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Why I do not need national idea of Russia?

Ya guess why the sociology of public opinion cannot answer many questions which interest them - because there is a misunderstanding of what stands behind those opinions which are produced by our citizens in response to their special researches - “provocations“.

The quantitative sociology not always has an opportunity to approach problems of Russians - a lot of things remain in subconsciousness of people. What is at us Russians, in so-called collective subconscious or unconscious, often motivates much stronger, than those factors that turn out in answers to biographical questions.

And in general, the naive sociology assumes adjustment of traditional answers under a traditional outline. It is known that biographical approach was borrowed from English-speaking literature. But also it is already known that many basic values at us are not described in a word - Russian has the excess glossary, it is language which changed the lexicon three times.

And those words which are offered for the analysis of values of Russians are far from those with which our citizens operate. Sociologists need to describe all basic values, but there is a serious problem - all these values a little to what motivate us. What here national idea! Here more a certain ceremonial portrait turns out.

Here, for example, the Sector of interdisciplinary researches of public consciousness of Institute of philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences offers the vision of disclosure of the term “national idea“: “a compact linking of ideologems (mythemes), fundamental for this period, packed under a key, “representative“ symbol (a metaphor, the slogan - or their system)“ … Something is clear to you? To me - no. And the slogan “Free Russia - free economy!“ for what calls you?

I am an ordinary citizen of Russia - just the country in which there live citizens who want to live well. Perfectly I find a common language with Europeans and inhabitants of Central Asia, and with inhabitants of Chechnya, the North Caucasus … Siberia and the Far East for me are not alien. But alienation arises when the fear appears.

Here - that will be not superfluous to remember about my really basic values:

In - the first , I and my relatives, the family very much want to live in Russia safely .

In - the second , it is not simple to live safely, and to live also is full-fledged .

In - the third , I want to be healthy and to see same all whom I love.

And then I am ready to argue on democracy and so forth … I do not want to fight constantly for any national idea - enough the fact that within several decades three projects of one country in the face of one generation - generations of my grandfather were destroyed. All these “projects“ were followed by improbable enthusiasm and terrible bloodshed.

I in subconsciousness have the whole complex of fear of “superideas“. There are exclusively protective and defensive ideas, ideas of preservation. But those cannot be national ideas - in them there is no aspiration overcoming something, to move forward.

I well understand that I live in friable and separate society. On my eyes the elite formed “subethnos“. Basic values of this elite contradict basic values of the simple people. I understand that the present elite lost strategic prospect. It is necessary to drive with it the people into a situation of “herd“? And the power is more and more similar on overage kids,

U which are selflessly pottering about in a sandbox … me there is the simplest that on is, “national“ idea: please, give us the chance to live really in the cities, the villages and villages - first of all, to be assured in tomorrow. And as our fellow citizens got used to count on the state, especially in crisis situations, that is sense to the state to provide everyone the real right for normal life. Especially as in general Russians are not bad informed on the one who is responsible for material values in the country.

For certain over time civil society can gradually be created. It will not be organized from above. Say to us that the power controls civil society because it weak still. But civil society has to control the power, and not vice versa! And to begin it it is necessary to do right now.

I do not need national idea in the manner of the American - “superiority“. “Bright banality, unexpected evidence“ - too is not necessary. To me it is necessary to live quietly and safely in Russia. It is necessary that the concept “labour poverty“ disappeared once and for all. I want to restore the reeled health without problems and to see a healthy flush on cheeks of children. All children, without exception.

To fight, suffer, humiliate someone and to destroy discordant for national idea - I do not want! And just I want to live well... In Russia.