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Russian Airborne Troops Day. Whether it is worth feeling fear or respect of the behaving violently crowd of blue berets.

Russian Airborne Troops Day. Whether it is worth feeling fear or respect of the behaving violently crowd of blue berets.

It is worth being afraid and avoid, of course. The crowd of drunk is most often aggressive, sometimes is even mad and not only because it is “courageous“ paratroopers and only because, it is crowd. All this as in a joke where - the crowd of rabbits is capable to zapinat also a lion.

From crowd and mass character there is a dependence of all weak persons, forcing them to bunch, organizing, thus, any movements and formations. And mass bacchanalias for Russian Airborne Troops Day to that not an exception.

I can assure you, really worthy and capable to bear that image of the invincible soldier of the paratrooper do not take part in such mass actions. Only those who as the personality or as the soldier actually did not take place, and the participations in mass hooliganisms only try to be rehabilitated need it. Therefore in respect is already on your discretion.

You will ask a question: in what such confidence and determination to put before such fact?

Willingly I will answer: I served in airborne forces, and by nonsense and naivety participated in mass festivities of paratroopers after service too. In these festivities was evident that those who were a sucker during service show a special form of aggression and especially brag of the bravery. I will not hide, it influences the foreign viewer. Typical psychology - you cannot do anything, shout, behave aggressively, morally influence the opponent, and it works. Not a sprosta a show off often applied method at incapable. But if you the sober observer from within, also possess true information, then all this demonstration, nothing except disgust causes, besides sense of shame is added that you appeared in crowd of those rabbits.

There is the following question: how rabbits appeared among paratroopers?

So I will open for you a secret - only 20% of paratroopers correspond to that stereotype of the real soldier, combat special forces belong there (reconnaissance - companies, special troops etc.) . This category of soldiers deservedly know the own worth, from it does not need demonstration of the force.

Other 80% - the specialist of divisions which are responsible for any providing (landing providing, material security, staff / office providing, artillery, cooks, hospital attendants, in this number and chorus) and all this pribludiya, wears a uniform of the paratrooper too. Also make parachute jumps, and too it is proud I call myself “margelovsky falcons“. Of course, It should be noted that a half of these eighty percent make parashyutno - landing companies (PDR) so-called fighting companies, definition speaks for itself. Therefore, their task to be able to perfectly know military equipment, all types of small arms, the airborne forces consisting on arms, but, which measure, any art of single combats (the modern form of wars does not assume to it any more). Of course all paratroopers study complexes of hand-to-hand fight, so-called dances on a parade-ground. But all this in the form of contactless (seldom semi-contact) KATO therefore, only takes a form of a facade of studying of near fight.

Summary. If the drunk paratrooper in an aggressive form, calls you to battle against shouts and threats, treat him as to painty a fighting razkras to the Papuan who with a fright pulls terrible faces and shows the frightening gestures in dance of death. Do not frighten a rabbit, and do not do him anything bad, go quietly further. Tomorrow (3 - go August) - in usual life it will be soft, coward an animal again