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Sochi minibuses. Why the trip on them for the tourist becomes unforgettable?

the Sochi minibuses are a special, phenomenal song, so to speak! Yes, it is the leading transport for passenger traffic, and therefore it deserves special attention. Concrete example: under Sochi there is PGT Krasnaya Polyana. There the well-known suspended ropeway, other sights is located. About a kanatka as about a miracle of hands and mind human, I will tell a bit later. So far about transport...

To Krasnaya Polyana only one road streaming a snake among mountains conducts. Only two strips, on one in each party. As in mountains build Olympic venues for winter sports, construction cars, KamAZ, loaded gravel, sand and we designate, scurry about to and fro constantly. Somehow time we decided to go to drive on a suspended ropeway. We sat down in the Sochi minibus and … I will never forget this trip!

For now information: how independently to reach Krasnaya Polyana from Sochi? From bus station of Sochi the bus or a minibus No. 105. To a final stop “Alpika - Service“, that is with one final to another. From - for traffic jams dobiraniye time to the destination is unpredictable. But so much adrenaline prt in blood already only on the way to a ropeway! And all thanks to drivers of a minibus and a relief of the road.

The matter is that so far you will reach to “Alpik - Service“, it is possible to turn gray really for fear. Those who have a weak heart can bryknutsya with a heart attack. In general, it is better for impressionable natures not to look at the road and at a manner of driving of the local driver. It is better to close eyes, to blink and be switched off from life until the end of a trip. Not to see what was seen by me.

Situation: ahead of the mountain, to Krasnaya Polyana the dlinnomer with construction blocks trudges. The most real road train! Creeps like the drunk man from a tavern at three o`clock in the morning. Behind it - a dlinnomer - a tail from many tens, among which and our minibus. To overtake the formed column that kandybat with a speed of a snail, the driver of our minibus presses the accelerator pedal and drives already on the oncoming traffic lane! I remind: the road consists of two strips. Twisting turns on a black roadbed - countless multitudes! It it is necessary to have inveterate courage to go in mountains for overtaking of a dlinnomer in the conditions of limited visibility!

Our driver goes on this step, and here I see that from - for turn the forehead to a forehead goes on our minibus KAMAZ which at a speed moves on the lawful strip. Yes he will run over us, will process and further will drive, even without having noticed. In salon maiden shout is distributed. Lovely nonsense of type: “We will die!“, or something like that. In a minibus and so hot, but at the sight of KamAZ flying on us (to the tank it is similar), the stream of sticky sweat runs at me between shovels! The adrenaline stream, like water from a spray of powerful car wash, puts in blood. My pupils from mix of horror and delight extend. What there a roller coaster on ENEA in Moscow! A hill is so, a kickshaw in comparison with real races in the Sochi mountains.

Our driver, obviously the native of the Caucasus (we in the Caucasus!) repeated such tricks more than once. Every time, some miracle managing to hide from counter large objects in tiny cracks between cars in our row. And here still that blood in veins of passengers forces to stiffen (but not all): for overtaking though on the plain though in mountains, the overtaken vehicle of kilometers so on 20 - 30 is required to gain speed more. And here, in mountains, all as in the song of Time machine group: “For turn! New turn! And the motor roars! What it to us bears?!“. The driver of our minibus sees, for example, that on the oncoming traffic lane there is nobody yet, and right there taxis on it.

The accelerator pedal - in a floor. But visibility - that is is insignificant! Before turn only. And the passenger`s brain at once understands that now from - for a bend of a roadbed some powerful, multiton dlinnomer will take off and will move a minibus. And we are passengers, on own skin we learn as tires of the car press after a rain of young frogs on asphalt. Horror!

That the most interesting, locals absolutely quietly perceive similar management style a minibus. We, several tourists, did not go slightly crazy. One tourist demanded that she was let out. It would go on foot. With the husband. But the hassle is available: you will leave - and where? Everywhere there are mountains! And in mountains, probably, bears, boars, wolves, cave trolls and other! I bawled in cheerful rage to the driver that “I did not write the will yet!“ that I “had on Earth unfinished affairs“, and questioned the driver with the face bent from excitement: “You what, you want to leave my cat the orphan?“. On all hysterics of passengers the driver promised one: “I will take you live! I promise!“

Locals that went with us, only laughed at us, visitors, spoke with someone about ordinary things by mobile phones. Type what to buy in a supermarket. And one “pretzel“ fell down at all, having leaned the head against a window. From a box that it carried, chicken peep was distributed. Obviously, it is the Sochi old resident bought on a city market of chickens and now drags these yellow live lumps to the hen house. Even tsyplyatka in a box screamed with fear and for similar extreme driving, and their new owner quietly to himself slept sluggishly and immoderately.

With the driver of a minibus at us hot discussion ran high. I claimed that at such style of driving all tourists will run up from these places. What the guy answered that he always so here goes and several times a day and that it has a schedule which he “blood from a nose“ has to observe. At it even such thought sliped that the management of autocombine specially employs on similar passenger traffic of natives from the Caucasus as they since the childhood have an experiment on driving of cars in difficult conditions of mountain roads.

Our driver (that pleased all in response to our indignation) in turn admitted that he “too not the suicide“. It has a wife, three children. He repeated that he is confident in the car, knows here each inch of the road because many years ride in these parts. But tourists, that is we, despite all attempts to lull ours into a false sense of security, amicably became green for fear. Will - bondage we saw what there slopes at roads. It to you not a flat roadside where - nibud in Moscow area.

Here, in Sochi, you will look at a roadside, and the spirit intercepts! There meters hundred and more it is possible to fly, and all down, from the mountain on which the asphalt cloth is laid. And some fly! I saw sometimes the skeletons of cars which hung on trees. So, I turned into the stunned Shrek, that is became green from all above described road impressions. Oh, these Sochi minibuses …

the Most interesting that the driver took - us to final. To the creation of engineering thought taking the breath away - the suspended road “Alpika - Service“. The driver muttered at the end of a trip to us, the green, stunned tourists: “I promised to take you! Also took live and safe!“. As the zombie, we with the shivering hands left salon of a minibus.

What pleases, it is honesty of the Sochi drivers of share taxis. Ours, for example, promised that he will take us live - and took! Then there was much still trips on minibuses diversely, and more than once I was surprised to recklessness, but also dexterity of driving of drivers of the Sochi minibuses. In general, not only drivers of minibuses strike in Sochi, but also simple drivers are made of other test there as it seems to me! But and about a variety of transport for the tourist in Sochi we will talk about it later.