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How to look beautiful and natural? We do a summer make-up!

When come hot days, our daily meyk - ap begins “to float“: foundation and a basis under a make-up is erased by sweat droplets, also the pencil or an eyeliner suffers. The person takes the depressed and stale form. And constantly to control a make-up sometimes can be difficult, and sometimes at all it is impossible (for example, outdoors). Dark winter tone in general force melancholy. There is a wish in the summer that skin breathed, and the person looked naturally.

How then to look for all 100% in the summer? Take the following advice:

1. Refuse dark shades in cosmetics. Shadows it is dark - gray and is dark - brown color look too gloomy therefore or replace them, or at all you do without shadows. It is the best of all to use in the summer light shades: golden, pastel or pink. Any bright colors - blue shadows, lilac, green etc. will be suitable for an evening make-up. Also you should not do a smoky make-up, it is more pertinent in a cold season.

2. Do not use fat cream, and also cosmetics on its basis. Eye shadow and lipstick which part fat cream is can thaw and spread in the summer. Therefore postpone them until more cool season.

3. Instead of lipstick apply a lip gloss. Bright juicy lips perfectly are suitable for summer as give to the face a fresh look. It is possible to apply gloss on a contour for lips. If you sunbathed already enough, then you will be suited by warm apricot and peach shades of a lip gloss. Cold shades opposite create an artificial look.

4. Replace black ink with brown. Thus the look will be more gentle and easy. For any festive event or an evening dinner at restaurant it is possible to use also black ink, but only not in the afternoon. Ideal summer option of a make-up - brown ink together with an eyeliner of golden color.

5. Use waterproof cosmetics if you are going to swim in the sea. There is nothing worse than a type of the begun to flow ink and lipstick. Take care of the person before water procedures. Use resistant lipstick without wax or fat. However if it dries lips, cause over it a little gloss. Also surely get waterproof ink. On the beach you should not overload more the person with cosmetics therefore stop the choice only on mascara and on a lip gloss (waterproof lipstick).

6. Replace voice-frequency funds and powder for a basis under a make-up. the Basis easier on the consistence, it is absolutely imperceptible on skin (feeling from it - as if covered a face with cream). You can refuse these funds for time of summer in general. In this case do not forget to use the moisturizing cream and surely wipe in the morning and in the evening a face with tonic. And, of course, use gifts of the nature, considering that now the set of useful products is available - do masks, and your skin will be faultless!

7. During the day moisten a face with special thermal water. This means is on sale in the form of spray. Thermal water moistens face skin which in summertime especially suffers from - for heats. Besides it will not spoil the make-up done by you and the fresh look will give to the face. This ideal means for removal of traces of fatigue during the day.

Now you know small secrets of beauty which will help you in summertime. Be always fine and natural!