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Ignoring of age norms is fraught with consequences of

of Supervision show that among parents there is such general trend going whether from excessive humanity of the doctors and psychologists infected with political correctness whether from ignorance now what supposedly each child is individual (who would argue?!) and for this reason lag in development of the child is considered not only admissible, and some kind of “individual norm“.

Does not raise the head in 3 months - it does not matter, will lift in 6! Does not say a sound in 2 years - too everything is OK, will start talking at once and offers in 3 years. Is not present? Wait to 5. Do not worry supposedly at your child the speed of development! In numerous blogs there are “comforters“: “Do not listen to these psychologists, they can direct to neurologists, those will heal tablets!“ “They pretty often are engaged in hyper diagnostics, find such expert who would understand your child and his SPECIAL development!“ “Mine started talking in 5 years too and such clever child grows!“ “And nothing that your kid pisatsya till 6 years. Will bother - and it will cease to be written, just your rascal decided still “to ponezhnichat!“ “Why to interfere with natural development? Let it pisatsya on health! Where your maternal patience and humanity?!“.

And if, God forbid, some clinical psychologist squeezes the word that it is advisable to show the child to the doctor! The real hysterics, attack of sure “all-knowing“ mummies which for “special“ development of their children begins then. There would be opportunity - would hammer with stones for “dissent“, the benefit is “Bann“, helps out when a sane professional advice, the children trying shy to advise to treat in due time who actually LAG BEHIND NORMAL DEVELOPMENT is not pleasant.

The age norms checked by science, experience of centuries is an important reference point of that, the child is how healthy. It is possible and to wait till 2 years until the child spreads, but then the competent expert can make to the child not lechenny in time very serious diagnoses (cerebral spastic infantile paralysis and so forth) . The same with the speech. If the child did not start talking in time - it is a lag indicator in mental development. If till 5 - 7 years the kid pisatsya, then it already display of children`s neurosis etc. of

is Very important if the child lags behind age norm (now these norms are quite available), to show it to experts. It is better to be reinsured, than to be late and not to receive important timely treatment. Besides the earlier the correct diagnosis is made, the result of treatment is better! Than the child is younger, especially his brain is plastic and will easier respond to treatment. And then it is possible to cope much quicker and more successfully and with lags in the speech, in mentality, and with night enuresis, and with violation of attention, and with a hyperactivity.

Happens and so that mothers do not want to face, for example, to the truth and do not wish to hear that the child has early children`s autism. Recently one such mother important declared that they - found, at last, the psychiatrist who “cancelled“ the decision of the commission, having told that the child has no autism. And what she achieved? Svomi hysterics and threats in attempt to delete the diagnosis, scary for it, it for a year or two postponed the vital treatment of the child. As soon as showed to this important mother and proved as far as her girl lags behind age norm, she, at last, “began to see clearly“, having understood as her daughter is far from “genius“ of which she was sure.

Age norms - an important indicator on which have to verify development of the children of mother. Their ignoring can be fraught with grave consequences.