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Strong alcohol: what is drunk in the different countries?

So far all of us did not become nondrinkers, alcohol will continue to play a significant role in our life.

It is difficult to imagine a feast without it or a meeting of two bosom friends who were not seeming as the fates decree several years without kind cup of vodka.

Not for nothing, probably, the great chemist Mendeleyev removed the correct formula of cultivation of alcohol for receiving traditional Russian alcoholic drink. In old Petrovsky times vodka in taverns was considerably smaller degree.

The Mendeleyev were, obviously, and in other countries. In everyone there is the strong national drink. Let`s make the short review of some of them. Let`s begin with Mexico.

The most insignificant holiday in Mexico does not do without cactaceous vodka of tequila and musicians of a mariachi in the huge sombreros playing clockwork melodies. In Russia as in other and in the majority of other countries, tequila can be drunk with a lime and salt.

It becomes so: on a thumb it is necessary to fill a little salt, between average and index to clamp a lime segment, then to pinch salt, one drink to drink burning drink and to have a snack on its lime.

It is interesting that in Mexico so nobody will not begin to drink tequila, except foreign tourists. Locals just pour a glass of this fire-water, overturn contents in a mouth without any snack and go to sing along with fervent mariachi. By the way, this Mexican binge do of an agave, and it not a cactus at all.

In the Republic of South Africa drink strong fruit moonshine mampoer. Drive it from peaches, and in each South African family there is the recipe of its preparation which passes from father to son. The easiest way such: in a deep vessel press mature peaches and hold them on the sun not less than two weeks, then put the begun to ferment mix on fire, cover - a cap and heat. As alcohol evaporates at lower temperature, than water, it is condensed on walls of a cover and on a tubule flows down in the substituted vessel. This pervach also is African fruit mampoer.

Asian hard liquors have a specific smell and taste - it is difficult to think at once, than it is possible to have a snack.

Here, for example, vodka a sodzha which in South Korea is brought to the level of a traditional national symbol. Do it of mix of wheat and rice, and also of potatoes. Flat cake current which is concerned from rice flour goes snack to a sodzh well.

According to the name the Japanese rice vodka Saca is more familiar to us. In ancient times to Saca was considered as ritual drink. And trained him so: chewed grains of rice and spitted out a chewing gum in a wooden barrel in which she began to wander. The special mushroom which allowed to carry out fermentation much quicker was found in the subsequent. In the town Saydzyo located in prefecture Hiroshima the holiday to Saca in whom all producers of rice vodka of Japan take part annually is spent.

Among hard alcoholic beverages especially it should be noted the French absinthe liqueur with a strength of 70 degrees. It contains extract of a wormwood and until recently was forbidden in France and in many other countries of Europe. Was considered that absinthe liqueur causes hallucinations, and its excessive use can lead to schizophrenia. Not without reason absinthe liqueur was called “madness in a bottle“ and “the green fairy“.

The matter is that the bitter wormwood contains substance tuyon which can really cause hallucinations. However about 8 years ago absinthe liqueur was rehabilitated. Having reduced quantity of the tuyon which is contained in absinthe liqueur, wormwood bitter began to put on the market again.

Absinthe liqueur is drunk intricately: the shot glass is filled with alcohol on a quarter, atop put a spoon with holes and a sugar piece, through it in a shot glass pour in cold water. Liquid in the eyes loses the transparency, grows turbid and becomes less strong and bitter.

“Well and how our, Russian vodka is drunk?“ - you ask. Here I will not begin to tell about it, everyone drinks as he is able. And it ruined, angry, very many.