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How to become the poet? Simply. But it is difficult for

Contrary to opinion as if are born poets, but do not become, it is possible to become the poet. You will not believe, but it is enough to execute one exercise and to master one principle. A question of whether the poet or the skillful handicraftsman will turn out, we will leave beyond the scope of consideration as the border is very indistinct. Even in classics sometimes get it is unknown for what as Jan Parandovsky in “Word alchemy“ noticed.

Creativity, as well as any activity, has the laws. The set of receptions, the courses, jewelry is investigated, classified, enshrined in dictionaries long ago. And who thinks as if the poetry consists in rolling of eyes with aspiration: “Ah, florets!“, - that can not read further.

Rules of versification is elementary arithmetics. “Drilling a haze the sky covers“ - four feet on two syllables, that is 4 x 2. To expatiate on poetic equipment here to anything, it is taught at school, is full of information on the Internet. It is only useful to remind that rhymes on the same parts of speech in the same form, first of all on verbs are undesirable. In such cases not words, and the same terminations with themselves are conformable. “Happy birthday we congratulate, happiness, pleasure we wish“ - skill any, about poetry the speech does not go.

It is simple to seize equipment, there would be a desire. On walk when the head is occupied with nothing and steps prompt a rhythm, compose verses on anything. Especially it is not necessary to care for sense first - the main thing that the size was observed and rhymes were worthy. It is not obligatory to remember. Gradually process will happen quicker and quicker.

The form very much disturbs the beginning authors: there is a wish to tell one, and the word does not hold and there is no suitable rhyme. Those that is take away aside. And it turns out that a lot of things are written for a rhyme, neither here nor there. As soon as the line which - as it was built, the author wipes a forehead and does not look for other option. And the rhyme helps the good poet, prompting development of thought. The offered exercise gives free possession of a form, and unexpected turns become natural. Sometimes at recitation it is thought: as lit up the author - the genius and only! And its rhyme brought.

So, the equipment is mastered, acquired ability to the easy composition of verses, and on the set rhymes (bouts-rimes) - even to instant. But it is necessary to tell that the real works, not some congratulatory impromptus, will demand all the same work. Besides the subject is infinite: except the sizes and rhymes, the form includes so many … Alliteration, in particular: “Perestukivali joints: on the East, the East, the East“ - Antokolsky represented a train sound.

Now about contents. As the following statement of supporters “ah, florets“ will revolt, but contents is subordinated to arithmetics too.

Such experiments were put. To someone the first letter of the poem was called and it was offered to guess the second. Got or did not get - unit or zero registered. Then the second letter - and what will be the third was said? And so on. It would seem, the poetry has to be easily predictable. It is squeezed in the Procrustean bed of meters, and the ends of lines are known at all in advance as they are rhymed with previous.

Strangely enough, poetry - the most unexpected type of the speech (apart from ravings of a madman, but nobody will carry it to literature). The more average information loading of a letter, the is higher the author. At the ordinary poet it makes 1,8 bits, that is news not densely. At Pushkin - 4,2. Newspaper editorials and talk of girls are most expected.

Here first line of the poem: “I live on light long ago“. Try to predict the second. Not to prevent you to estimate the inclinations, the answer is placed at the end - think so far. A line which will thrust with the first, - hardly the best. Ilf and Petrov, though they are not poets, deleted the phrases which came to mind to both of them: if two thought up, then and one thousand will compose.

Told does not mean as if it is possible to become on formulas the creator. Rodin explained how he creates sculptures: from a block of marble cuts superfluous. Here and here it is stated approximately also. There is also the second way, it was depicted by the Chekhovian captain, explaining to the young lady as guns are made: the hole undertakes and from all directions has a shower bath cast iron. Whether the masterpiece or emptiness will turn out - depends not on only one knowledge of the principle.

And there are here in a look no glory and the fees at all. Even not Pushkin, but Benediktov who was more famous, and only than Belinsky`s article could be considered as the sun of the Russian poetry, then Dobrolyubova dumped it from a pedestal. Pushkin ceased to be appreciated already during lifetime, he also said that he bothered readers. At it “tactfully“ did not mention the poem “Lodge in Kolomna“ not to poison the author with his failure. By the way, Kolomna - the district of St. Petersburg in which there lived the poet means the word “suburb“. And that here on the website of Kolomna situated near Moscow is hung out as if in the poem customs of this city are described.

And in general it is better not to undertake such thankless job - the composition of verses.

And so, about the line “I Live on Light Long Ago“. Usually continue: “To me already for sixty“ or “Saw much during a century“, or “I have big children“. Actually - “I am seventeen years old“. It seems, term really considerable contradicts the beginning, but at the same time. And it is unexpected, and you will not object.