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It is developed spiritually - a scientific method of NAMING of babies, diagnostics of adults

the Summary to the book


1. For the first time in Russia the scientific researches devoted to sense and a technique of the correct naming (613 personal names are considered) are conducted, the magic sense of sounds of modern Russian is rediscovered. In scientifically - a popular look they are stated in this book (part No. 2) intended for the inquisitive minds which guessed to ask themselves questions: “who I am and that here and in Tonokom Mira I do“ (part No. 1), “than I can help myself, the relatives, the country“. Main target groups of readers:

− the married couples which are going to become young parents and future grandfathers and grandmothers, uncles and aunts (which have to know that for the choice of a name newborn it is necessary to get advice of two experts: the astrologer who will make and will decipher a natal chart of the child, and psychic - an onomast);

− pupils of the senior classes of comprehensive schools, lyceums and schools, students of humanitarian faculties so-so - special and higher educational institutions;

− scientists and teachers in the field of humanitarian disciplines and physics;

− the experts humanists raising and teaching our children;

− employees of female consultations, maternity hospitals, REGISTRY OFFICES, the practicing psychologists, astrologers, psychics, employees of human resources departments and services of personnel of the enterprises, organizations and establishments etc. of

− the people who stepped into a criminal way of violation of laws are obliged to know what expects them (see part No. 1, chapter 1. 9).

2. Also for the first time in Russian it is made the reference book (part No. 1) containing truthful and clearly the stated information on thin structure of the person. It contains excerpts from works of outstanding scientists of the present (physicists - parapsychologists, gipnolog, Teachers), generally from the USA and Russia. On it several years of my life left. To read much quicker!

3. The best books on parapsychology (see in bibliographies of the name, highlighted in bold fonts) have to be in each municipal, educational and scientific library of Russia; and to make a basis of a training course of “Chelovekovedeniye“. The field of consciousness forms a way of life, bytiyo. And further it is clear: “That inside - that and outside“ (Hermes Trismegist).

the Country in which spirituality and harmony, wisdom and love reigns everyone takes the place and bears a suitable name, - prospers. The choice for you …

Communication with the author: magusrus@yandex. ru, SPb. Website: chelovek. vnimanie. es

(it is A LITTLE FROM the BOOK)

1. 2. Why the researches

of thin properties of sounds and names

our debt were conducted - to release people, having told

to them the truth capable to change their life.

(Feyvors. “The leader of a new era“, Volume 1) Each person developed and loving himself and respecting others understands

, and feels, and in practice feels need to know: 1) what means and as the concrete, appropriated to he (she) name, for harmonious communication with imyanosets is shown in the person, and 2) as it is correct to call the child that the name helped on life (in the world nothing exists just like that: it concerns also variety of names).

• When I had a need to learn accurate information on true essence of personal names and in passing some hidden properties of sounds and letters of modern Russian, - I began to look for information sources at first as the user, but the first layer disappointed (see. in the bibliography “unused literature“) as in the met works in my opinion 1) authors have no integrated (multilateral) approach or 2) information is given with serious distortions, and at the same time 3) in most cases there is no scientific approach, i.e. an explanation: whom, when and what method obtained data with what reliability experiments confirm statements; not always the bibliography is given, and, the most important, 4) regularities to which sounds and personal names submit were not shown.

• Therefore, having weighed the opportunities, I understood that I have the right at own expense to conduct independent scientific research in this interesting boundary region of ChELOVEKOVEDENIYa, on a joint of several disciplines. I applied effect of a mantra, or acoustic resonance when a little - multiple rhythmical repetition of a sound or personal name causes a response in a certain place of thin (field) structure of the person who it is possible to feel to research being in the changed condition of consciousness (CCC). Not difficult also we repeat a method at a certain level of preparation, especially on the lower plans (bodies of the personality). Results of research on man`s names are presented regarding No. 2.

• The person has the right to know the truth about names and to learn to use this knowledge practically (not to the detriment of others), despite different levels of development therefore it was required to provide information at the popular level and to give a summary of thin (field) structure of the person (part No. 1) as in the state educational institutions of Russia at the time of the edition of the book this knowledge does not teach.

• Open regularities have universal character, but the book first of all is intended to Slavs and Russians in line with the reviving movement for the Russian consciousness, formation of historically correct outlook and culture, feeling of by the representative though deceived, but the great nation which enriched many people around is frequent to the detriment of itself (volume 2, part No. 4).