Rus Articles Journal


the Clever, intelligent face of the tram - as if in square glasses of points; having tinkled, it stopped, and among others somebody descended in checkered trousers and a striped shirt; descended and looked at the boulevard whose layered kroner celebrated the Byzantine gold of fall. Somebody passed the lane with a Baptist chapel, several versatile, equally interesting houses, and came to the square - extensive very, in a pereputa of tram ways, dawned the church greatly representing Russian, the 18th centuries of baroque. The Moskva River - invisible from here, - but obviously sumerechno - lilac-tinged - a vein lingeringly under the huge bridge, and the very tall high-rise building rose a fortress. To it, having passed a piece of glass of cafe where once traded in tasty shish kebabs and somebody went. Shirokoshumny steams of cars exfoliated, and soon, having passed two - three transitions the guy appeared at old movie theater where once watched movies which could not be watched in other places. Near movie theater there was a lovely public garden - with benches, covered by bronze ochre of dead leaves; leaves of pouring cadmium, causing reminiscence of a children`s herbarium. Here, on a bench the guy smoked a cigarette then he dived into movie theater. He wandered about the foyer, considered photos of actors, and remembered, remembered; then, having gone down in a hall hole, took the place and waited for darkness.

Began to sparkle, floridly flashed - and rushed. The movie - precisely plastered by stylistics clearness, - it was smoothly bent by a thin plot - whose psychological nyuansirovka blossomed fancy patterns. People on pier, the people shrouded in fog, beep of the steamship The man losing love, and masking emptiness, politeness clots; wine in a glass; and the loneliness volumes read to each of characters. Thin lifelines sopletatsya in the general drawing, and uncommunicativeness, inability to have a talk with another blew sad, iridescent bubbles. Then the light was turned on, and people stretched to an exit.

- Well and nonsense! - the guy heard, overtook young couple, and, having left in autumn darkness, lit. The dragon of a smoke flew away quickly - quickly; motley fires of the city floated blue, gold, white. Maps of the unknown countries - such seemed windows of houses; cards which different rivers you will not track though more - their movement is less known.

A a movement of cars was not less saturated, than during daylight hours The bridge was bent, up went huge rise and the black ink shadow dexterously turned into the person inclined over water. The guy moved, and seized him by a sleeve. - That you! Why! It is not necessary! - unsteadily - gold roots of lamps went to water - or the heavenly, hidden ships dropped the anchors. - Who are you? - the guy asked. - Anybody. Player. - Deafly the person answered. There were they hand in hand, went, were silent, rose up, dived into the next lane doing a difficult loop, but when the guy wanted to address the silent, sudden fellow traveler found out that that was gone. Self-deception? Dream?

did not want to drive By the tram; easy rings of impressions exfoliated in the head, movie pictures a kaleidoscope ran on reality; having entered home the guy turned on the light and passed on kitchen, sat down to a table, began to eat fleshy, tolstoboky plums from a massive, painted plate; and to think of images of the movie, of the unaccomplished suicide who most likely was not; to think and look down - in a narrow well of the yard where the space limited to houses seemed small, children`s - and same small, children`s, own, not deciphered life seemed toy