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How to secure personal information on the Internet?

Scandals with leakage of personal information on the Internet arise with an enviable regularity recently. Literally the other day it was found out that in search delivery of “Yandex“ it is quite possible to obtain information on orders in various the Internet - shops, including sex - shops. In open access there was full information on the buyer, including a surname, a name and the full postal address, and also about order contents.

For all this it is only enough to gather inquiry “inurl:0 inurl:b inurl:1 inurl:c the status of the order“. Such terrible abracadabra actually is deciphered rather simply: we ask to find the pages containing the phrase “the status of the order“ and at the address of the page there have to be 0, b, 1 and c symbols. By the way, in 2009 - m at emergence in language of inquiries of “Yandex“ of the operator “inurl:“ experts warned that first of all his advantages will be estimated by hackers who will select the websites using monotonous cursors with the known vulnerabilities.

Here and in this case under distribution clients the Internet - the shops using WebAsyst Shop script - Script got. It is natural what extreme in this case not to find. Owners the Internet - shops accuse “Yandex“ that its robots stick a nose where does not follow. “Yandex“ says that it just does the part, and the owners of the websites who did not ensure safety of information are guilty.

The set of services “Yandex fell under suspicion. Metrics“. Allegedly all affected websites had this “snake“ on the board. It is difficult to understand, but nevertheless the Google search engine having the same operator “inurl: “, does not start up personal information in delivery.

But anyway, and rescue of drowning - work drowning. And own drowning too. Users in many respects facilitate work to malefactors. For example, in search results by that terrible inquiry I found the page which allowed the person to check a condition of the order. The fields “Number of the Order“ and “E-mail“ were already filled. And for more details, it was offered to become authorized - to enter the surname.

Seemingly not bad. But the e-mail address looked as familiya_imya@mail. ru! It is natural that after input of this familiya the website obligingly opened before me full information on the order. And at not really obvious addresses of a look “that - to@mail. ru“ is easy to calculate a surname. Enough, for example, it is simple to carry out search in this Internet address or to address the social network “My World“. For this purpose it is necessary only in the address my. mail. ru/mail/xxxxxx/replace xxxxxx on it “something“ from the address. With high probability we will get on the personal page of the owner. And it is not breaking, the person himself laid out it on a public inspection. And on the personal page it is possible to learn practically everything.

Therefore, being registered on social networks, forums, the Internet - shops, you remember - you often open about yourself much more information, than it seems at first sight. And nobody knows to whom this information will get and as it will use it. For example, there is nothing surprising that the employer will not hire the driver who on the personal page tells that he does not pay attention to traffic lights even if he in life so does not do, and just wrote nonsense. Therefore observance of several simple rules is just necessary:

1. Minimize communication on the Internet. It is clear that for many it is equivalent to council less to breathe. But also in this case it is possible to minimize danger.

2. Limit the volume of personal information which is in open access. Use pseudonyms and nicknames which are not associated with a real name. It is especially important to accustom to it children.

3. Use several e-mail addresses : separately - for business and private correspondence, separately - the open address (for forums, the Internet - shops and so on). The open address has to give a minimum of information on the owner.

4. For different accounts and services it is necessary to use different passwords. If it is difficult to remember a set of passwords, then it is possible to develop the simple mnemonic rule. For example, it: my password is the word “shovel“, then the first three letters of the address of the website and the figure corresponding to length of the name of the website.

It is natural that all this should not replace, and supplement application of anti-virus programs, firewalls and other means from an arsenal of technical protection which is powerless if the user himself posts online personal information.