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Abortion … How it influences health of the woman?

Outside the twenty first century - top of blossoming of a civilization, but, despite sharp jumps in development of society, scientific technologies and medicine, number of abortions in the world paradoxically remain catastrophically high.

Especially the fact that one of the leading positions on their quantity is occupied by Russia grieves. Tens of TV programs and hundreds of articles with the shouting headings are devoted to this terrible problem. Nevertheless society as if is in a light slumber: does not perceive these disturbing warning signals.

So all - whether is understood we actually what is abortion and how it influences health of the woman?

Abortion - the artificial interruption of pregnancy which is followed by death of an embryo conceals in itself many reefs. Many of consequences are shown not at once, and after some interval of time, sometimes so long that the woman does not connect their emergence directly with the carried-out abortion. And impact on health of the woman is exerted by interruption of pregnancy on any term, and not just on late as many think.

Depending on the term of the come pregnancy in modern medicine also methods of its interruption differ: on early terms (2-8 weeks) medicamentous provocation of spontaneous abortion or vacuum aspiration (pass - abortion), on later terms (6-22 weeks) - “classical abortion“, directly surgical intervention in uterus cavities, and on term from 22 - x - a call of premature birth is applied weeks.

At approach of pregnancy in an organism of the woman powerful hormonal “reorganization“ begins. Its artificial interruption strikes the strongest blow to health, causing failure in work of endocrine and nervous systems. And for the young not giving birth women interruption of pregnancy poses big threat, than for those who already have children. Abortion time serves as a push to violation of a menstrual cycle, damage of passability of uterine tubes, can provoke development of breast cancer and endometriosis.

On small terms of pregnancy procedure of carrying out abortion takes place blindly therefore there is always a certain risk of violation of integrity of internal walls of a uterus, wounds by their tool, and as a result - developing of bleeding. Also the possibility of entering of an infection which leads to formation of various inflammatory processes of a small pelvis (to an inflammation of an oklotazovy peritoneum, appendages of a uterus, okolomatochny cellulose) is not excluded, and in case of blood poisoning (sepsis) also the death is possible. But nevertheless one of the most widespread dangerous consequences of abortion is infertility - impossibility of approach or the complicated course of the following pregnancy (spontaneous abortion (abortion), habitual not incubation, extra-uterine pregnancy, approach of premature birth, a placenta increment etc.) .

Except physical harm, artificial interruption of pregnancy exerts impact and on a mental state (a post-abortive syndrome). At the woman the depression and as result of aspiration to leave from a stressful situation - hobby psychotropic and drugs can develop. Constantly suppressed mood, pangs of conscience and sense of guilt quite often lead to frustration of a dream, emergence of persuasive fears, nightmares. In some especially hard cases the help of the psychiatrist is required.

It is clear, that whatever developed was fight against abortions, this problem completely will not disappear, the ban on them will only aggravate a situation, will drive into “underground“ and will provoke its criminal development. But nevertheless bigger consciousness and responsibility of women would like.

First of all - before by itself.