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Sochi. Why the resort inspires optimism? The center, suburbs and so on

On official statistics of last year only by July, 2010 resorts of Krasnodar Krai were visited by about 4,5 million people! Here to you and economic crisis! It seems, our people decided that be that will be, but it is necessary to have a rest anyway. Let and on the last money. But then, having become thin from crisis, all of them will equally remember the playful sea of the Krasnodar resorts, majestic peaks of mountains and a smell of the shish kebab preparing directly on the coast. And so, from 4,5 million vacationers, main “blow“ of vacationers fell on Sochi, Gelendzhik, and Anapa (approximately on 800 thousand people). Yeysk accepted so far much less (data - July, 2010) - 140 thousand people. whether

needs to be reserved?


Despite big flow of people in any sanatorium or boarding house there are free rooms for your money. The private sector, guest houses, hotels are also available, and everywhere there are places. That is, where to stop the tourist will always find in Sochi. I will remind that a clear advantage of advance booking of number on the Internet in what you on arrival precisely know where to go from station / airport / entry into the city to a car. Minus is that on pictures in the computer monitor everything looks in number brilliantly and types are delightful, and the fact that behind hotel the small river - the skunk“ in which from smells local frogs continuously go bananas flows, say, “- it nobody will tell you and will register in the presentation of the guest house. And shibanuty kvakalka will not allow you to sleep.

Option - you arrived without advance booking - has the plus: directly on the place you see what is created around the house, what shops, pleasure institutions nearby and so forth. The choice is really huge. It is necessary to potopat, do a bit of traveling fairly. In general, you look, analyze and even inhale. Look for where it is more convenient to you! Sochi will accept all! It is the city that inspires optimism.

From boards faces of happy people look at you. Peer at banners on narrow streets (about them - slightly lower): “You - in Sochi! Means, at you everything is good!“, or “I in Sochi! Life is fine!“. Has to admit to you - I agree with it. I was in Sochi eighteen days, and all this time seemed to me that life is fine, and that at me “all by“.

Then I arrived to Moscow, found a lot of accounts in a mailbox, the insurance on a car ended, several invitations came - calls to be in various instances, the conditioner and so forth “was grunted“. But all this was after Sochi. So take money on accommodation, food and entertainments and - in Sochi! No matter, where you stop. Did not reserve anything in advance? It does not matter. Even in tent under the open sky - it is romantic. You remember: “You in Sochi! So, at you everything is good!“.

Cheap but good

Yes, and still is one way where to take place during your stay in Sochi. Here del - that: time, two, also miscalculated! Just it is necessary to buy a penthouse more than 600 sq.m in the Sochi center for $16 million. Apartments occupy two floors of high-rise and very original building in the form of the ship. There is own pool, a garden and so forth. This object is recognized as the most expensive premises of Sochi 2010. So if you, dear reader, pribarakhlitsya by this apartment, to you will where spend the night in Sochi. If only the mother-in-law does not occupy by herself all penthouse.

of the Small street of Sochi or Where to stop territorially?

As promised

, couple of remarks on problems with small streets. They, especially in the Sochi center, are so narrow what to part to the rushing car and the stamping pedestrian is very problematic. At me the woman with the boy of years of seven, no more, hardly managed to push away him from - under wheels of the flying jeep. And the small street has the following frame: on the one hand - break and structures on a slope, with another - a wall. Narrowly.

Sochi when was under construction in Soviet period, was not calculated on the improbable number of cars that are available for residents now. Plus huge number of visitors. It is about the center, generally. In the new remote regions of type of Adler prospectuses are already more modern, streets are wider. And here in “heart“ of the city it is good to remove housing: quietly, very little high-rise building, greens, infrastructure nearby and magnificent Kurortny Avenue (its central part). But if stopped here, then going on narrow small streets and trying to disperse from the cars flying from above and from below, stop the movement better and be driven into the corner or a roadside. Let reckless drivers will pass, and you continue a way on the beach.

However, it is necessary to recognize that inhabitants of Sochi that live in the downtown, absolutely quietly stamp on narrow small streets and almost do not pay attention to the cars pressing them. Sometimes the distance between the passed car and the person makes in only 20 - 30 cm, but local go (and go driving!) indifferently! Once I was indignant with a similar scene and asked in plain terms the Sochi native: “Yes as you go with such terrible car traffic here and survive?!“. The man shrugged shoulders and slowly said: “Legs“. On it substantial conversation was also rounded.

Thus, it is quite good to stop in the downtown in respect of silence and greens, the smaller number of the people, proximity of infrastructure. But to go on the central narrow small streets - an attraction to a survival (for the visitor), to the sea it is not too close. In Adler, for example, the sea nearby, but also to the people local / the visitor - countless multitudes. The strongest car traffic, jams - all this is available in new densely populated areas.

Drinking water

In Sochi is one more hardly noticeable feature. Water tasty here! I compare with Moscow and - I pay. In sense, tears. Present: highly in mountains around Sochi mountain streamlets beat. Ice peaks of heights concern directly heaven, piercing them. Probably, ice melts, and crystal water exudes down to Sochi. Yes, quite so: exudes to Sochi!

Rejecting romanticism, it is safely possible to tell: it is pleasant and safe to drink water even from - under the crane in Sochi (for pedants boiling is not excluded). And I was there, and I drank there (including water), both children drank, and grandfathers with grannies drank. And everything from - under the crane, and everything tasty and calmly. Here such water in the city of Sochi that it is useful for travelers to know.