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USE was only the beginning. What waits for the entrant - 2011?

For someone summer - rest time, for others - earnings of money, for graduates - the most awful three months in life. The school is graduated, the last calls finished ringing, halls of restaurants are put in order, and photos of the graduates bathing in fountains left the front pages of LJ.

“The most difficult already behind“, - parents consoled, and graduates fondly trusted - they cannot, such good and clever, not arrive, even passed the Unified State Examination well. It is solved: we will get the budgetary place.

As you, maybe, know, this year documents can be filed to five various higher education institutions on three specialties in everyone: standardly one set of documents moves in local higher education institution, and four others - where will wish responsible for this action - the entrant. Not a secret will be also the fact that a concentrate of entrants in Moscow in summer months extremely high. 2011 - y year did not become an exception, though spoke about demographic recession … I Admit to

, I am not going to accuse system, is proud to cry out names of higher educational institutions - you can finish thinking about it. My task - to warn you, dear parents and graduates.

Process of submission of documents begins in a selection committee, students of 1 - 2 courses which with quite dissatisfied persons fill in documents work there, unwillingly answering your questions. In my case everything goes well while business does not reach a registration: here views begin that supposedly “came in large numbers here“ and all something like that. But anything. We suffer, it we should study at this university.

Two students during creative examination in journalism were my first real disappointment … To tell honestly, never thought that can disturb me at examination - though clockwork fate - N - play a beater, I will support, but these two guys managed to light all audience. On the third hour on their table accumulated very many works arriving, and here charging, as ill luck would have it, sat down on iPad. Why not to read work and not to pokommentirovat them aloud? It is so cheerful … From all audience in 100 people only I was surprised to such state of affairs.

It is even more interesting to speak about creative examination of other, not less known higher education institution of Russia: all the matter is that literally the other day one of teachers of the checking commission noticed that the assessment which is finally put for the work checked by him does not coincide at all with that which was put by him. After short trials it became known of existence of “commission of experts“ which is free to reduce and increase points at discretion. What factors influence result of an assessment, unfortunately, is held back.

But even if your specialty does not assume a creative competition, do not relax: the most cheerful time still ahead. Very soon words “the budgetary places“, “exempts“, “the list of the Olympic Games“, “a target set“ will become you such family that wake you at night - you will tell the number of exempts and “Olympiad winners“ in your higher education institution to within one - two. (For reference: disabled people, orphans and winners and prize-winners of the All-Russian Olympic Games arrive out of the competition).

Not all manage to win “âñåðîññ“, not all manage to receive the reference or to ask the father to refuse you so the most part of entrants - mere mortals who, without turning on anything attention, go towards the aim, without knowing barriers.

At such moments parents who that is called by force have to besiege the adult, but still silly entrant are obliged to come to the rescue. Often even some days before announcement of official lists members of a selection committee ring round entrants, allegedly reporting a joyful message about receipt. Usually ask to bring originals … But! It is impossible to trust them at all, especially to bear originals of the certificate and the certificate of USE if you have at least one higher education institution to which you “precisely - precisely“ go.

It is made only of the mercenary purposes: in the first wave of receipt not all budgetary places can be taken and consequently, the selection committee should spend some more days over papers. Having called entrants and having gathered a pile of originals, they insure themselves against it. So to carry the certificate and the certificate on USE it is possible only when your surname appears in the list recommended for transfer.

For convenience I will make a small instruction for future entrants and their parents:

1. Participate in all Olympic Games: forget about study and unnecessary objects, throw all efforts here.

2. In advance decide on “profile“ USE and prepare for it all year.

3. At any creative competitions forget about “the thoughts“, and write what is wanted to be seen and heard.

4. Do not submit originals until you see yourself in the approved lists recommended for transfer.

5. And, at last, stock up with patience, vitamins and glycine (if there are no contraindications). Trust or not, and the phrase “There is a glycine?“ in selection committees it is possible to hear at all at least, than habitual “There is a chewing gum?“.