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History of fashion of female hairdresses. Why our great-grandmothers so loved a hairstyle “Page“?

throughout many centuries of the woman sought to be attractive and to captivate men the beauty. Beauty standard in everyone was century the, reflecting political, economic and social changes in society in fashionable tendencies.

Until the end of the 19th century the concept of beauty varied degree of rotundity of forms and, so to say, quantity of ruches yes crinoline width. The fashion on hairdresses was stable, giving a palm to long hair and ways of their laying.

The left 20th century became epoch-making in development of fashion of female hairdresses. The aspiration to identity generated new styles of hairstyles and laying which did not lose relevance and today.

The most grandiose event of the past era in the world became... No, not the Russian revolution of 1917. Did not guess... The most grandiose event was the hairdress “Page“ which all women began to carry is universal, since 20 - x years of the 20th century.

What special occurred? Yes anything if not to take into consideration of that fact that for the first time for many centuries of the woman suddenly began to get rid of long hair and shortly to be cut.

At the beginning of the 20th century worldwide, especially in Europe, emancipation waves stormed. Development of the industry led to increase in number of factories - manufactories. The huge number of women worked at these factories, receiving in payment the sum of money several times below, than the man would receive at this work. Lack of the labor legislation and worthy working conditions, lack of electoral rights led to mass protests of women against slave living conditions.

Women fought for the rights for worthy payment of the work, for the right to participate in political life of the country, creating parties of suffragettes (feminists). And it must be said, a man`s half of mankind was actively against requirements of women. If you are interested in details of relationship of floors during this period, read chronicles of that time.

But we will return to fashion history.

Fashionable tendencies always go hand in hand with historical and social changes in society. The worker of a manufactory was not able to afford luxury to do daily laying of long hair and to wear magnificent dresses on crinolines. The silhouette of clothes was transformed. It became direct and natural, multilayered podjyubnik and magnificent skirts disappeared.

Rotundity of forms stopped being an ideal. The image of the thin woman with narrow hips, a small breast and a short boyish hairstyle became fashionable. In the aspiration to imitate men of the lady ruthlessly got rid of romantic ringlets.

Hairdressers of that time daily cut off kilograms of hair. The hairstyle “Page“ was the most actual requirement of their clients. Especially loved this hairstyle of the owner of a fine hair. Still, this hairdress just ideally looks on hair of such texture!

There passed years, but the hairstyle “Page“ does not get out of fashion. Of course, it changed a little since then, got several options. If in one case the minimum length only closes the line of growth of hair, then in other case it reaches the line of shoulders.

Today “Page“ is the most widespread option of a hairstyle the short dense bang and length of hair reaching cheekbones.