of the hero. Even the stick on which J. P. Morgan leans looks as a knife.

In the childhood and in adolescence the fellow did not differ in a mighty constitution. He was tormented by all possible diseases: dermatitis, arthritis, epilepsy... In 1852 parents sent the son to get healthier to the Azores. The tropical climate made the business. In a year young John blossomed. Diseases did not disappear, but were tired out inside, and John could “get used“ to them. All the subsequent life he annually for three months went in Europe to restore health. But the remained nine months J. Morgan worked as an ox.

Career of the banker passed to John from the father, the financier Junius Morgan, famous in Boston. By the way, Payrpont (in some books write Pierpont) is not the second name, and as often is found at Americans, a surname of mother. Of John Fittsdzherald Kennedy and Franklin Delano Roosevelt are formed on the same sample.

The father took care of that the successor of his business and its state got a thorough education. After leaving school in America, John spent several years in Switzerland, and then graduated from the Goettingen university. So in German and in French J. Morgan spoke fluently. In Goettingen he received degree on stories of arts. Art became his enduring love for the rest of life.

But we will come back to cruel humdrum of life. At the end of 1850 - x years John Morgan began the career of the financier. The financier of that time also resembled glossy modern magnates a little as, say, cruel Henry Morgan on the imposing captain of the modern multideck cruise vessel.

It was time when money, remaining a symbol of regal greatness and royal power, got a new profession. Financial streams became blood in an organism of the arising industrial society. Respectively, in economic (and not only) lives of the developed states began to come to the first roles owners and sellers of this blood - financiers.

In public consciousness serious shift also began. Before the banker was represented by such Gobsek sitting on infinite treasures and getting profit the most dishonest extortion - giving money for percent. At the time of Morgan the financier was already represented by the admiral sending the ships to fight. Courageous and far-sighted commander, though a little and pirate.

Already mentioned book “Capitalist sharks“ was and still right! J. Morgan`s actions - it was impossible to call the financier moral at all. To begin at least with the fact that resale of the weapon during Civil war in the USA (1861-1865) was its first successful operation. To northerners put off already written off rifles at such price that the net profit made 25%! But in piracy business the main thing - is not so much dexterous to take production how many not to be hung up on a yard. In government circles John had a good cover. When the commission of the Congress investigated this case, Morgan was not made responsible.

In the activity J. Morgan clashed with the state more than once, but constantly came off clear thanks to the same protection in higher levels. During the same Civil war Morgan earned 132 thousand dollars of net profit from speculation in gold. And, seemingly, the anger of the father was the biggest punishment for it. The person old-fashioned, considering income gained on crisis of currency system of the native state, immoral.

The most part of the wealth, more than 80 million dollars, J. Payrpont Morgan made on business quite piracy - unfriendly absorption. That is there was it robbery, but entered into quite lawful framework. Morgan simply acquired shares of the “pleasant“ enterprise. Morgan liked, naturally, what made the maximum profit. He invested the money in the railroads, steel works, in the arising electrotechnical branch and in telephony...

Six giants of the modern American industry were created thanks to J. Morgan`s money. And not to a lesser extent - thanks to its rigidity and cruelty in business.