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The true Beastliness - 2: Why the pig is considered as a dirty animal?

“Are better not to learn them ways of the truth, than, having learned, to come back from the sacred precept betrayed by them. But to them it happens on a right proverb: the dog comes back to the vomit, and: the washed-up pig goes to roll to dirt“.

(“The second message of the apostle Pyotr“, 2:21 - 22) “The pig everywhere dirt will find


“Dress up a pig in earrings, and it - in manure“.

“Where there passed a pig, there about a corner and was scratched“.

(popular wisdom)

“If the son is more black than night,

dirt lies on a mug, -

is clear, it is bad very much

For a childish thin skin...

… Remember it each son. Know

any child:

Will grow from the son a swine,

If the son - a svinenok“.

(Century. Mayakovsky)

Commitment of pigs to roll in pools always made repellent impression on people. The type of the drunks rolling in dirt also generated expression “drunk as a pig“. However for pigs such behavior (as well as a habit to rub about fences) - not the testimony of untidiness, and on the contrary - exclusively hygienic procedure. The matter is that on a body of these animals actually there are no sweat glands. And what is harmful “to a childish thin skin“ for a thin skin svinyachy - vital need. Thus necessary moistening and cooling is reached.

In habitats of wild boars it is obligatory to eat “swimming baths“ - the holes filled with water. If those are not observed, any damp place will descend even if dirt. For the rest pigs - quite clean animals. If the sizes of the open-air cage allow, the pig will not lay down for anything in waste or garbage. In the presence of pure places for bathing the pig even will not think of dirt.

The first secretary of the Central Committee of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League V. Semichastny who on Plenum of 1958 carried out accurate distinction between the poet B. Pasternak and … a pig well knew about it even: “... If to compare Pasternak to a pig, then the pig will not make what he made... He spoiled where ate, spoiled on those whose works he lives and breathes...“. Pigs the secretary of the Central Committee of Komsomol, probably, understood better, than literature.

It is no secret that clean pink pigs are quite often compared to babies in the most positive sense.

But do not give you God (even the most tender tone) to call “porosenochok“ of the child of the devout Jew or Muslim. This terrible insult! Both in Judaism, and in Islam a pig - an animal dirty. Meat of a pig Jews call trefny (forbidden) as opposed to kosher. According to strict Judaic instructions the kosher animal has to otrygivat a chewing gum and have the doubled hoof. The pig, as you can see, loses on one of articles.

Not without reason in the parable of the prodigal son depth of its moral falling amplifies the fact that it had to be employed in foreign lands contemptible for the Jew - a mouth of pigs. For Christ of a pig also a symbol dirty - we will take at least its expression “do not throw pearls before pigs“ or resettlement of demons from a body obsessed in the herd of pigs which right there rushed from break. Researchers still argue whose it could be herd. One say that most likely this herd of gentiles - pagans. Others claim that it was the herd divorced only for sale to invaders - to Romans.

In 1962 in Israel even the law forbidding cultivation of pigs in the places of residence of Jews and Muslims was issued. But … business is business, and some kibbutzim (the Israeli communes) a trefny zhivotinka parted, for sale, of course. At the same time pharisaic cunnings were used truly. For example, that pigs did not trample legs on the Holy Land, special wooden scaffolds on 10 - 20 cm over this earth were constructed. And in account books of pigs called sheep, cows.

If earlier “dirty“ pork was made only for sale, then now in Israel there are already hundreds of not kosher restaurants. Devout Jews, naturally, are revolted with it and connect growth of number of “svinoyed“ with emigrants who are a little concerned today by sanctity of that earth where they go.

Muslims concerning pigs are ready even more considerably. On Sharia of pigs it is impossible not only is, but also to part for sale. In the code of laws of hanifitsky sense of orthodox Islam it is told: “Sale of pork is illegal. The prophet forbade the use it in food. He forbade also its sale, or purchase of a food on the money gained for it. The pig does not make property of Muslims“. Besides - even the touch to a pig can profane the Muslim.

Others quite often used such hostility. For example, in the 14th century Venetians stole at Turks an ark with relics of the evangelist Mark and took out, having hidden a relic among pork hulks. And fighters of the Jewish groups “Hagana“ in 1930 - 40 - x wrapped years the killed Arabs in pork skins, depriving thus of the enemies of chance to get to Heaven.

In the press even slipped news that Israeli police suggested to hang out in inside of buses packages of lard for scaring away of the Arab terrorists. And the rabbi Moshe Fischer even issued the decree on a koshernost of this preventive measure, proceeding from the religious principle “pikua nefesh“ - precepts according to which for the sake of rescue of life of people all other religious installations are cancelled. I managed to learn nothing about future of this “anti-act of terrorism“.

Pigs serve as the constant reason of contentions and in Indonesia where 80% of the population practise Islam. So on the island of Kalimantan constantly there are mass migrations of wild bearded pigs. Local natives are pagans of a dayaka - trap them during a crossing through the river and prick copies. And here in 1954, the Muslims living below on a current declared to dayaka real war for the fact that those profane water. And not so long ago, in 2004, in the same Indonesia the group of the armed Muslims at full non-interference of local police attacked several Christian pig farms in the province of Sulawesi, having cut 20 pigs. The Islamic leader Abdul Hazis declared: “Pig farms badly smell, and it is offensive, especially in sacred month Ramadan“.

About that from where traditions of rejection of pork went, there are several hypotheses.

1. A pig - a symbol of farmers, and Jews and Arabs initially were nomads - cattle-farmers. Not without reason in the Bible the angry brother Cain is a plowman, and kind Abel is a cattle-farmer.

2. Meat of pigs fat, heavy, rich with cholesterol and in droughty hot areas very quickly spoils.

3. Through meat of a pig it is easy to catch trichinosis (a kind of a helminthic disease). Some researchers assume that this illness (but not Salieri) sent to the grave Mozart after he tried pork chops (it it is mentioned in letters of the composer shortly before it the fatal illness struck).

Well and... not so long ago in mass media a story that in Turkey cancelled display of Disney`s series about Winnie - Down flew. Not guilty Piglet who, at all his charm, nevertheless is a dirty pig in the opinion of the Muslim became the reason of it in anything.