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The true Beastliness - 5: Than pigs are talented?

of O. Henry “Piggy ethics“:

“- … I cannot just understand what to you hunting to stain the soul such mean, feeble-minded, harmful, shrill animal?

- All the matter is that you, Jeff, have no sympathy for pigs. You do not understand them, and I understand. In my opinion, this has unusual talent and very big intelligence: just she walked on the room on hind legs“.

V. Durov “My animals“:

“… Chushkina progress haunted our clown. He was the famous clown; its surname was Tanti. “As, - Tanti thought, - an ordinary pig, havronye, I have great success, than, famous Tanti …“

to be object of caricatures or a joy for others stomach - honor is small. And the pig is not only several kilograms of valuable fat, but also excellent sense of smell, and sharp mind! Let`s begin with sense of smell. Whether the pig understands oranges - I do not know, but in such refined food as mushrooms truffles - it the true professional. And knew about it already in the Middle Ages.

To search of truffles are capable also specially trained dogs (usually poodles). They are even more preferable if the plantation of truffles is big, pigs too quickly are tired. But sense of smell at their patches is better, than at dog noses. Therefore in some countries of the trained pigs use for search of drugs or explosive.

However, not all police officers are capable to win against the prejudices. So, when in Germany the talented pig Louise was directed to service, the chief of police Herbert Sander categorically acted against, having declared: “In the division entrusted to me the police officer can never be a pig, but a pig the police officer -!“. History became known, and for Louise`s employment the president of the earth Lower Saxony strove.

We want that or not, and pigs, plus to everything, also are extremely similar to the person. Among laboratory animals only monkeys are closer to us. Pigs have almost same diseases, as we, and treat them the same drugs. Their biochemistry, similar to us, and a blood count, they are omnivorous, as well as we, and similarly acquire food. Extracts from a pancreas of these animals allow to receive insulin which after processing becomes suitable for treatment of people. Many bodies of pigs are directly or indirectly used at treatment of dangerous diseases of the person, sometimes and as transplantant.

For example, in 1984 big group of scientists (biologists, physicians, etc.) it was conferred the State award USSR for introduction in practice of bioartificial limbs of heart valves of pigs. And at a disease of a liver, kidneys, spleens when in blood of the person toxins hazardous to health collect, resort to its clarification, passing through appropriate authorities of a pig. Pigs very nervous and sensitive animals (still the academician I. Pavlov pointed to it), and from ill-treatment can easily fall into a stress and die.

In completion to everything pigs are extremely clever, and in experiments often would show about lshy ingenuity, than the same dogs (especially in that, as for search of food). So, during the experiments made at the Cambridge university, pigs and dogs were placed in the cold room and showed how by means of a key to include heating. Pigs learned to reap on keys legs in one minute, is 2 - 3 times faster than dogs. And still Charlz Darwin wrote that pigs on mind do not concede to “friends of the person“ at all. Not without reason in the satirical fairy tale of D. Orwell “Farmyard“ of a pig head revolt and become dictators.

Mind in combination with amusing appearance led to the fact that pigs became circus actors. Our training of pigs the well-known dynasty of Durov became famous. Anatoly Durov and his brother Vladimir used the talented wards not only for amusement of public, but also for political satire.

Durova and a pig When in 1891 Anatoly Durov acted as

in Odessa, the admiral P. Zeleny was her city`s mayor. Once Zeleny was included into circus buffet, all got up, but Durov continued to sit. “To rise!“ - the admiral cried and, having addressed the aide-de-camp, added: “Tell this blockhead that I am Zeleny!“. Durov rose and said: “Here when you will ripen, I will talk to you“. After that Durov brought to the arena of the male pig painted in green color and forced all animals to bow to it, keeping saying: “Bow all to it because it green“. All this occurred in the presence of the admiral. Next day Durov harnessed a green pig in the cart and went on it on the city. Certainly, it was sent immediately from Odessa.

In one of numbers the pig sat in a chair, and Durov brought her newspapers, but the pig from them turned away and indignantly grunted. “See you, - noticed the clown, - she loves not any newspaper, looks for the. It is interesting to look at the swinish newspaper“. Here Durov brought to the patch the Grazhdanin newspaper issued by the obscurantist prince Meshchersky and a pig, it is joyful zakhryukav, “read“.

Once Durov went across Kharkiv in a carriage with the pig put to it. Also was put for it on trial. The magistrate acquitted him as Durov proved that the pig is perfectly trained, followed traffic regulations and in way not to time did not give a grunt.

Number “Pig in Clouds“ was one of the best-known circus numbers of Vladimir Durov. In air the balloon with a pig the Pig - the Bagatelle and when it gained height rose, the Pig made desperate parachute jump. In the book “My Animals“ the trainer opened a secret of this number:

“… we with the Pig came to a balcony, and on a balcony I arranged the block and through it the belts sheathed by felt are thrown. I put on belts the Pig and began to tighten carefully her on the block. The pig hung in mid-air. She desperately chattered legs and as will begin to squeal! But here I brought to future woman-pilot a cup with food. A pig, having scented tasty, forgot about everything on light and was engaged in a lunch. So she also ate, stirring legs in air and rocking on belts. I several times lifted it on the block. She got used to it and, having gorged on, even slept, having hung on belts. I accustomed her to fast rise and descent.

Then we passed to the second part of training. I put the Pig tightened by belts on the platform where there was an alarm clock. Then brought to the Pig a cup with food. But as soon as its patch concerned food, I took away a hand with a cup. The pig reached for tasty, came off the platform and hung on belts. This minute the alarm clock cracked. I made these experiences several times, and the Pig already knew that every time as the alarm clock will ring out, she will receive food from my hands. In a pursuit of a treasured cup it at an alarm clock ring itself came off the platform and was shaken in air, expecting a delicacy. She got used: as the alarm clock will crack, it is necessary to jump“. I do not know

whether Roger Waters heard about the flying pigs. Already name of its song “Pigs on the Wings“ (“Pig on wings“) from an album of PINK FLOYD group of 1977 sends us to the known English saying “When the pig departs …“ (something like ours “There will be jam tomorrow“). The album “Animals“ represented a variation on “Farmyard“ of Orwell where under pigs the state moralists - hypocrites were brought. On an album cover Waters wanted to place the inflatable pig flying over an urbanistic landscape. During shootings near power plant near London there was an incident. Ropes on which inflatable hulk kept broke, and the great pig departed across Great Britain, surprising and frightening inhabitants. It landed only in the County of Kent!

Pigs also participate in sport. So, pork races arranged in the Roman Empire. There were they and in Russia. It is known that one of Nicholas II`s daughters lost on such races even 200 rubles. There is also a pork soccer where participants have to tire out with patches a ball for the line. To excite sports spirit in puzatenky “football players“, the ball is greased with fragrances (for example, give a smell of baked crackers).

Pigs pressed dogs and on an Olympus of “friends of the person“. Still G. K. Chesterton wrote to the essay: “Let`s begin with the fact that pigs are beautiful. … Outlines of a good, fat pig are really fine; the bend of her hip is courageous and rough as a surface of falls or a contour of a cloud“. Only their considerable sizes prevented to become room animals to pigs. But when the German scientists brought dwarfish pigs for studying of influence of radiation, it turned out that pass - pig pleased also simple inhabitants. Still - their weight of 9-12 kg, they are also omnivorous and clever, plus to everything - clean and tender. Them it is possible, as well as dogs to train in the “sit“ and “give a paw“ teams. From shortcomings it is possible to call only shrill squeal and high price (from 1 to 4 thousand dollars, depending on the size of a pig).

Finishing a subject, I would like to tell one banality: let pigs remain pigs, and people - people.