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Moscow - the city for life? With humour - about serious

From the cycle “Great Cities of the World“

according to Yury Mikhaylovich Luzhkov`s order founded 860 years ago the capital of our Homeland the hero town of Moscow. At first it was the small settlement, in it there lived the team of the prince Dolgorukiy with wives yes local which did not know yet that they became Muscovites. And when learned, very much grew proud of it and thought up at first a registration, then registration and four thousand dollars meter.

For it Muscovites were not fallen in love at once by other people and several times burned all city. All burned down - Tatars, French, slav brothers … But Muscovites built up anew, and, without the aid of Turks and Moldavians. In those old times they still were able to do it by the hands. The secret of construction of houses without participation of Turks and Moldavians, unfortunately, is lost. Or it is stolen by Moldavians. And Moscow after each fire became more more beautiful.

In it there were first sights - the Cherkizovsky market, 3 - e a transport ring and the Vykhino subway in rush hour. Except them the underground passage under Three Station Square, bus station on Shchyolkovskoye Highway and, of course, the Kremlin belongs to the Moscow beauty. The Kremlin is heart of Moscow. Kapotnya - lungs, both Butov - the beaten-off kidneys, and Izmailovo, judging by faces of inhabitants, long ago and incurably sore liver.

There were years. Moscow turned into the huge megalopolis to which money and bums flows like water. Probably, bums bring money, hide them, forget where go to sleep to the last cars of the subway, despite turnstiles.

Turnstiles were invented, by the way, too in Moscow. They are especially necessary in trams which grandmothers use only. Where they constantly go in the quantity equal to quantity of seats, it is a riddle with which solution many researchers struggle. Closest to truth the assumption that to a final stop and back. The main thing that turnstiles to grandmothers are not terrible, they have special travel cards with photos. And here to come into the tram to the any passer-by 25 rubles and 40 minutes stand in a queue as grandmothers do not hurry anywhere.

Fortunately, not only turnstiles our capital is nice. All know that the most good-natured and hospitable militiamen of the country live in Moscow. It is impossible to pass by them free of charge. This art which is owned not by each Muscovite what to speak about guests of the capital.

But Moscow is not only militia hospitality. Moscow - the city which brings to people happiness. In Moscow Natasha Korolyova met Tarzan, and little Yurochka Kuklachyov - the first cat. V. V. Putin found work in Moscow, and the sculptor Tsereteli found inspiration and a workshop. As the streets decorated with its creations changed! As Peter I is beautiful and high! They say that in Pyotr`s head there is a two-level bowling - the center, and in a little finger of the right hand Roman Abramovich bought the apartment.

Near Moscow also the well-known Rublyovka with its oil fountains and gas torches where it is possible to have a dinner tasty for 5000 dollars under living Elton John`s singing is located. And in Moscow the largest opened in Europe “IKEA“ and “Auchan“, “MEGA“ and “the Arbat Prestige“. It is necessary to live in these shops that, by the way, many Muscovites also do.

But all - not shops are a face of the capital. Near Correa`s restaurant it is possible to find the Tretyakov gallery, on boondocks of Central Department Store there is a Bolshoi Theatre, from boutique “Giorgio Armani“ St. Basil`s Cathedral, and from one night club - even an edge of the Pushkin museum is visible. In an environment of such beauty there is no wish neither to be rude, nor to deceive therefore in Moscow will never get nasty with you and you will not be deceived. To kill will kill though it is forbidden.

But, unfortunately, bans in Moscow do not get accustomed. The mayor of the capital should forbidding something as something appears everywhere and at the double. After the last bans now each casino, on paid parkings, has girls of easy behavior with shawarma in hands, at the same time drinking beer in public places and trading from hands in itself. And the gay - parades take place in the best concert halls. And in all underground passages Georgians sell Moldavian wines from “Borjomi“.

Perhaps to try to forbid the sea, the beach and naked mulattos in Moscow?.