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The true Beastliness - 1: Whether the pig can eat the person?

“In the village:

- the Father, and who it?

is a pig, the sonny.

- And what it such bad made?“


“What fantastic beastliness!“, the king from the movie “Cinderella“ indignantly exclaims. “Well also dirtied!“, the cleaner at school grumbles. “Where you climb with a snout in a kalashny row!“, straighten out the gone too far person. “Geese with geese, and women with women!“, the snob haughty declares, of course, meaning that this bird is “unlike more aristocratical“ than a snub-nosed pig.

It is clear, that, getting to the cultural field, the animal is steadily humanized, and his normal biological features are exposed at best to derision, in the worst here - to condemnation. But why then do not speak “Clever how a pig“, “Tender how a pig“, even “Nice how a pig“ - the nature also did not deprive our heroine of these advantages?

Let`s look narrowly at this often slandered animal to whom we, by the way, are obliged by much more attentively.

We will begin with a question of svinyachy gluttony.

“The pig is full, and everything guzzles“. “God will not give

- the pig will not eat“.

(popular wisdom)
all have heard a lot

About pantophagies of a pig. But the few know that once at the beginning of an era of mammals there was an interesting group of animals - a kondilatra - such mix of a predator and herbivorous with very wide diet. Subsequently from this branch there will be enemies irreconcilable nowadays - predators and hoofed animals.

And though a pig on all signs - hoofed (to be exact, artiodactyl), she is not so specialized as well-known to us cows or rams. A stomach at it idle time therefore it is not capable to process vegetable food with such high efficiency as a four-chamber stomach of a cow (there in general process difficult: ate - otrygnut - chewed - again ate). Here it is also necessary to pass periodically to not ruminant boars and pigs to a proteinaceous diet.

Pigs and boars mainly “pochvennik“. If not gluttony, then they would be used instead of a plow long ago, per day the herd from 5 - 7 boars is capable to shovel the potato field in 300 square meters! And so it is necessary even to pass a nose-ring … To a wild boar you will not pass a ring, here and he eats that under the patch will get. Therefore in its gluttonous mouth except fruits, berries and rhizomes worms, frogs, lizards, mollusks, the fallen baby birds and all drop come across. In the winter boars, like foxes, successfully “myshkut“, eating any small rodents. And if find muskrat “hatka“, then will gobble up it together with the hostess. Teeth at pigs rather strong to crack both nuts, and bones …

From - behind similar to pantophagy of a pig got even under the criminal code! You remember how for forcing of horrors in the Hollywood movies (for example, “Snatch“ or “Silence of lambs - 2“) is often represented how villains set on people herd of hungry pigs?

V. Khlebnikov “The driver of cattle who is gobbled up by it“:

“... The driver pulled a door.

Forty hogs screamed,

the Look is white - red eyes

I of sacred revelry

the Shadow in their persons rushed.

Forty hogs screamed, Proclaiming

: death to hope!

Precisely wind blowing in a barrel,

Precisely a light air before.

... And to thoughtful I howl

the passion voice Was added:

the pastor`s Body live

Will be torn on part“.

And so, jurisprudence of the Middle Ages really faced cases when besprizorno the roaming pigs came into open houses and devoured helpless babies. Yes, pigs - criminals were judged, observing all put procedures - interrogation of witnesses, discussion, tortures, adjudgement and execution. Here text of one of sentences: “Meaning that based on the circumstances of a matter, the following from the process excited by the prosecutor, three-months pig caused death to the child by the name of Gilles who had from a sort one and a half years; in view of these consequences, made by the prosecutor; having examined and having listened to everything, as for the specified pig and facts of the case, - we sentenced it to execution through hanging“ .

History knows at least 20 of the “pork processes“ which were taking place in France. So, in 1386 the pig was judged for the fact that she broke off to the child a face and a leg. The sentenced “criminal“ was dressed in a human dress, and, following the principle “an eye for an eye“, put her the same wounds while the executioner smothered her a rope. Also the report of 1457 from which it is visible that for maintenance and execution of a pig it was spent as much, how many and for execution of the ordinary criminal is known. In the document and wrote down “1) on keeping of a pig in the conclusion - 6 sous; 2) on remuneration of the executioner who arrived from Paris - 54 sous; 3) for the cart on which the pig was carried to execution, - 6 sous; 4) for a rope by which it was connected, - 2 sous. Total - 68 sous“. Gravity of approach to trial of animals in the Middle Ages confirms also process of 1457 when the pig - the murderer was executed, and her pigs were acquitted, motivating it with the fact that them “participation in a crime could not be established with reliability“.

The reasons of the similar relation to faults of creatures dumb call much: both idea of equality of all beings before God`s court, and desire to call their owners for responsibility. So, at condemnation of a pig in 1572 judges explained a sentence with desire “to encourage people to vigilant supervision for animals“.

The fact that the hungry pig is sometimes capable to gobble up even own issue is also widely known. For example, in Ancient Egypt the pig eating the pigs became a symbol of the goddess of the sky Chick-pea whose children - stars - disappear in the morning, and are born again in the evening. The set of popular expressions also testifies to this harmful tendency of a pig. For example, the writer James Joyce told about the ungrateful homeland: “Ireland as a pig, devours the children“. It practically in the same context was echoed in the song “500“ by Boris Grebenshchikov: “My homeland as a pig, guzzles the sons“.

Be continued.