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What it, love?

What is love. Everything is quite difficult

.... And what there to tell if it is easy, it would be uninteresting to live.

of Difficulty raise adrenaline level in blood and the person LIVES, but does not exist.

Love - what it? There are actually three of its versions:

1 - is Loved by you. madly. infinitely, without regard to the social status and the negative

parties of nature of the chosen object of adoration which, in turn allows to love itself(himself).

you Love it as child, just because it is. At the same time often you go to a section with internal

the moral principles and foundations, you adapt to it, you go with it to movies which HE loves

, you eat food which HE prefers, do that that as is necessary to IT, removing the ego on a background. If

is loved by the woman, the situation can be critical. For example; She wants the child from darling,

and IT DOES NOT WANT. As a result the woman or remains without children, or if there is enough courage, (and it is an exceptional case)

throws such man and gives birth “For herself“ at late age that she leads

to complications in the gynecologic sphere and in psychoemotional

as in most cases, such woman remains one not in forces more to trust men.

If is loved by the man, and his woman just allows to love herself, the situation is not easier than

. As a rule wives “walk“ From not beloveds (in other as well as men from not beloveds)

Is naive believing about ignorance of it. The suffering party can be silent for years, men to begin to drink, and

of the woman to grow stout and to start the natural beauty. And men and women who love, but do not receive

of psychoemotional return from the partner cease to develop and spiritually and physically, youthful

the solar look vanishes, the person grows old morally, and in a consequence physically, before the put term

. He ceases to be interested in what that.... loses a number of zhiznevazhny emotions. Loses Itself, being dissolved by

in the selfish partner who is nearby. Actually, the partner who is simply allowing to love himself

bears in himself a role of “parasite“ - the Power vampire.

2 - Love you. You see

and sensibly estimate positive and negative sides

of the person adoring you, and also can correct his behavior as you need it,

are known. that this person madly loves you and will be under construction under your needs and under your ego

. It is rather selfish approach. Generally so there live people uncertain in the ability

to love infinitely, that is those. whose egoism above any feelings. they seldom reflect about volume

and whether their partner is happy, always solve everything for it, depriving, finally the soulmate

of identity. after it occurs or throw it suffering from sexual coldness,

or lead in a string, trying to discover emotions on the party, and leaving everything as it is, to “

of the best times“ which, as a rule. do not come. The person simply lives by the principle “

better let love me, than to suffer most from vicissitudes of life, at the same time such people,

as a rule of a trusovata and with a bouquet of complexes, beginning from external characteristics, finishing

with internal uncertainty in itself. This position on the one hand is good, but on the other hand....

after several years of such life the partner becomes in one row with favourite house-shoes.

without causing feelings, emotions. Is and is. Life becomes gray and monotonous weight.

are lost positive emotions. Partners live as foreign people, often having lovers on the party,

and carefully hiding it from each other. First signs, lack of joint rest. It at mother

, it on a camp site, or it on a camp site, it with friends on fishing... to hunting... etc... and also absence

of joint hobbies and affairs. Option Ya I love

3 - I am loved.

the Most rare. In the theory it or from the very first stage of relationship, or appeared from one

from pregoing two and it can be in this case both partners too have to possess

rather high level of spirituality and have the high moral principles, be able

or understand needs of another, or come to understanding that the partner is same

the novel world, with the internal requirements and desires. When both partners realize

the fact that their worlds different. that it is possible to see one things, but to see them on a miscellaneous, they pass

into a stage “Odnoklasnikov“ they begin to study together the world, life, each other from a position

vapors It is some kind of adaptation to desires and needs of each other. And only to volume

a case when work on themselves and the mistakes is carried out by BOTH, there is an interaction of souls

, and at high emotional rise (From understanding that you solve the partner, and

the self-development and its self-improvement are higher, the interest in it, respectively is higher) rise in sexuality in couple Is high

, we will not press in chemical and biological aspects

, long ago is proved by science that regular and emotional sex with the constant partner prolongs

youth of an organism and man`s and female, changing players of blood and preventing many diseases,

the man and the woman move to a new level. Also cease to seek emotions “ELSEWHERE“,

disappears vanity and the moment of“ Search of“. As a rule such couples reach

of moral and material welfare.