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What proofs of existence of God are?

If the person do not trust in a possibility of existence of God, any proof can be disproved. It is all the same that someone refuses to believe that people were on the Moon. In this case, no information will be able to change opinion of the person. Traces of astronauts, going on the planet, interview with astronauts, lunar breeds of stones - in this case will not have all this evidence the value because the person already made for himself the conclusion that people cannot get on the moon.

We have to declare from the very beginning clearly that it is impossible “to prove“ existence of God by natural-science methods. But in the same way it is impossible to prove by natural-science methods and Napoleon`s existence. The reason consists in the nature of the history and in limitation of these methods. “To prove“ something by natural-science methods, demonstrable has to possess property of repeatability. It is impossible to declare to the world new opening on the basis of one made experiment. History, by the most nature, is unique. It is impossible “to repeat“ anew the Universe birth, to revive Napoleon, to repeat Lincoln`s murder or Jesus Christ`s crucifixion. But the fact that these events cannot be “proved“ by repetition does not disprove their reality.

Let`s study the existing proofs or their character a little. I together with you sincerely ask myself this question. How I can know whether there is God? Nevertheless we say about what we do not see. Yes, it is a difficult question.

We have at least three directions in proofs: The first is an arrival to Jesus Christ`s Earth.

The second is through examining of creation (or all that we can see around us: organic chemistry, molecular and chemical particles and substances, and also space and its harmonious and strange influence on the planet Earth and other.)

And the third - nothing not less important this strange change of people which the Holy and Creative Father Nebesny gives (or what the Gospel (Jesus Christ) calls - the birth from above). Shortly about the first part. In 1960 - ykh years, in Kiev the academician Alexander Beletsky was given a task from the government of the USSR (possibly KP) to investigate a question regarding the basis of belief of Christians. Implication meant that it had to learn whether there is God of Christians in real or it is the myth. Having got to work Alexander, was an ordinary Soviet citizen, that is the faithless person. It directed the task to studying of the identity of Jesus Christ. It concentrated the studying on his life here on the earth.

After time it was ready to provide more than 200 factors proving the evangelical narrative about the birth, life, death and strange revival of Christ. He did not manage to transfer all these historical and archaeological, and also prophetical and logical proofs entirely. It disappeared! The Communist Party did not find necessary to continue researches. Having believed, he managed to transfer some manuscripts to Christians only. I already did the reservation on a prejudiced spirit of people. Any proofs make zero success in the absence of desire to know and trust truth. I want to sum up this part the following.

To this day proofs of existence of Jesus Christ, are replenished. Here we do not bring them as special dictionaries and encyclopedias can do it. But if Jesus spoke: “I and the Father (God) one“, in search of the proof of existence of God to us become much simpler. Of course, if now we are ready to study the purpose of his (Jesus Christ) of arrival to Earth, then it is worth opening the Gospel.

Second sphere of proofs. More, I would tell, art and fascinating. We, believers,

observe the Creator through his creation. Whether it is logical to judge the artist on his pictures. As he understands the world, people, the nature, life. Take any other creative activity of the person. If you come into the gloomy house, with old utensils and some fantastic demonic style of registration that probably to you not really will become, the meeting with his owner is desired.

Considering and studying world around, we just fade delighted and we stop the usual, routine course of life and we lift a look to the sky. Because we know that invisibly for us the Creator of all visible and not visible sits there. And like Derzhavin are ready: “In an immense difference to be lost and are grateful tears to shed“.

Below I will cite as an example a water drop. Bernard Ramm, quoting L. J. Henderson, lists some of these qualities: “Water has a high thermal capacity. It means that chemical reactions in a human body will proceed with sufficient stability. If the thermal capacity of water was low, we would “begin to boil“ from the slightest movement. If we raise temperature of water solution by 10 degrees Celsius, we accelerate reaction twice. Without this specific quality of water life would hardly be possible. The ocean is a thermostat

of the world. Water allocates a large number of heat when freezes, and transformation into steam requires expense of a large amount of energy. Thereof the ocean is some kind of shock-absorber softening heat of summer and cold of winter. If fluctuations of temperature of a terrestrial surface were not softened with the ocean and were not in limits of certain borders, all live on the earth either would cook, or froze to death.

Water is universal solvent. It dissolves acids, the bases and salts. Chemically it is quite inert, being the environment for reactions, but, without participating in reactions. In the water which is contained in blood there are in the dissolved look over 64 substances. It is possible if we knew all these substances, then their quantity would be measured by astronomical number. In any other solvent it would be the real porridge! Without unique properties of water that life which we know would be impossible.

“Because that it is possible to know about God, it is obvious for them because God showed them; because invisible it, eternal force it and the Deity, from creation of the world through examining of creations is seen, so, that they are meek“ (Rome. 1:19,20). The same is told by the psalmodist: “Heaven preaches God`s glory, and about affairs of hands broadcasts it tverd“ (Ps. 18:1). The third proof provided by us is the most tremendous and eloquent proof, in my opinion. It is the Birth From above. I think that God will forgive people for short-sightedness in respect of studying of the wonderful planet Earth. But for an ugashenny voice of the Spirit Svyaty in the consciousness, people by all means have to be punished. All and to everyone, Jesus knocks on a step to heartbeat, urging to let in it your and my life. And millions of people are ready to testify about the spiritual birth or regeneration today.

Our family (then I was still a teenager) got over from Siberia on the South, the city of Volgodonsk, the Rostov Region. With our arrival, in this city the Evangelical Christian Baptist Church began to exist. At first there was only our family. And then Boga acted. In about 12 - 14 years already all city knew about the big, beautiful House of the Prayer with hundreds of members of church. Certainly, 99% of all components this church were yesterday`s faithless people. From the simplest to big people of society addressed God. Their new life became the brightest proof of existence of God. And, nevertheless, other 250 000 residents of this city continued to live life. Nevertheless it is a question philosophical. And the reason why people look for proofs not in desire the nobility Boga. But look for any excuse not to know it. Once Yu. A. Gagarin was asked whether he saw God? He told that he is not present, did not see. Though it also flew to space, but from Universe scale as there was he an ant so from the ant hill and did not get out.

And the Bible says that Heaven of Heaven does not accomodate God. And the madman the one who says that there is no God. Look at the cured souls from sin leprosy. Listen to their sincere words of the certificate. It is obvious, it is the fact. Boga is also He there is live. All these facts in total make a picture about the most live, is the most live living, God.

Concerning our subject has to notice the following.

Because Boga is love, He left to us on the earth of proofs exactly so much that even the wildest and backward person could believe in God.

And business that absolutely, not in a lack of proofs of existence of God. And in unwillingness the nobility Boga. From it often the phrase “look for and you will find, you knock, and will open to you“ remains unclaimed. Very correctly the Bible says that people do not go to Light because their affairs are evil. And the Bible does not prove existence of God anywhere, but on each page its bitter real hostility against God.

From myself I would tell that in an essence of this question the revolt directed against God is concealed. Boga made much that each person easily could learn him. Therefore you are inexcusable, the person. Here I gave only the directions in search of God. But every day your heart will be pierced by arrows of the Creator of the Universe, striking your disbelief. Stop, listen to singing of birds, noise of the sea, greatness of mountains, beauty of clouds in the blue sky! Their low voice more loudly than peals of a thunder narrates about Infinite, Great God.