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Why it is useful to laugh?

“Laughter are the force to which the mighty of the earth are forced to obey“. (Emil Zola)

Ya, likely, I will not peddle old stuff if I tell that laughter - the first weapon against a stress. It prolongs and decorates human life. Still you do not trust? I will try it to prove to you.

Just facts

the First children`s smile appears in 3 - 4 months. The most fun-loving age - 6 - 7 years. Children laugh about 250 times a day. For comparison - the adult can smile at most 12 times a day. (I am not really sure that it concerns to Russians).

it is good to span to laugh is the whole science. But if to seize it, then practically any person will be able beautifully to laugh.

also special science - a gelotologiya which studies impact of laughter on mental and physical human health Exists. Scientists - gelotolog look for the reasons causing laughter. Already at anybody the fact that treatment by laughter very effectively and practically has no by-effects does not raise doubts.

A founder of a gelotologiya is the American psychologist Normann Kazins. He is still known as “the person who made laugh death“. The beginning at this history very sad. Kazins got sick: at it began collagenases - a serious disease of connecting fabrics and bones. Doctors were powerless, and the patient at the end of treatment lost ability to move. He asked to write out it home, and puzzled members of household with a request to begin for it display of comedy films. He watched one for another several days in a row, laughing loudly “to exhaustion“. He noticed that the terrible pains tormenting him ceased. In few weeks of the doctor found that the condition of the hopeless patient began to improve not on days, and on hours. Smekhoterapiya helped Normann to return in 3 years for work. Besides, he could play grand piano the favourite works in free time.

Sir William Osler repeatedly repeated that the laughter is music of life, and advised to laugh, at least, 10 - 15 minutes every day. Such smekhoterapiya, in his opinion, prolongs human life for 1 year.

In the USA the high military command without fail has to attend special seminars of humour! As teachers often invite actors - comedians. One of authors of “yumorobika“ is the actor Charles Metkaf. It begins the occupations with exercise: to rise - to sigh - to burst out laughing. According to the actor, it is very important to realize absurdity of misfortune or failure which comprehended you. As “antidote“ he advises always to have at itself(himself) a clownish nose and sometimes to put on it: in front of the mirror or even in the presence of strangers. The author of a yumorobika believes that he will do this “exercise“ you much more happily, than regular visits to bar after work. (To it is more visible...)

in the world the Cubans and Brazilians arranging carnivals, parties with songs, dances and draws are considered as the Most cheerful people. The gloomiest are residents of the Scandinavian countries. I was in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and I can confirm that citizens of these countries smile very seldom.

When the person smiles, 17 facial muscles and when he in minor mood also frowns, 43 muscles are involved take part in it. Dear women, why to you gloom on a face if you do not want to grow old to term? About men I do not speak. Some severity in a look gives them courage!

the Ridiculous sketch, the movie, the picture pleases any person as a prize in a lottery or contemplation of beautiful model. Therefore it is very useful to be gathered useful emotions everywhere where it is only possible.

Experts counted up to 300 kinds of laughter. It can be sad and cheerful, kind and sarcastic, heart-felt and proud, contemptuous and impudent, promising and empty, ironical and confused, ingenuous and shameless.

Why to laugh

the Laughter improves your mood!

The laughter promotes rejuvenation of face skin. Many women think: to avoid wrinkles on the face, it is not necessary to laugh. This deep delusion. “Gravity“ takes away all live emotions of the person. The laughter with all the heart tones up all facial muscles, slows down process of aging and promotes a rush of blood to face skin. And it means that the person receives additional food, a healthy flush and elasticity!

The laughter helps to calm nervous system if you are in the upset feelings. Scientists claim that the laughter on effect for an organism can be assimilated to walk in the fresh air.

The laughter strengthens immune system of the person and is good protection against any stresses. Psychologists noticed long ago that people who often laugh are ill much less often. For example to earn risk warmly - vascular diseases at cheerful people decreases by 50% in comparison with gloomy citizens.

One more positive property of laughter: it promotes loss of weight and improves your figure. How? Ten minutes of laughter are equivalent to half-hour occupations in fitness - club. At laughter in an organism about 75 groups of muscles get into gear, at the same time the main loading is the share of muscles of a back and legs. Well than not good training which helps to improve your bearing!

Who was not depressed in gray and rainy autumn days? Several minutes of healthy laughter will replace to you a session of a medical relaxation.

Let`s release ourselves from prison from those a shor in which we are. Relax and laugh when you want it. Occasions for this purpose in everyday life there will be a set.