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How to choose cucumbers for conservation?

Preservation are not only a stock for the winter, it is already family tradition. The situation when all family to pickle, sterilize and roll up gathers on kitchen is familiar to much.

Who does not like to crackle a marinated cucumber in the winter? Here it is also necessary to help. Often young hostesses ask a question: “How it is correct to choose cucumbers that they turned out both tasty, and crackling?“ As well as in any other business, there are here secrets which we will declassify now.

If you are not a gardener, then, first of all, you should buy fruits with own hand. Where to buy them? Best of all in the market as, buying cucumbers from the producer, you will be able to obtain information necessary to you. The best time for similar shopping - morning when the goods begin to be displayed only on counters. If you buy fruits in the evening after they lay the whole day, - wet them in slightly added some salt water for 5-6 hours, it will return them primitive freshness.

What qualities cucumbers, suitable for conservation, have to possess? How to make a right choice?

First of all, the fruit has to be fresh. That the cucumber crackled, it is necessary to buy only juicy, fresh vegetables. For this purpose the attracted fruit needs to be touched. The juicy cucumber will be firm and strong to the touch. The soft, sluggish fruit indicates that it is on sale not the first day, and such cucumber will not crackle in banks.

Many know that all grades of cucumbers do not suit for house preparations. What it is better to choose?

Cucumbers happen salad, pickling and universal appointment.

Salad grades are suitable only for the use in the raw, in banks they do not suit for rolling. Such fruits have a thick peel and therefore marinade badly gets into them. Similar grades are ideal for sale as they remain fresh for a long time and long keep a trade dress.

Universal grades are intended for consumption both in fresh, and in a tinned look.

And here pickling cucumbers were removed especially for preservation. They have a thin skin that promotes fast absorption of a brine. But these grades have also the shortcoming - they quickly fade and turn yellow. Respectively, their period of storage is much less.

In what by the form differ salad from pickling or universal grades? Yes first of all - thorns on a fruit. Salad cucumbers always have light thorns, and here pickling and universal grades - dark.

How the suitable cucumber looks? If the fruit bright, green, and sides and the ends at it lighter coloring, then it is suitable for preparations. At the same time on it there should not be yellow or red spots. The cucumber form for conservation has to be equal, oblong, without visible thickenings and mechanical damages.

How to define tonkokozhest? If we are not sure that the cucumber of a pickling grade which was pleasant to us, then it is necessary to check it on tonkokozhest. It can be made only by practical consideration. For this purpose it is necessary to take a cucumber and to try to pierce a thin skin a nail. If the skin is torn off easily - means, the fruit has a thin skin, such cucumber of a pickling grade.

Whether matters the size? There are three calibers of cucumbers: pickles - 3-5 cm, gherkins - 5-9 cm and zelenets - 9-14 cm. Fruits from 7 to 12 centimeters are suitable for conservation in marinade. If you have available larger copies, then cut a cucumber rings or pieces of the desirable size.

Now and you can define a cucumber, suitable for preservation. Preparations pleasant to you!