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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on July 30 - 31? “The first avenger“, etc.

After loud premieres of third “Transformers“ and final “Harry Potter“ the last Wick - and looks July, 2011 rather quiet. Relatively, because this week in the Russian hire the new marvelovsky comic book - the blockbuster “First Avenger“, the romantic comedy “Sex on Friendship“ starts, and the drama “Beaver“ marks return as the actor Mel Gibson.

The American horror film “51“ and the French comedy melodrama “Love with Risk for Life“ will become an additional bonus to the advertized Hollywood production. At limited number of movie theaters of audience “Round-up“, biographic dance - Wim Wenders`s movie “the Pin will show the international drama about deportation of Jews from France: Dance of passion in 3D“ and the documentary opus about Cuba “The homeland or death“. And now is more detailed:

1. “The first avenger“ (Captain America: The First Avenger, 2011)

the Marvel studio at last remembered

After release on Torah and Iron Man screens the main superhero, the captain America. This character already more than twenty times appeared on screens in TV and video movies, however the last full film version of his adventures happened even 21 a year ago. The picture of 1990 with the plain name “Captain America“ was shot by the director of a trash fantasy Albert Pyyun, and the leading role in it was played by little-known Matt Salinger. The tape in the homeland failed (first of all, from - for the tedious scenario and cheap special effects), received on IMDb a pejorative rating 2. 9 and even it managed to be lit on screens of the CIS.

The new screen version promises to be large-scale, fascinating and close to the text of the original comic book according to which the percher Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is included in the special program of the colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones) on cultivation of superheroes. The fascist army (action of the movie happens during World War II), to be exact - the nazi supervillain Yokhann Schmidt (Hugh Uiving), it “A red skull“ becomes the main rival of Rogers who got the nickname “Captain America“.

In America “The first avenger“ left week earlier and already managed to push aside from the leader`s position boxing - office of “Harry Potter“. It is not excluded, as in Russia the top line of a box office will obey the comic book. At least, at the movie rather professional casting, excellent advertizing, quite good responses. We stock up with popcorn and we disconnect a brain because on the screen - a visual holiday in a bright Hollywood wrapper.

2. “Beaver“ (2011)

to me it is sincere to The Beaver to spit on the tabloids which defamed Mel Gibson after ambiguous events with his Russian girlfriend. A gray hair in a beard, as they say. What does not prevent Gibson to remain one of the most talented actors who managed to prove so brightly as directors in any way. In fact, its only thing, however, powerful, the competitor in this field is other being “hero of fighters“ Clint Eastwood.

Gibson threw an akterstvo at the beginning of zero, having managed to act in couple of soap military dramas (“Patriot“ and “We were soldiers“), and also at the famous Hindu Shyamalan in “Signs“. Also steeped in statement of own projects. The Australian only in a year before last in the thriller of average quality “Punishment“ returned. It was not succeeded to return brilliantly, but we will hope that the drama “Beaver“ of his girlfriend Jodie Foster who shoots movies seldom, but it is well-aimed, will be pleasant to the audience. This is not the fighter and even not the comedy, but touching, sincere story about the person who in the twilight of years lost the purpose in life. Having transformed the “I“ to the plush toy found it on a garbage can, the main character begins to come gradually into contact with the family and colleagues.

3. “Sex on friendship“ (Friends with Benefits, 2011)

Will Glak`s Picture is a total clone of a romantic tape of 2010 “More than sex“ with Asheton Kutcher and Natali Portman`s participation. It is interesting that the working name of the above-stated tape also was the phrase “Friends with Benefits“, then changed to “No Strings Attached“.

The name exchanged, and the essence remained former. Like Kutcher`s heroes and Portman, Justin Timberlake`s characters and Mila Kunis completely were disappointed in love. It also is correct, to whom are necessary konfetno - the flower periods when it is possible just to have friendly sex without obligations. The nuance is that when carnal knowledge come to an end, search of a soulmate begins. And here heroes of a tape should pass through all stages because “the love will unintentionally appear suddenly“ again.

The unpretentious sentimental comedy with an adult rating of R (that became fashionable in today`s Hollywood), ready to the use and chewed on trifles.

4. “51“ (51, 2011)

of All couple of words. In - the first, unclear as the television movie got to a holder Russian, and wide, hire. It is some mistake, friends and if you terminate common sense, then you will be able to estimate this opus personally. In - the second, absolutely fiddleheaded trash removed in genres of a fantasy and horrors and narrating about legendary “Zone 51“ where alien Something rebelled. A dreadful cast, the picture, deranged on quality, and total absence something standing in a shot for everything an hour and a half. To look only under tortures.

5. “Love with risk for life“ (La chance de ma vie)

Unexpectedly very successful French comedy about the loser whose relations with women are not got on for one simple reason in any way: the man brings to the passions one troubles. In a leading role - Francois - Xavier Demezon (“Little Nicolas“) who is not comparable to image of the standard hero at all - the lover, but in this melodrama his participation came in handy.

Having despaired to meet the soulmate, Julien suddenly falls in love completely with dazzling Joanna. And, appear, this time the damnation did not work, at couple everything is all right. But then habitual passions - misfortunes begin to be created, around everything falls, breaks, and the relations fly to devils dog. Everything will come to an end, as usual, it is banal, but to watch the poor fellow`s misadventures all the same funny. The balanced bottle of romanticism and humour with pleasant French aroma.

On it the list of the main film debutants of week comes to an end, and limited hire where today three enter, absolutely different, tapes begins. The international Round-up project (La rafle, 2010) narrates about gloomy pages of history of France when local politicians and military made a concession to fascist aggressors, rescuing the pathetic dushonka. Heavy drama Rozlin Bosch, script writers of a picture of Ridley Scott “1492: Paradise gain“, will tell a story of three Jewish families which became participants of tragic events of July, 1942.

Wim Wenders movie last for today “Pina: Dance of passion in 3D“ is removed in a fashionable three-dimensional format and represents a dancing documentary enchanting spectacle based on works of the famous dancer Pina Baush. The movie - dedication (Baush died in 2009), the movie - dance, pure visual phantasmagoria. The product is specific, as well as the last tape in today`s list - the documentary project of Vitaly Mansky “Homeland or death“ narrating about realities and hopes of modern Cuba where revolution won not only “the rotting capitalism“, but also all expectations of the people and prospect on the better life the updated country.

So the list of film novelties of this week in which there is everything - fancy attractions, light comedies, rather stupid horror films and the serious cinema forcing to worry, sympathize and think looks.