Rus Articles Journal

- the Bowl you will make GRAAL - Iosif

asked the Master, and that in reply nodded.

That the master was works against

does not happen.

stretched the Bowl.

the Tree is ground wonderfully well - Here the joiner cannot bring


Execution approaches. It would have to shake the heavenly power


Shakes. And the veil in the temple

Is torn - like shabby was not.

In heavy rain three crosses - as though in a frame

This picture: a pier, put

of the Person in paints muddy, black.

But Arimafeysky collected blood,

from nadobny and accurate -

Knew Action, and is not present - assumed all.

Suck Christ`s blood and eat a body!

Suck blood of the doctrine it. there is no

of Wisdom of the doctrine a limit. Eat with

the word of sense most.

What you think of - the world is not so arranged -

of Wons bums of a garbage can stir -

Shoots in heart of the distorted grains,

True knows soul.

God - the creator - he could create perfect

Chelovekov - such

of Thought the course - though it from intimate -

Is false, time a message its bad.

A caterpillar what knows about the wood,

Taking place on the leaf?

Also the person in vain dares to Argue

(and with the handle in a hand)

On universe volumes, God.

Crusaders go, the way is long.

What at them will turn out as a result?

of Anything, but in aspiration - an essence.

Where Graal? over the world a sense bowl.

Temple Graal, dome-shaped arch. what in force - will not be cancelled by numbers

the Sum will hardly distort


And Graal - it iskan was for centuries.

On raincoats crosses, burn fires.

Courage, podjyaty on a banner.

We are ascetics, but swords are sharp.

And Christ was just a person,

With a karma pure - as if the first snow.

Specified how to us to go as light

to Live, there is no other option.

Is! - but there will be nuclear bombs,

of Ballistic missiles scope.

Will be from the truth the broken seals,

Hell terrestrial, and thirst of the evil in eyes.

Kohl not for Christ - the way distorted.

A try to follow Christ

Envy, vanity inflamed,

the Forgotten spiritual house.

There is Graal - it Whose basis mind wanted to comprehend approach to secret,


Bowl. Blood. Uchenye. Opravdanye

light gives Lives.

Other - a game.