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How thoughts influence life around us? In the footsteps of John Kekho of

The one who watched the movie “Butterfly Effect“ for certain already thought of how one event involves the whole chain of changes in surrounding reality.

Whether it is possible to consider the thought which arose in the head, an event? Let`s say that “no“, then why that who had the necessary, correct thought during passing an examination safely hands over it?

As a result of the thought which arose Edison in the head we have an electric bulb, and thoughts occupying minds of other people turned them into Balzac, Pushkin, Shakespeare... Means, the answer to a question - all - “yes“? The thought is an event?

“An interior - not a lifeless heap of a brick or stones … You want or do not want, but, reflecting, all of you time create own reality“, - John Kekho, the author of the best-seller “Subconsciousness Can Do Everything“ writes. Process of transformation of consciousness begins with this its book for many. Not all and from it becomes not at once clear.

However the book is written so that you trust the author and his arguments confirmed with the famous scientists. “Scientists confirm what millennia mystics, clairvoyants and occultists speak about, - we are not separate elements, and part of single huge whole“. That is it turns out that the wave of wings of a butterfly somewhere in South America can provoke an earthquake in Japan.

“Everything inherently is energy, and, thinking, you operate with the huge volume of this energy in a fast, easy and mobile form - in the form of thought. The thought constantly seeks to take shape, gravitates to external manifestation, trying to find the expression“.

Imagine as far as in this case negative thoughts can be dangerous! And not for nothing there is in the people an expression: cawed!

Excessive disorders of too vigilant and hypochondriac parents turn into problems for their children, did not notice? And children to whose parents, to put it mildly, not to them, grow more safe and independent. Paradox?

Moreover, analyzing last life, it is possible to find one behind another confirmation of influence of our thoughts on already taken place events. “The brain creates the reality surrounding you … You can agree or not agree with it. You can realize it and force the brain to work for yourself or to neglect everything, having allowed a brain to work so that you will be constantly pursued by failures.

But … the reality in which you live will be always created by your brain “.

Be not frightened, not everything is so fatal! It appears, momentary thoughts about which instantly you forget are not dangerous, and negative - it is possible to replace with positive.

Those who find something positive in each trouble are right. But the most remarkable - appears, to use power of thinking it is possible to learn!

It will not cost to you money, and unique abilities for this purpose are not necessary, only the desire, will power and time are necessary. And then notable results can be received already in few months.

Think, reflect on the past, and talk to relatives to you on spirit people on this subject better, and you will surely find confirmation to John Kekho`s researches.

In the footsteps of Kekho thousands of people followed. It is necessary to admit, and the author of this article too. Now, being in a state when dreams one by one come true, so there is a wish to share with others that with what understanding of the phenomena everything began.