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Whether it is necessary to be afraid of new school? Looking what...

Recently I was transferred to other school. It I found the address on the Internet. There was everything very spontaneously, as always, at representatives of a feminine gender. But the intuition, thanks to it, did not bring me and this time.

First of all, I liked a facade of new school at once. Any to you habitual routine and obsharpannost. Behind it the saturation of the real, not so children`s life was guessed. And it is valid, lessons are led by extraordinary and interesting people, everyone with the hang-up, but it does them both attractive, and unique. Once they came here unfledged as I, and now recognized masters.

To anybody any indulgences, all on - to the adult. Each lesson, as the last in life of Waterloo. The school does not discuss boring, and to nobody the necessary things but only the fact that it is useful to somebody in life, without excluding a doomsday and Christ`s coming.

In general, boringly does not happen. Administrative personnel, starting with the head mistress, everything, as on selection, blondes of harmonous outlines. Is from whom to mold life: I from the sort “vitamin“ the brunette.

Still it is pleasant to me that at our school do not set lessons, and if you do not want to speak, then you can only listen. Nobody carps at your appearance and spoils to you appetite if you chew during a verbal cannonade. But to be silent when all make a din, interrupting each other, it turns out at the few.

So the atmosphere creative, promoting all-round development: parents and television have a rest.

Can seem to the stranger that in an institution chaos and confusion that nobody celebrates anybody and I pound from visits any. I will assure you, you are mistaken: my super school, it is cool! Many study

and are on friendly terms many years. In total long ago each other either love, or hate, and it is difficult to find the empty space which is not filled with someone`s relationship.

And so far I, of course, have complex. You know what there is always an alerted attitude towards newcomers. And I try will not be dishonored and not to drop honor of school. Here also I squeeze out from myself as paste from a tube, everything that can be interesting.

I will give one characteristic moment. Even those who already left and have to be transferred, according to the logic of things, to other school do not leave nevertheless it. Of course, it is difficult for them, their life changed in a big way, and, most often, I suspect, not to the best. Therefore, I think, they do not throw our school, can some will return to us again to live.

But at all those which on a trip, I noticed something the general: with rare exception, they are extremely angry. Probably, in other life very strict orders, and they should be extremely cultural and gallant. And we, in a familiar way, get everything remained from their used culture. In each their phrase, in each interjection they show us the superiority.

Only the constant thought haunts me: and why they do not get to themselves new friends? Not so vyrazilas:druzya at them, undoubtedly, is. Why they cannot leave us in any way? Though all of them are very educated, but from the majority and in virtual space blows as misfortune. And therefore I will communicate with them too: I feel sorry for them. I suspect that too feels sorry for us for them, but to us their everything - is more pathetic.

There are also gray mice which do not participate openly in dismantling and discussions. But, to all appearances they found the way to management heart. But these imperceptible mice I for some reason in any collective notice at once. As people are simple, almost all are identical! Even teachers...

And still there are such hazardous: their energy - yes in peace the purposes! It all the same for what to fight: if only to shine with the knowledge and to be at all in the public eye. Hormones at them boil as Vesuvius during eruption. I have a presentiment that their energy will be sent according to laws of manipulation to the necessary course sooner or later. Not to vanish to good?

inspectors us a zadolbali:direktris does not lean out Recently - they are more chief. Poorly only the fact that they get paid is visible, not only at us and the administration overseas techniques plays about: do not want that we in the old manner studied mind - reason, and all from school were at once ready democrats of overseas breed!

But, all the same!

At school it is so healthy that I at it began to carry out the most part of life. Sometimes it is even thought that would agree to sit in each class for three years if only not to leave it. One disturbs: too many, it seems to me, are torn in our school.

Here I also worry: but whether quality of school life will worsen?