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The true Beastliness - 4: What are we obliged to a pig by?

Joke: “- Sometimes should regret for

that your friend was not a big pig, - hungry Winnie - Down sighed, frying Piglet on a fire“.

That hostility to pigs about which I wrote in the previous articles did not prevent the majority of the population of Earth to accept this animal with open arms. Besides, the pig became the second cultivated animal after the loyal friend - dogs (consider that it occurred about 8 thousand years ago).

The pig had enough advantages: she is unpretentious in food, does not demand special leaving and differs in enviable “precocity“. For one poll the female is capable to bring till 10-12 pigs who through a year and a half are ready to give posterity. At the same time pregnancy lasts only four months. Not without reason in China and Korea a pig - a symbol of man`s force, wellbeing, wealth and good luck. The Korean who dreamed a pig right there runs to buy the lottery ticket. In Western Europe the pig symbolized moneymaking too. Not without reason Khryusha served as “model“ of the first moneyboxes.

The most ancient of the remained recipes of preparation of pork came to us from China and is dated 500 BC. Its essence that the dairy pig undertakes is filled with dates, covered with straw mix with clay and baked in coals. And here is how the Roman recipe of the 2nd century on smoking and a pickles of pork sounds: “Meat should be powdered with salt and to leave in such look for 17 days, then to hang up to be aired for two days, to cover with oil and vinegar and to smoke within two days“. Some Roman gourmets were even advised to give to drink to pigs wine, claiming that meat from it becomes more tasty.

And in the Middle Ages pork was in fact the only meat available to simple peasants. As it was difficult to feed pigs in winter time (was not enough), there was a tradition to slaughter them in the end of the year. Everything was used: fat was melted, from blood sausage, was made of legs and the head - a jelly, the rest - was smoked and salted. The face of pigs turned into the real holiday - it was splash in demotic pleasure contrary to difficulties of winter. Pork corned beef together with dried grains and beans helped peasants to endure a severe time.

Here is how the face of pigs in Emil Verkharn`s poem is represented:

“Herds of big pigs - both females and males -

overflowed with Gloomy grunting the field;

Crowded outside and ran at will, Shaking

dairy, loose-hanging sosets.

And near rubbish pits, beams lit up,

floundered In a manure zhizhitsa, crowding;

Urinated, having twisted a tail, having filled legs in dirt;

I shone a pattern of bristles of their ochervlenny!

But November approached. They were killed. Ah, What

was nice fat in their heavy stomachs!

From their big backs itself exuded fat.

And a skin they were scraped, then scorched them,

I a flame of those fires, posthumous, death,

to All settlement fun announced“.

While mainly meat breeds with powerful gammons in the West dominated, in the east emphasis was placed on early grease breeds. In the 18th century the European and Asian branches began to cross. After vegetable oil pressed animal fat, emphasis began to be placed on meat breeds again. By the way, in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest pig the British male pig of Gloucester breed Old Slot who is grown up by Joseph Laughton from Estberi is recognized. The animal weighed 6 395 kg, had 1,43 m in withers, and its length made 2,94 m

the Joke:

At meeting the chairman of collective farm leaves and terribly so speaks:

- I last time ask who at us feeds pigs with “Herbalife“?“

In Ukraine the pig, to be exact the fat made from it, applies for a role of an informal symbol and national “drug“ long ago. Therefore you probably are surprised that on a livestock of pigs Ukraine occupies only 23 today - e the place in the world (8 million heads). And the first belongs to tiny Denmark (20 million heads). At the same time we considerably surpass Andersen`s homeland in the population. In the same Denmark put in 1941 and the first monument to a pig with pigs. Here and Ukrainians decided not to lag behind. So, spring of 2000 the first Ukrainian monument to a pig was open in the city of Romna of the Sumy region, and on April 1 there declared in the city Afternoon Sal. And then already monuments to a pig appeared also in other Ukrainian cities.


the Patch somehow asks at not having dinner Winnie long ago - Down:

- Winnie, listen, and you what nationality?

- Definitely I do not know, but when I look at you, Piglet, me in my sawdust climbs thought more and more importunately that I am Ukrainian!

But where really madly love pigs, so it in New Guinea. There they are actually the same favourites of a family as cats and dogs. It is quite often possible to see how the Papuan of one nurses the baby, and the second - a snub-nosed porosenochk. Whether it is worth being surprised after that that in the tribe to the spendthrift the most popular name for the girl - Boroma (pig). Papuans also call the pigs by name, talk to them and in every possible way cajole. When mournful time comes to turn favourites into supporters, the face is made only by members of other family.

Be continued.