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Michel Nostradamus`s riddles. So who is he is an astrologer or the clairvoyant?

Life show that one of the best psychologists are doctors. They as nobody else, learn a true essence of the person. You will tell: at what here psychologists, Michel Nostradamus is the seer?! Seer?. Perhaps and yes, but for us, contemporaries, it is rather - the mysterious personality who left behind unclear to us katrena which he called “ciphered“. From - for them the mass of people with inquisitive minds will not know a lot more centuries rest.

The most interesting that mysterious mysteriousness does it immortal. Unless it is possible to solve its riddles, especially to explain it with language of science to remove mysterious “veil“? No, it is simply impossible!

It is necessary to recognize, Michel Nostradamus was the cleverest person! Zamudrit all and peremudrit. As well it is necessary to know psychology of people to create such “miracle“. And people love secrets, miracles, they bewitch and do life unusual. It always was and will be “tasty“. One - to be deceived and wait for predictions as though nothing depends on us, another - hazardously to get to the core of “nut“ and to learn that is hidden.

Riddles began with the birth of Michel Nostradamus. Still argue on date of its birth. He was born in December, 1503? Or in January, 1504? And as current astrologers (and I regret among them) that date and time of its birth because there is no access are unknown, there are no “keys“ to this mysterious personality!

Was born Michele weak, painful and designated it sad, short life. Yes, pleasures at it was less, than difficulties and difficulties on a course of life, however he lived 62 years that there is a lot of for those times.

We will try to put some “puzzles“ from what is told and write about Nostradamus to understand how he became a prophet and to see “picture“ and sense of his life. And also - to try to understand: astrologer it or clairvoyant?

First “puzzle“ arises by itself of the aforesaid: being a doctor, was wise, knowing psychology of people. Other “puzzle“, is more right - “grain“ which grows later (we will call - “a puzzle - grain“), we will take from his childhood. Michele - the native of the Jewish family of the successful notary Jacque Nostradamus. And till its birth, in 1502, the family Nostradamusov passed from Judaism into Catholicism, but made it not of own will, and under the threat of a compulsory excommunication from a profession and exile of the country. So Michel Nostradamus, the Judaist on beliefs, itself did not pass into Christianity, and was born already the Catholic.

Childbirth, breaking secular laws of that time, both grandfathers from a mother`s and father`s side, Pierre Nostradam and Jean de Saint Remy, the court doctors, astrologers and alchemists treating kings and making horoscopes to princes and princesses (one more “accepted a puzzle - heredity“). It since the childhood was trained in a cabbala and the theory of magicians (specification: for people of Renaissance, the magic is, first of all, comprehension of the nature in all its manifestations). And all this was impregnated with spirit of reserve (“a puzzle - mystery“).

He carefully studied astronomy and astrology (by the way, then there were no concepts of science and parascience yet, and Galilei at the beginning of the 17th century shared them) and brought together library which, unfortunately, burned for fear of inquisition. As we see, knowledge were extensive and deep for those times.

And katrena - not accident. “Hand“ is felt From above. Someone from great told: “If you believe in accident, then do not believe in God“.

Katrena - natural a child of heredity, education, reserve, knowledge, worldly wisdom, desire to improve financial position and … diseases. After loss of the first family when children and the wife died of plague, Michel Nostradamus disappeared for eight years. Having hard had, survived, but epileptic attacks did not leave it. Suffered, suffered visions. Tried to count astrologically when there is what he “saw“ during hallucinations, “as if in a fiery mirror“. So its revival when it after long-term wanderings, wanderings returned to wordly life again began.

To modern psychologists the treatment method the letter is well-known. Our contemporary Darya Dontsova too psychologically “recovers“ (she had a serious illness - oncology) writing of books, at the same time receives excellent dividends in the form of popularity, a demand and the fee. Well, we will not distract. Though, the fee was necessary also to Nostradamus, he was already again married by then, had children. Issuing almanacs, excellently improved the financial position and died the wealthy person.

By the way, that the clever person also differs from the fool that he is capable and to make something of a problem, bringing it or others some advantage. No, I will recover. Clever is knowing, and wise - using knowledge. Therefore, I will emphasize, Michel Nostradamus was the wisest the person, and on our modern concepts - it was able “did the Name and business“. And an intrigue (well - try, solve!) - it is in general the “piarsky“ course, a way to interest, intrigue. It became demanded what says also about the fact that even after his death “forgeries“ under his name were issued.

Now we will ask a question: what give us, recent, katrena? Everyone interprets them differently, in own way. Unfortunately, and it is already obvious, they do not allow us though a little something “to see“ in advance . Everything is interpreted and garbled by after when already something occurred, as they say, backdating. And true astrology works, first of all, for the prevention, an explanation. Not incidentally speak: “it is warned - armed“. Means, katrena not from astrology.

Then we will specify and whether M. Nostradamus an astrologer was? During lifetime - yes, without doubts. But katrena, in my opinion, have no relation to it, except for a mention in them astrological words, concepts. Besides ephemerises of that time were surprisingly inexact. Then he is a clairvoyant?! Perhaps, he - that also saw something, but we do not “see“ and we do not understand its katrena.

Who then for us Michel Nostradamus? I also try to understand many years this. But the fact that he is a person - the riddle is precisely! If everything was clear and clear, then interest in his personality would be gone, disputes around its katren would cease. And he forces people to think, reflect nearly 500 years that too it is important!