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To drink or live? Choose...

“Drunk will never be overslept by - the fool “. “Though drink and understand business “. These and similar statements with a claim for popular wisdom quite often try to use “a green serpent“ for a justification of adherents. Sympathy for the weak unfortunate boozer became some kind of line of our national character. The fact that rather strong person does not need an alcoholic dope, is somehow forgotten. As a result weakness, intellectual and physical inferiority, alcoholic dependence are quite often cultivated artificially.

The formula 40 invented once by Dmitry Mendeleyev-degree vodka became a peculiar Golgotha for our people. The number of human losses on this way surpassed all world wars together with revolutions long ago.

At the same time it is impossible to tell that alcoholism was not realized as enormous danger. Still as it was realized. At the same time “alcoholic“ money in Russia is not the first century one of the main sources of replenishment both monarchic treasury, and the private capitals. Accustoming to drinking of the compatriot - the shortest way to own wellbeing. It is enough to remember such characteristic example. Instead of drowned on russko - the Japanese war of the Russian military fleet, by 1914 it was constructed new, almost entirely on money from vodka monopoly.

In the second half of the 19th century, with development of the territorial organizations, also rapid growth of the movements for national sobriety uniting representatives of the most various estates begins. Sobriety societies of that time were widely adopted, having become noticeable part of public life. They were engaged not only promotion, but also quite serious researches. In particular, revealed prevalence of alcoholism in various social groups. Strangely enough, but at the turn of the century drinking were noblemen. Here to you and “blue blood“, and hard workers from the least skilled workers: loaders, barge haulers, carriers and others.

the Least drinking. Here to you and the myth about eternally drunk Russian village. Resourceful enterprising men followed the accurate rule: vodka a shtof - to the capital the first enemy. During a season of field works peasants just had no time for vodka. Alcoholism always was the cause of poverty. To successfully do business in a drunken condition it is unreal. Therefore and among merchants, and especially Old Believers, alcoholism was extremely unusual occurrence. It is possible to achieve success in life only on the sober head. The course of life of drunkards inevitably brought them on the bottom of society. On the whole the hardworking Russian people were negative to alcoholism, fairly considering that vodka - destiny of people weak and confused.

The Soviet transformation almost completely destroyed traditional tenor of life. Tens of millions of people were broken from native places and disseminated through industrial new buildings where to them was to nobody any business. The most part of life without having an opportunity to provide the family with housing and the sufficient income, men quite often fell into prostration and began to become an inveterate drunkard quietly. When nothing depends on the person very little or in general, vodka becomes a key to the solution of many problems, way of an escape from reality to the world of own illusions. And when alcoholism becomes norm, the normal sober way of life is perceived already as anomaly.

How to our people to get out of a drunk whirlpool and what for this purpose needs to be made? In - the first not to repeat nonsenses gorbachevsko - ligachevsky “Prohibition“ of a sample of 1985. It will want to endure once again this nightmare in senses to nobody. And in - the second, in my opinion, a good way of fight against alcoholism are prompted by history.

... At the end of XIX - the beginning of the 20th century in poor nonchernozem provinces - Kostroma, Yaroslavl and Tver, cooperative country cheese making and butter manufacture begins to develop. Since then even the name of cheese remained: “Kostroma“. The brother of the famous artist Vereshchagin becomes one of initiators of this movement. Country cooperatives organized collecting milk, production and realization of cheese as in the largest cities of the Central Russia, and abroad. As the price of realization of milk and cheese differs many times, profitability of the country farms participating in cooperatives increased much.

The result was not slow to affect. Having felt the real, earned with the work money allowing to change own life to the best in the hands many country families used this chance. To replace an otkhodnichestvo in search of cheap earnings in the foreign land and to a mass beggary as a part of the whole villages conscious and daily work in cheese-making cooperatives begins to come.

When the man is occupied and borrowed with the work bringing not symbolical, but visible material result from him just there is no time left for alcoholism. It becomes grieves it to lose precious minutes of the life on aimless pastime.

Each person first of all master of his own live. The choice for drunk existence of the eternal loser or healthy and full-fledged sober life depends only on it.