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Rubens, “Proserpine`s Kidnapping“. Life in half?

of the Girl plunder furniture of fields.

This lily Intertwined with a dark violet

, and that a marjoram is entangled by gentle. This

in constellation from roses, and that all is white from a buckthorn...

Between others and the daughter of the fruitful goddess flares

Greedy aspiration flowers to collect. It fills

the Willow box with the field production graceful,

braids a wreath and puts on it itself...

(Klavdian, Proserpine`s Kidnapping)

“The daughter of the fruitful goddess“ is Proserpine (or Persefona - in the Greek option). She is a daughter of Ceres (the Greek option - Demetra), goddesses of fertility.

The girl - the goddess runs with the girlfriends on a meadow, enjoys life, collects flowers both in a basket, and in a hem of the tunic. Also wants to be the first, to be ahead of girlfriends in this occupation. Both the basket, and a hem are already full...

Everything blossoms, all such joyful, nothing foretells any unexpected turns. And suddenly - somebody appears on the gold chariot with the four of black horses, is enough our beauty and drags it is unknown where:

While Proserpine froliced

In a grove, violets took also white lilies from a meadow,

In eagerness the maiden Made look fat in the

colors both a hem, and baskets, companions - girlfriends trying to surpass by diligence,

MiG it uvidat, fell in love and stole Underground -

So it is hasty in love!

(Ovidy, Metamorphoses)

Underground is Pluto (in the Greek option - Hades), god of an underground kingdom from which mortal do not come back. He was suddenly seized by love to Proserpine. And it pulled down it from - under a nose of girlfriends, mother, the aunt and the sister.

By the way, the sister and the aunt - too goddesses. Proserpine`s sister is Athena the Pallada, the daughter of Jupiter too (in the Greek option - Zeus). Proserpine`s aunt (the sister of Jupiter) is Artemis. Jupiter and Pluto - brothers. Well, all of them are very close by birth. Also it turns out so that Hades steals the niece moreover (as inform of ancient us) with the consent of the father, Jupiter! There is daddy! A continuous disgrace on present concepts!

The girl is frightened, lost, besides all her flowers were scattered. And in general, she does not imagine who and where drags it. And the thief (otherwise you will not call) drives the team to himself. Where? In an underground kingdom. Also tries to calm the production:

Oh, stop to be destroyed sad, Proserpine, a thought,

to Suffer fear empty: the greatest will be given a scepter

In hands to you, and the spouse worthy you receive.

the Son I am Saturnov, and forces of nature submit to me,

the Power gets mine into a boundless chasm of space. (Klavdian, Proserpine`s Kidnapping)

It seems as, “you the queen of the world“ - the truth, lifeless will be

. Also you will govern not something there, and dead souls!

However these speeches did not calm the girl, she addresses the father, Jupiter:

Oh, my father! You decided to betray me really

to the Fierce realm of shadows and from the world you delete me!

Unless you do not know love? It is unfamiliar absolutely with fatherly

Feeling? What fault I in you awakened this anger?

Are happy maidens, other thief taken! It though

the Sunlight it is allowed to enjoy, general for the world!

A from me took away along with virginity also the sky,

Together with light lose also shame! Having left the earth,

the Captive nowadays I go to the tyrant, stigiysky in slavery!

(Klavdian, Proserpine`s Kidnapping)

“The captive nowadays I go to the tyrant, stigiysky in slavery“: Stiks is an awful river in an underground kingdom which flows on awful bogs, and over it the awful tyrant Pluto undividedly reigns.

Floodlight left this entreaty without answer, simply gave the daughter in a charge of the thief.

Mother bethought, looks for the daughter, asks all where she, - also does not find the answer. Meanwhile Proserpine already became the empress of an underground kingdom. Mother is inconsolable, she in the mountain ceased to watch productivity, the earth dries, the people starve and die out slowly.

Eventually she manages to find out who stole her daughter and where it. Struck up to the soul depth (if it is so possible to tell about the goddess), it reaches Jupiter. There are words with which she addressed the Supreme lord:

I found the daughter, at last, which long looked for.

If only “to find“ means “to lose“ or if to Know

where it, means to find! I will forgive stealing,

If only it returned it in order that the Daughter is unworthy the robber of the husband

yours, - if already stopped being mine!

(Ovidy, Metamorphoses)

the Daughter is, but where there is no life. Mother is ready to forget stealing if the daughter returns to her. And in general, this thief is unworthy to be Proserpine`s husband.

Floodlight answered it a little unexpectedly - it protected the thief moreover referring to interests of the daughter:

The tsar of gods objected it: “For both pledge and care our

with you the child. But if you want a thing

the Correct name to call - that is not offense at all;

On the contrary, - love. And the son-in-law to us such is not shameful“.

(Ovidy, Metamorphoses)

In other words: well, stole, well and what? It has less divine force, than at me. Mother, agree! He stole on love!

“Give only the consent. Without concerning other - many

the Brother of Jupiter to be! At it and there is a lot of other. the Lot only the me it is lower than

. But if So them you are eager for

razvest and Proserpine will return to air,

But at a condition one that there never tasted

of Food: parks so provided in eternal laws“.

(Ovidy, Metamorphoses)

(“Parks so provided“: parks are goddesses of destiny.)

Everything is solved: Proserpine comes back to mother! But she cannot eat to return upward, to the live world. And she did not satisfy this condition: squeezed out to itself in a mouth juice from several kernels of pomegranate. And then Jupiter made the vague decision:

And between the brother and the sad sister the intermediary, -

the yearly cycle divided Jupiter into two half.

Nowadays - equally in two kingdoms in a deity - are carried out by the goddess

of Months so much in a year at mother how many at the husband.

(Ovidy, Metamorphoses)

half a year Proserpine will be Now in the live world, half a year - at the husband, in an underground kingdom.

At Rubens on a cloth “Proserpine`s Kidnapping“ the starovaty man seized the blossoming girl (yes so grabbed that she remained almost naked), got with her into the chariot and beats off three women. It is helped by two love affairs with lashes with hands - they drive horses.

What for the woman rescue the girl with the eyes which are rolled up for horror, one may say, half-dead? Who this man with a mad look? The man - Pluto. The girl is Proserpine. The woman in a beautiful military helmet - Proserpine`s aunt, Athena the Pallada, the goddess, the sister of Jupiter. It is followed by Artemis, Proserpine`s sister, the goddess of hunting. The last in this train, probably, one of nymphs with which Proserpine collected flowers. Flowers already got enough sleep from a hem, and the overturned basket rolls under wheels. Women try to stop the thief, but unsuccessfully, the vehicle is torn away.

Already in the chariot in captivity Proserpine

I begs goddesses. Gorgona`s face was opened by the Pallada; Onions having pulled

, the goddess Delosa hurries to the aid.

(Klavdian, Proserpine`s Kidnapping)

So describes stealing Klavdian. Rubens, obviously, followed Klavdian`s text. (“Goddess Delosa“ - Artemis. “Gorgona`s face was opened by the Pallada“ - Athena of the Pallada on a board had a face of Gorgona Meduza whose look killed all live. Naturally, on Pluto it did not work.)

So, Pluto stole Proserpine, brought her to the kingdom. Life (in our usual understanding) for it ended. In a kingdom beyond the grave she became a queen. And only the decision of Jupiter (half a year - among live, half a year - among the dead) does this legend not such awful.

P. S. The myth about Proserpine`s kidnapping inspired the ancient writer Klavdian to compose the poem in honor of this event. And all anything, if not the last lines of its creation:

The girl in a marriage hall is conducted. In an attire star

Marriage night approaches and, concerning a bed of spouses,

Blesses their eternal union with the promise of posterity.

(Klavdian, Proserpine`s Kidnapping)

It “the promise of posterity“ sounds quite strange in the annex to a kingdom of the dead. What posterity can be in the underground world? To whom are they going to give birth?

It seems, Klavdian was overzealous. Slightly.