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Whether only a braid - maiden beauty or Why a hairstyle “under the boy“ - it is beautiful too?

About female hairdresses are written much. Falls of hair direct on us from TV screens and glossy covers! Serious the husband, singing of female beauty, an indispensable condition call long hair. At the same time they refer to antique and classical sources, folklore, theories of sexual selection and personal impressions.

Ladies, asserting the right to carry a short hairstyle, rest generally on equality of men and women in the rights (and in practice in duties), on emancipation and in general, difficult female destiny. Long well-groomed hair - it, certainly, is beautiful, but also the short female hairstyle can become ornament for the owner.

You do not trust? Watch on stars film and platforms: Whether Jemmy Curtice, Irina Apeksimova, Anna Samokhina, Rihanna, Erica and, of course, girl of the agent 007 Halle Berri. Compare: their images with short hair it is much more interesting and more original, than with long. Demi Moore and Natali Portman are good even without hair! Some men will tell that these ladies not in their taste, but we will not concern personal impressions yet. The short hairstyle gives to an image fragility, vulnerability, allows to look younger.

Beauty is many-sided, she submits not only to the conventions accepted in society, but has the rational laws which are subject to the mathematical description. Antique sculptors and artists, of course, were a good judge of it. Representing gration, nymphs and goddesses, allocated them with the modest, not too volume hairdresses opening the person. Judging by the sizes of bunches on a nape of antique models, the hair which are taken away in a hairdress not so long. Why? Yes all because beauty was understood as the proportional, harmoniously developed body. It was emphasized by authors of the masterpieces which reached us with the minimum sizes of hairdresses.

Many consider: long thick hair - a sign of good heredity and, respectively, advantage in “hunting for a male“, airtight argument, I will not argue. But! The short hairstyle from the good master will also disclose density, texture and a hair shine! She emphasizes the correct form of a female head, beautiful ears, a slim proportional figure, a long neck, a face form, a correct posture, a serene, speaking glance. Looks it is very womanly, speaks about good genetics of their owner! At the same time under long hair and a magnificent hairdress the neck, far from an ideal, postural defects, the second chin, a low forehead and ugly ears can hide. And hair can be increased!

Why the image is so steady: attractive woman = long hair? Subconsciously we associate all soft, smoothly streaming, roundish with a feminine, and, on the contrary, sharp lines, accurate forms are associated with a machismo. The child, drawing people, designates their floor by means of a hairdress: the braid - means, the girl. But children grow, become adults, and they subconsciously want to return to the fairy tale where princesses carry magnificent hair below a waist. Throughout all history by hook or by crook ladies (and sometimes and gentlemen) by means of overlays, wigs and other attributes of hairdresser`s art tried and try to create at least visibility of a similar head of hear.

At the same time the fashion on short hairstyles also arises in society repeatedly. In the same France after Great French revolution the escaped aristocrats had to wait when grow their curls which are cut off by zealous Jacobeans, and the Empire style style in clothes assuming a narrow silhouette with the overestimated waist, a long neck and a small head as at antique sculptures, arose, perhaps, for these reasons. Coco Chanel offered a short hairstyle in 1908 as it became fashionable to play sports.

Historically it developed that women were shortly cut (more precisely, they were cut) not from good life: before beheading, at typhus epidemic, in punishment for illegitimate communication. Men, how we remember, the ban on sex out of marriage did not concern, maybe, because hair were already short? In socially - a sexual context of a braid in general are a symbol whether purity, whether a dependency of the woman, the power of the man over it.

However, sexual abstention helped nothing to Joan of Arc. One of counts was the fact that she put on a men`s dress and was shortly tonsured that unambiguously was not welcomed by inquisition. More the heroine Voyny of 1812 was lucky, the cavalryman - to the maiden Nadezhda Durova whether because 400 years passed after Zhanna, whether Russia - more democratic country. However, physiologists make hypotheses that these women not just as women, but somehow not gentlemanlike to penetrate into such details, and beauty of their self-sacrificing act which symbol was a short hairstyle does not raise doubts.

Men, you remember, in fairy tales of the tsarevna are often bewitched, to long hair there are not only princesses, but also witches, and Vasilis Mikulishn is deliberated cut off braids for rescue of the husband. Allow women to be different! Looked after the girl with a braid, rejoice that 20 years later it is also in love with you, as well as you with it, a hairstyle at the same time - not the main thing! Estimate beauty of the ladies who chose a short hairstyle. For someone it is a way to save time, for someone - a way to be in good shape and to look effectively. Nobody goes every month to a hairdressing salon with the opposite purpose!

We recognize that the short hairstyle is some kind of call, the modern woman wants and can be strong and independent, these are her internal qualities. At the same time a short hairstyle - a way of self-expression, a way to harmony of an inner world and an external image. And the harmonious personality - whether it is fine?