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Lilian Brown. What for cats who begin and win?

Summer - time for reading detectives. Of course, only for those who love this magnificent genre with its ominous intrigues, villains, clumsy (or on the contrary - dzheymsbondovsky) detectives and for a long time - syshchitsa. And if in assistants at the detective - at all cats, it absolutely bribes. Those who love cats, certainly. According to Lilian Brown, all fans of cats love detective stories. Here I do not know statistics, of course, but something me forces to think that the writer is not so wrong.

For similar literature there is even the definition: “the cozy detective“ (cozy). And country “peyzansky“ life with the cozy detective is in own way charming in the evenings. Lilian Jackson Browne`s

died the American writer, the author of the detective stories translated into many languages of the world including into Russian - Lilian Brown This summer. She died at the age of 97 years, having left behind a set of books which began identical words: “Cat, Which...“ (“Cat Who“ series). It and Kot who was able to read back to front and Kot who came to a breakfast, and Kot who looked at stars, and Kot who broke an applause, and Kot who was on friendly terms with the cardinal, and Kot who knew Shakespeare, and Kot who loved Brahms... And again Kot, which … 29 volumes about Cats, which.

Perhaps (just was evident), all names of books Lilian Brown send the reader to the well-known story R. Kipling about a cat which walked in itself.

Lilian Jackson Browne was born on June 20, 1913 (also 1912 is specified), and died on June 4, 2011, without having lived up to the century a little. She lived rather quiet life, worked in the Detroit Free Press newspaper (the oldest and main newspaper in Detroit, the USA). There Lilian Brown was an editor and conducted different columns: from advertizing texts and cookery before art and poetry.

The writer expatiated on the private life very little that exact date of birth managed to be found out only several years prior to her death. It is known that she was happily married, in many books there is a dedication to the husband (“To Earl Bettinger, the husband who...“). In their family house always there lived cats. All also began with them.

... The first Siamese kitten called Koko (in honor of the hero of the comic opera Sullivan of “Mikado“). But this kitten fell from a window and broke. Owners strongly worried, then Lilian also decided to write the history “about a cat“. So there was a new author of “cozy detective stories“ who wrote books about “cats who“ - and it not to the detriment of the journalism. It is known still that Lilian Brown did not love the computer and printed the novels about cats on the old antediluvian machine. Such people are called technophobes, but, according to the writer, the imagination was the best assistant in her work always just. The imagination is too “a muscle which it is necessary to train“.

is More than bloodlettings! Sex! Violence!

It was the requirement of publishers. It seemed to publishers the spilled innocent krovushka a little, they therefore demanded from the author of bigger bloodthirstiness. It is more than sex and violence - all as it is necessary. Not that they “slept and saw“ a nu dismembered body, just long ago all publishers acquired one simple formula: where there are more shows, there is more bread. Figuratively, of course.

But Lilian Jackson Browne did not want “more blood“. She just became silent for the whole 18 years. And the previous books about “cats who“ dispersed on the world were translated into other languages, won the readers (and admirers). Readers who were not eager at all even more sex and violence is insatiable. Cats begin

and... win

After so long pause Lilian Brown writes new books from the Cat, Which series again. And publishers lost nothing from the fact that the author did not want to describe the most cruel details of bloody crimes in details. Books Lilian Brown instantly found the readers, having become best-sellers and entering the corresponding sheets and ratings.

The main character, as well as the writer - the journalist, more precisely, the reporter of the criminal chronicle by the name of Jim Kviller with moustaches, as at Mark Twain. Fans of a detective genre will find an intrigue necessary to them, maybe, and not such stunning as it would be desirable, but quite in the spirit of a genre. But the main heroes and “stars“ of a book series are, certainly, Koko`s cat and a cat of Yum - Yum. And fans of cats will find everything here: and as the cat purrs and as she regales on delicacies and as it is played and as she shows the teeth. And also - as she inadvertently finds a proof and prompts to the owner where to look for the villain. Cats as much know, clever creations:

- Yau! - it was distributed almost over the ear of Kviller - too close that calmed down. Koko opened a door of the bedroom; crept down, vsprygnut quietly on Kvillerov`s back of a chair and now there balanced.

- What you do here? - strictly Kviller asked.

Koko jumped off on a table and took seat on a pack of writing paper in the pose meaning: “It is ready to get to work“.

(Lilian Brown “A cat who went mad on bananas“).

Books Lilian Brown about “cats who“ are so popular that did not do without satirical attacks. It is the book of the fashionable American prose writer Robert Kaplou “Cat who killed Lilian Jackson Browne“. Well, this commonplace also does not cancel that in the different countries there are whole clubs of readers. What is not surprising: according to the writer - in the USA about 54 million domestic cats. It is solid audience! I mean owners, certainly.

Joke that the “cat“ Lilian Brown who lived 97 years lived more too, than the put nine lives. By the way, one may say, that literary career Lilian Brown continued more than 90 years - she wrote the first verses in 2 years, and the latest book of the beginning before the leaving. And all to the uniform book - cozy, without any quotes …