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It is written on bits of old faxes from “there is nothing to do“.

Near my workplace are billiards. It is free, and it is, as a rule, busy. On the next sofa the group of moderately tipsy Russian tourists of zasredny age was located. One of ladies waited for the bus in the airport, other two or three “saw off“ the girlfriend low alcohol cocktails, easy conversation and loud laughter. In a word, normal aunts, also behaved they as got used, from - for what the hall of five-stars Turkish hotel became unexpectedly similar to a waiting room of bus station where - nibud in Usmani, Yelets or other provincial Russian Zazhopinsk.

Here only billiards...

the Free billiard table with free spheres was we torment with the child, the boy of years of five thrashed a cue on spheres. “The unfortunate thrown child, mother thumps, and the kid from boredom spoils hotel property“ - I automatically issued the diagnosis.

The bus for the tourist was late, seeing off descended to the bar for “we look for“, and the kid played everything. I will not remember at what moment I paid attention to it, perhaps, after the next sonorous lups on a sphere. It seems, the sphere began to jump on a floor, apparently, a sphere there was white, floor marble, the sound turned out loud, but pleasant, even all hen house for a moment shut up.

The child picked up a sphere and continued game. It was higher, than a billiard table, but not much more, precisely I can tell only that a nose, ears and eyes were over a table. Of course, in this situation not to professionalism and beauty of blow, but with accuracy at it was all right. The child played billiards with himself so with enthusiasm as if in a semi-meditative state when any, simplest business at certain concentration shares on it becomes a pleasure source. Time as if is slowed down, sounds become more silent around, and the condition of a trance can be so deep that any attempt from the outside to return the person to reality will lead to anger or a fright.

“Protective reaction to ignoring from mother“ - thought I and returned to the not less meditative occupation - from I nothing to do played stupid game in the phone - fed a snake who, guzzling, grew long, was not located in the screen and devoured myself. However, my occupation was rather in the way not to stop, and to kill time and game went a background to my thoughts. There is no need to explain which of us is sillier: I or young genius of billiards.

There arrived the bus, the hen house even more quickened. - And I thought, I will be left here, ho - ho - ho! - Give, call. - Cocktail - drink up that. Half-glass gin - tonic left for two drinks and three seconds, the suntanned, plump blonde grabbed the mnogokillogramovy bag, the last surge in woman`s jabber and seeing off sharply remained idle as there was nobody to see off more. Conversation went for a dopivaniye of kotelchik more quietly. In about 20 minutes, having drunk up the portion, other suntanned blonde included the game “careful mother“. - Dima, give mother with you will play billiards. The offer was met from Dima very aggressively, after short skirmish: - Dim, well give mummy with you will play! - HEEET! - a treble of the very unpleasant timbre with threat to pass to squeal or to arrange a hysterics.

Mother went to the bar behind an additive, and Dima was provided to himself again. It did not cause pity in me rather, respect any more. What business came to an end that evening in, I did not learn, was distracted by something, then left, then came, say, was engaged in the adult and serious work.

The next morning, having held an observation post on a green sofa, after a popivaniye of tea, a smoke break, a campaign in a toilet when I reconciled to the fact that morning will be boring, again undertook a snake that from melancholy not to die. My thoughts were approximately such: My God what to do to me - that? As I do not like this work and why I arrived only here, and che to me was not stayed at home, pancake burned as everything got me. Arrived, pancake, to Turkey, to work at the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the guide, pancake, in a month once only the sea approached and touched and that at night, secretly, I sit the whole day as the silly woman in these hotels, I communicate with drunk vacationers and with “dear colleagues“ of which at all mine to them respect I do not understand how it is possible to kill here so the life, let and for money. The public is specific, after five minutes of communication at me of them the allergy begins. My God what to do to me - that?

At this time two children, the girl of years 11 and the boy of years 8 came running and undertook distressful billiards. Right after them Dima appeared. His mother too soon came, is more sober, than yesterday, even more suntanned, with the offer “but whether not to go chasochek to have a sleep to us?“ Dima was going to play billiards, and one, he just ignored mother. Forces were unequal, fight ran high fascinating. I was extremely intrigued with outcome of the case, but was not going to support players. On Dima`s party there was only his persistence, but his combativity I had no pleasure yet to estimate. He wanted to play, the rest did not interest him. The girl and the boy did not manage to play, Dima already received two podzhopnik from mother, mother reconciled. “I in the room, if that“.

Having dealt shortly with one enemy, Dima rushed in fight again. He wanted to play, and one. At first children conceded to it as younger, but quickly understood the mistake: Dima did not suffer from excess of generosity and was not going to leave a cue in the next five-years period. It is difficult to restore chronology, children fought, swore, stole spheres, tried to bribe Dima “And there on the street strawberry cakes, want?“ And that there.

In the heat of fight in the hall two Turks from vacationers appeared, billiards interested them too. Dima just lost control over a cue and children only - only began game, on the suitable Turks the girl touchingly zalopotat: “And it is possible we a time we will play?“ Turks confoundedly flopped on a sofa. One of them tried to use me as help but far from it.

Passions were tensed, I practically did not doubt that to Turks with my Dima in any not to cope. In - the first, a language barrier: Turks of Russian did not know, Dima and his juvenile enemies in Turkish did not talk, I refused to act as the translator - become so bright.

In - the second, cultural distinctions: Turks would not begin to thrash children or to take away something by force because they love children to madness, and not only the and it is unacceptable to offend the child for them.

Nevertheless, did not come to refuse game by it in the head too because children as Turks considered if they translated them their request, would not begin them to contradict as children (Turkish) to desires of adults, especially men, have to be respectful. That is ha - ha.

I did not hide the interest in this situation any more, Turks quite reasonably decided that I frankly scoff and enjoy the situation of things. While I silly blinked and in impudent lied in English that I do not know neither Turkish nor Russian and in general, I am furniture here, Dima managed to deal shortly with the juvenile foes finally. Vomiting damnations, threats, and not best regards, they went to the street there is “a strawberry cake“.

So, final round: Dima, my favourite, small bilyardoman, absolutely uncontrollable selfish ill-bred child thrown by mother for whom game in billiards as began to seem to me, was the only meaning of life and it was obviously not going to lose it.

His opponents: two young Turkish men who are obviously confused by behavior of the boy who was not going to understand them of Turks who in the free Turkish country in the Turkish tried to explain to him that billiards is necessary to them. The Turkish children in such situation yours faithfully would give for a long time them a cue. Besides confused them washing impudently lybyashchayasya an ugly face: not to achieve success in such simple business meant to them to become a laughing-stock in the opinion of the detached onlooker - that is me, that is the young woman, and for vanity of the Turkish man it is extremely painful.

At first opponents silently danced around a billiard table, pretending that each other in an emphasis is not seen. Dima took a sphere and thrashed on it, driving into a billiard pocket, and one of Turks, more young, collected spheres and put them in a pyramid in the center of a table. When all spheres except the last were laid out, the Turk waited until Dima tires out the last sphere and told it in Turkish that it will play with the friend. He already held one cue in hand. And there was a miracle: Dima with a valid smile gave to the suitable second Turk a cue, that is arrived as on its place the average Turkish boy would make.

PS: God heard my prayers, I passed to other position which in hierarchy of this firm was considered lower according to the status and on money at the expense of what became a live legend, but all summer swam in the warm Mediterranean Sea, however, when it was possible to find time. But it is already other history.