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Whether Krasna Shapochka three pies can support seven bureaucrats?

of Nikrolog about three pies or the narration how Krasna Shapochka supported seven bureaucrats. All vital coincidence - I ask to consider not valid.

The Grandmother baked as that pies with a liver. Fed Ded, the granddaughter Krasna Shapka, a doggie to the Bug, a cat Vaska and all neighbors. There were three pies. Pies magnificent, hot, appetizing, fragrant. She calls Krasna Shapka and speaks to her: “It seems a vnuchenka until pies cooled down, sell on a market for how many will take“. The Little Red Riding Hood and made. Put pies in a bast basket and went to a market. Whether it is long short, the Hat came to a market, offered goods. There is starushentsy.

- After what you give pies, the darling?

- And how many you will give, the Grandmother?

- Three rubles for three pies!

- Thanks, Grandmother!

- Shcha I will give you, thanks! And on crusts to a nose! And how many you will be given, will solve court!

“ The grandmother“ was the disguised employee of OBEP. She made test purchase. All three rubles were printed on the copier in advance and in process are compared that Shapka received this money as excess profit from the employee of OBEP at test purchase. Suddenly from where do not undertake, there were werewolves. Who in shoulder straps, who in the citizen. Both witnesses and witnesses and the investigator together with the prosecutor and the lawyer congratulated Krasna Shapka that she was very strongly lucky because her case will be processed by them. They watched it still when it went through the wood, on a forest footpath to a market. Three pies and three rubles were photographed (pies in a hem, money in a bast basket) and withdrawn as material evidences of a fact of crime.

Brought Shapochka to department. so far sew business on two offenses:

1. Absence sanepidy books. The offense provided by Art. 6. 3 Codes of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences from 30. 12. 2001. Penalty of 1000 rubles.

2. Illegal business. Article 171. Criminal code of Russian Federation. It is punished by a penalty at the rate to three hundred thousand rubles

Pies gave for examination to local representatives of the MC`Poppins company. And it is natural, she recognized a fake. Shapochka and the nobility could not that there is an independent examination. The structure and technical process of production, “incidentally“ coincided with patented in the MC`Poppins company. And it is not surprising. If Shapochka traded in excrements wrapped in clay, then examination of “representatives“ of the MC`Poppins company all the same would recognize violation of their copyright.

The investigator estimated that three pies - it will be a little to bring criminal case. On it wrote Three thousand three hundred thirty three pies Little Red Shapochka sold. And the price for one pie, was counted on MC`Poppin - the sky price. 250 rubles apiece. You represent what damage was caused by Shapka to MC`Poppins firm! 250kh3333=833250rubley!!! And it is Art. 146 of the criminal code of Russian Federation of the p. 3! Copyright infringement with damage in especially large sizes! 1,5 years conditionally or a penalty to 10 thousand rubles. Also compensations of “damage“ to affected firm.

In a month called Shapochka in department. Material evidences in the safe already fairly smelled slightly.

Shapochka paid two penalties. And for some reason on it in both times, palmed off some “left“ requisites for payment. They say that the pier, at us was suddenly replaced number of the settlement account. And accounts differed in only several tsiferka. And actually, some enterprising senior inspector Vasily Pupkin and the Senior veterinarian Grusha Marmidontovna, just opened the settlement account. And really? Why to list penalties to the state when they can be cashed from the svy settlement account and to divide friendly how great Lenin bequeathed, from everyone on ability - everyone on work?

In few months, Shapochka was subpoenaed to Sign documents. Now it from the status “person under investigation“ passed into the status “defendant“. Pies in the safe already became covered by a mold.

A confrontation with the lawyer:

- Yes you not kipishuy, Shapka! ¨ - mine! This business at us is put “on the conveyor“! Not you the first, not you are the last. Just today on a market your Grandma was taken. I, understand, of course, that you were set up, but such at us work. The most important, in court admit and repent of everything. So will give less.

Court - business fair. Material evidences were gnawed by worms and it was necessary to throw out them on a garbage can because the smell in all office became not taken out. To rise! Court all right! In attempt to object, to the account of material damage, say “I such money even did not hold in hand!“, the judge terribly knocked the hammer and asked the lawyer to deal with Shapka, vyvedev it for doors. Declared a break. The lawyer in a rush explained to Shapochka who she is a silly woman. It is necessary to admit everything, otherwise business still will drag on on half of year, and pies will palm off on it on a table that itself smelled. The term or a penalty at the same time will not lower, and on the contrary, the angered prosecutor will increase everything time in three.

The depressed Little Red Shapochka admitted everything. If imputed it Alexander of Macedon`s death this moment, then too would admit. There would be one more article 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation.

Everything managed safely. Prosecutors and judges - too people! They have a heart too! Did not begin to sit down, and awarded a penalty of 10000 rubles. But smiloserdstvovat. In a type of the fact that Krasnoy Shapochki have four children and there is no supporter (except the Grandmother who was already taken), by it made payment by installments of payment for 1 year. And MC`Poppins firm - to drag out compensation for material damage for life.

Tear-stained Krasnoy Shapochke is handed requisites of the settlement account for payment of a penalty, with acquaintances to pain words: “At us, the settlement account, now it not such as at the stand changed just 5 minutes ago...“