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Why Robinson Crusoe would never become the member of the United Russia?

At all anecdotalism of a similar situation, the question about Robinson is very interesting.

Life on the desert island of the seaman from York does not correspond to membership in ruling party of Russia at all.

Why? I will try to speak.

Robinson Crusoe - an example of firmness and excerpts. 28 years of loneliness, except for communication with savages. But was not given, and fought and, as a result, returned home. During all the time never betrayed anybody.

In all 28 years Robinson from anybody stole nothing! Reached everything only own work and ingenuity. Actually was at the same time small businessman and the farmer. However, did not pay any tax for all the time. He was lucky. Robinson also did not suspect about income, pension and other charges.

Robinson did not render tribute to savages that he was not touched. He or was at war with them, or was on friendly terms disinterestedly. Friday - the best literary example as it is necessary to build the international relations.

On the desert island there was neither oil, nor gas. Robinson proved that the civilized person can survive also without them. Also for all the time of stay there of Robinson, on the island it was not recorded any case of corruption, kickbacks and bribes.

The ecology of the island was not broken. Robinson lived in a consent with the nature. Robinson killed with

of Animals only for cooking, but not for fun, like firing at goats from the Red List in Altai.

Robinson never went on the island with a flasher and a siren.

Robinson all life REALLY worked also respected himself for it.

On the desert island in 28 years there were never dishonest elections. Robinson as the only voter chose himself as the governor of the island. Absolutely fair and crystal elections. And the island never regretted about it. It was the striking example of not stealing, fair and clever governor.

And so, question: whether such people of the United Russia are necessary?

Whether it needs the captain Nemo, Robin Hood, Ilya Muromets and Chingachguk Bolshoy of Snakes.

Or there will accept the Nightingale of the robber, Freddie Kruger and John Silver known as Gammon rather.

Question, rather rhetorical. But nevertheless there is a wish to ask: with what literary heroes you associate United Russia Party?