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Who created the well-known image of the count Dracula?

write much Now that the real Dracula was not a vampire, and gospodary the valashsky state. Called this person Vlad III Dracula Tepesh. It came from a sort Drakul that in translation is meant by the Dragon, and for the time was a real hero.

Still! He one fought against huge Turkish armies. Forces were actually not equal, but Vlad II nevertheless could frighten the Turkish sultan. Vlad Tepesh was killed in battle as the hero. And its throne was succeeded by the usurper Rada Krasivy who was also a traitor...

Bram Abraham Stoker was the author of the well-known novel “Dracula“. Bram Stoker had a rare illness, from - behind which till seven years could not rise and go. It found reflection in the novel. His hero, the count Dracula, spends long time in a dream. However in the novel there is a historical basis.

The mysterious personality, professor Armeny Vamberi whose books are translated into many languages of the world, prompted to the author an image of the main character. Before Bram Abraham Stoker wanted to develop actions in Shtiriya (Austria), but Vamberi insisted on that legends of a valashsky gospodar were used.

What represent legends of Vlad Tepeshe?

“Cock-and-bull stories“ about Vlad Tepeshe began to develop at his life. In historical sources it is possible to read a lot of “blackness“, stated to this hero and the governor. For example, in one of the Russian chronicles it is said about what Dracula in Russian means “devil“. The word “Devil“ concerned to the knight Drage (Dracula) and in the Zakarpatye legends. I heard about them more than once when I went to Zakarpatye. In the Zakarpatye city of Hust ruins of the old lock which once belonged to “knight Drage“, according to folk beliefs remained.

Bram Stoker, as well as his father, served in public service which was left when the famous English actor Henry Irving whom Stoker admired all life suggested it to become the managing director of Litseum theater where Stoker also served to the death of Henry Irving.

The relations between two men were so close that there was nearly enough Stoker blow when he learned about Irving`s death in 1905. This blow was so strong that Stoker did not recover consciousness days. Having overcome a grief, it returned to the literary activity.

Bram Stoker died in 1912, having left the wife Florans Belkam, the famous beauty, and the son Noel. It is interesting that in 1921 a certain baron Olshevri tried to disprove the version that the sort Drakul is connected with gloomy legends of vampires. However, not absolutely so. It has descendants great gospodarya - heroes.

As called the author of the novel “Vampires“, nobody knows. It is supposed that the woman known under a surname of Molchanov - to Homza could be him. There are also other versions, however none of researchers of a problem doubt that the Russian by origin could be the author of this very interesting novel. Personally my feelings - the author could belong to one of the aristocratic families living in Carpathians Mountains and could be the lineal descendant of Vlad III.

It is known that in 2001 there was a book “Vampires of the Lock of Kardi“... under the pseudonym Baron Olshevri - younger. The legend proceeds, and remains for ever.