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With whom in relationship paprika?

Let`s decide on names at once to avoid confusion further. The Bulgarian sweet pepper about which here the speech generally will go belongs to a sort of plants of family Solanaceous, known under “name“ … Siliculose pepper (Capsicum).

And this sort has no slightest relation to others to quite famous plants from other family too - Peppery. And about black pepper (and also other types of the sort Pepper of Family Peppery) which we apply occasionally in the form of powder or “small peas“ as hot spices, further - words!

Sort plants Siliculose pepper - bushes or semi-bushes - in the conditions of cultivation in the territory of the countries of a temperate climate are grown up as odnoletnik.

Leaves at them simple, smooth-edged, and flowers usually single, located in a fork of branches.

Among several types of a sort Siliculose pepper interests us only one look - pepper one-year , it is Mexican (Capsicum annum L.) . It is the perennial which is grown up under our conditions (as it was already told) as an annual plant. On a direct branchy stalk petiolar leaves - in a form lantsetny or ovoid are located.

Flowers of the Mexican pepper are quite beautiful - their white or violet nimbuses reach diameter from one to three centimeters. Fruits, depending on a grade, can be various coloring and a form.

The plant homeland, apparently from the specific name, Mexico, and already from here, from America, its culture extended on other continents.

In the chemical relation fruits are characterized first of all by prevalence of carbohydrates - among which have major importance, certainly, sugar. The quantity them in fruits of some grades (“Bulgarian“, for example) can grow to 8%!

Siliculose Mexican pepper surpasses in the content of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), perhaps, all other vegetables. In the same “Bulgarian“ contents reaches it 305 - 306 mg of %.

Sharp taste of some grades is caused by presence at them of special connection - the kapsaitsin possessing exclusive causticity! The drop of water solution containing only 1 / 2000 mg of this substance (kapsaitsin) causes feeling of long strong burning. Burning properties found application in medicine - from fruits of siliculose pepper prepare emollient ointment which is applied as the external local irritating means at frostbites. In scanty doses similar preparations are applied inside as gastric means - but not at all diseases. For example, at stomach ulcer and a duodenum similar “experiments“ are categorically contraindicated!

Siliculose pepper , being a uniform species, it is known in many grades which unite in two groups - sweet and sharp .

Also others treat sweet, for example, “Bulgarian“, “Crimean white“.

The group of sharp includes grades “Giant“, “Astrakhan“, “Osh red“ … Fresh sweet pepper is used by

for preparation of salads, borsch, various sauces and soups, and also in a tinned look - under the name “stuffed peppers“.

Fruits of sharp grades of one-year (Mexican) pepper apply as spice to seasoning to the most different dishes, including vegetarian and meat. And the dried-up crushed fruits are a basis for receiving “paprikovy powder“. Hot pepper, “the brother of sweet“, is used also in liqueur - the vodka industry.

In end of a sketch - a couple of sweet recipes on sweet pepper...

the paprikas stuffed … with eggplants

will be necessary for

For preparation two eggplants and 8 - 9 sweet pepper, onions (one big bulb or two small), a slice of white loaf and one egg, 1 - 2 tablespoons of wheat flour, 2 - 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, a small amount of milk or water and salt, of course.

Separately for tomato sauce 4 - 5 tomatoes, salt and on only one teaspoon of sugar and torments are necessary.

How to make aubergine forcemeat? to Bake eggplants. Then to relieve them of a peel (thin skin), to wash out and cut. Then to add the crushed slice of the white loaf wetted in water or milk, in advance roasted onions, egg, flour, salt … Now properly to stir all this.

How to make sauce? to boil Tomatoes in a small amount of drinking water, to wipe through a colander, to add flour to tomato juice sugar and salt (to taste), to cook to density necessary to you.

Actually stuffed peppers. Having washed up pepper, it is necessary to remove a core with a fruit stem. For 3 - 4 minutes pepper are dipped into the added some salt boiling water, then they should be cast away on a colander that excess water flew down. Having filled pepper with forcemeat, they are rolled in flour and fried in oil.

Now “semi-finished“ pepper keep within a saucepan, are filled in with tomato sauce and are located in an oven. It is necessary to bake them on weak or moderate fire.

Pyostrenky Salad

Sweet pepper (200 - 250), white cabbage (100 g), tomatoes (100 g), fresh or pickle (100 - 120), rice boiled (80 - 100 g; to cook in 250 ml of water), ham or low-fat sausage (100 g), onions (1 - 2 bulbs), mayonnaise (or sour milk) and greens (parsley, fennel), salt to taste.

Pepper, having cut on strips, we will mix with rice, the cut tomatoes and a cucumber, small chopped kapustochka and onions. Having salted, we decorate with greens, we fill with sour milk or mayonnaise.

Bon appetit!