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Moscow area: whether fight for houses and the earth approaches?

Some time ago the president Dmitry Medvedev gave an assignment to heads of Moscow and the Moscow region to prepare offers on expansion of the territory of the capital. As a result the draft of the resolution “About the Adoption of the Agreement on Change of Borders between Territorial Subjects of the Russian Federation by the City of Moscow and the Moscow Region“ was born. Now it is possible to tell that this business which is already solved.

Borders of Moscow did not change since 1984. What problems can result from current expansion of the city? In Luzhkov`s Moscow there was no private property on the earth, actually it is absent and today. At the same time in Moscow area practice of privatization of the land plots exists not one decade. How to leave this collision, not really - that is clear.

Besides, in the Moscow region heads of areas and mayors of the cities are elected by the population; in the capital of neither the mayor, nor prefects inhabitants do not choose. The local government in Moscow is only imitation whereas in the area it is quite created system. What will be at association? Really Sergey Sobyanin will want that he was chosen not by Putin with Medvedev, but Muscovites?!

In the attached territories there live countrymen, there are dachas and cottage settlements of Muscovites. It is interesting to learn how will develop these lands? Whether they will be redeemed at the market price, or for the sake of city needs it is enough to send a column of bulldozers, applying the experience got in Yuzhnoye Butovo and in the well-known settlement “River transport worker“? And still there is fresher practice in the Olympic Sochi. There too successfully helped citizens to be exempted from their own real estate.

Of course, full-scale buldoser war in Moscow area hardly happens, however the fact remains: interests of hundreds of thousands of people - both villagers, and Muscovites will be infringed in fight for the earth and real estate. According to survey conducted “Levada - the center“, 40,4% of Muscovites are dissatisfied with the future expansion of Moscow.

It is easy to present how through lands of a certain gardening association, some SNT “Forest“, will begin to pave the way of the intra Moscow value. Gardens to which fifty years, will not be necessary to the city. About houses of gardeners (and sometimes it is very strong constructions) and there is nothing to speak. What is the two-storeyed garden lodge which was under construction own hands for many years by the standards of capital officials? It is even not a trifle big-bellied, and just nothing. “to demolish a comma in a combination it is impossible to leave“ will draw after the first word. And why, as a matter of fact?

Also it is still thought that history with the Khimki wood in comparison with similar cases will seem to the authorities harmless children`s game.

According to the available plans Moscow has to extend in five years. Hotheads in the State Duma went further away. Deputies from LDPR faction suggested to divide the Moscow region into parts directly today: in a radius of 100 (or 50) kilometers to attach lands of the area to the capital, and to distribute the remained pieces to the neighboring areas.

In fact, expansion of Moscow are a fight for resources. In modern Russia everything is solved by means of money and depends on existence (or absence) material resources. Therefore does not impress either a popular front of Putin, or Zyuganov`s militia, or mad proposals of Zhirinovsky`s supporters. We (population) are as if withdrawn from official policy. Important financially - economic decisions are made behind closed doors by a narrow group of persons which invented to call themselves elite.

Such approach is observed also at the future double increase in the territory of Moscow. Perhaps, some experts also estimated efficiency of this measure, but nothing was told the population. The joyful message came to our kishlak, fie! to Moscow, unexpectedly. And it is correct. Fathers of the nation will drive with an iron hand us into happiness.

* * *

Legitimacy of elite is defined by feelings of society. Whether we feel that oligarchs, Petersburg security officers and the Moscow officials are our elite? If “yes“ then, everything is good. Otherwise there is a revolution, or elite begins repressions concerning certain groups of the population.

Anyway, positive public meanings gradually disappear from the Russian reality. We slide even not in feudalism, and in the Stone Age. You doubt? Probably, you badly know the country.