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How to become clarified?

the Instruction

to become the clarified teacher, it is necessary to carry out 3 points of the program:

1. History

2. Image

3. Practician

Nachnyom one after another.

1. History of clarified can be anyone, and in it existence only of one element is obligatory: to an enlightenment I was with an ego, after an enlightenment I live without ego and merged with divine (the absolute, Krishna, Consciousness, dao, hrenao, etc.). For the rest - everything depends on your imagination and recommendations of your PR manager:) It is better that in the history there were many compassionate and passive moments: 5 years I lived on boondocks of Bombay (10 years rolled under a fence in Tambov, 20 years smoked mushrooms on the Arbat, there were 30 years in marriage with the mother-in-law), then tried to commit suicide (mushrooms, the mother-in-law, the government of Uganda), and then on me CONDESCENDED.

God (Svami Sathya Sai Baba, John Lennon, the girl from the next class) turned on me the look!

You should tell this story many thousands of times. You remember it after two tens retellings, and then can add to it “secrets“ which never spoke to anybody earlier.

After “enlightenment“ you can choose 2 types of continuation of history: or you chucked in wordly and went to gura, or successfully combine a family and a gurizm. The second is simpler because you will want to continue to have sex, to eat meat and to smoke. It is for this purpose better to think up to himself a family that your pupils did not climb in your ways of dedication in favourite pupils:) ))

2. Image. Confer with your PR manager. There is a lot of teachers, and all of them somehow differ from each other. You will choose the Indian name beginning with the word “Svami“, for example Svami Ushami Sharlatand. On a question from where it at you, answer that it is Osho (Ramakrishna, Lao Zi, the prophet Muhammad) gave it when you communicated in an astral. In - the first, all will believe in it (because the real clarified teachers do not die), and, in - the second, it is much more solid, than to be some shabby Karl Rents`s pupil or to accept a sanyasa in the same Osho`s ashram where there were one of his “pupils“.

Further, adopt some counters. You carry a mysterious amulet on a neck and never leave it. Think up gesture with which you will bless people. Think up some souvenirs loaded with you. Business cards without name, colourful polygraphy from yours the practician (about it below), dance of a name you, zikra of a name you, charkas of a name you, shmyakra of a name you etc. Always you say to

that you do not bear any truth. Always rely on ancient knowledge (do not try to invent new - you will be called a parrot, with you it will be boring).

In principle, it is enough initially.

3. Practice. After you “brightened up“, you need to become a teacher (otherwise sense?) so it is necessary to tell that your teacher (astral though for the sake of a trick you can go to live and receive at it blessing, but it is not obligatory) blessed you on a gurstvo. You can tell, that you were blessed by your mother, the daughter, the son, a favourite tree, your beloved, etc. of

If you umety to yozhitsya, tsigunit, meditate, own astral karate, etc. - can call it by your name and teach at the price three times more expensively than usual. Surely teach it pupils, bless them on teaching - and let your yoga - meditation extend on the world. It is very easy:)

If you are able nothing - it does not matter. There are two options: to think up something (the same dances, dancings, asanas - special mind is not necessary, the main thing that it was simpler and is available to everyone), or to hammer and just to chatter on satsanga. It is possible to organize silence sessions (just learn to sit half an hour in silence and not to twitch) - it still to you will cost cheaper. As will be silent at you - will not be silent at anybody another:) ))

To chatter on satsanga, be natural. Spiritually elevating speeches are not necessary, it is not necessary blavatshchina and gurdzhiyevshchina, it is not necessary to speak words from Capital Letters. Most of all earned loved those teachers who did not invent any metaphysical crap, and broadcast on simple clear and to the bum language.

At communication with people be generous, ironic and are not boring. It is pledge of the fact that you recognize clarified. About money: arrange only paid meetings, satsang and meditations, at the same time you say that money goes to your charity foundation on distribution of spirituality on the earth.

It is necessary to begin with small groups. Then your doctrine will extend. Invite video filming, record conversations on a dictophone, yoga - with the camera. Extend disks - and business will quickly go uphill.

Before spiritual career see modern teachers (who were untwisted), and also classics. You should differ from them: think up as you will drive about the present moment, release from mind and accommodation of life in all its completeness and pleasure. Think up ways of this accommodation and carry out them instead of spirituality and a trepologiya. We guarantee - people will grab your doctrine on the fly.

There now and all. We hope that you will brighten up after already you become clarified thanks to our magic technique:).

I thank you that were Dreams today and accepted our gift (has to thank giving - too it is quite good to remember it for strengthening of your image).

To meetings on satsanga, my darlings!

Ki Jay.