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Whether there is a way to eradicate rudeness on roads?

Rudeness on roads in our country - the phenomenon more than widespread. And it, at least, is unpleasant. And as at most - sometimes specifically prevents to live. What with it to do?

Perhaps, each person who actively drives the car faced the following situation: you get stuck in a traffic jam, and this stopper leaves on several kilometers forward, and there are you in it minutes 15. You, certainly, are not eager to stand on one place, and even if you are not late anywhere, for certain want to arrive a bit earlier. But this stopper, and you in it stand... Well, happens.

And here, you stand and think of why there was this stopper and why cars so long do not move, and here... in a rear-view mirror you notice how someone rushes on a roadside going round a stopper. Not only that it is forbidden by traffic regulations, it also manifestation of full disrespect for surrounding participants of traffic. Such position “I Not All“, “You if You Want, Stand, and I Have Affairs Others“, well and all in such spirit.

And to you somehow it becomes feel ill at ease. The mood spoils a little, and such feeling that in your address just someone told unpleasant words. Well, there is also it.

By the way, the interesting fact - by estimates of the experts who are engaged in traffic in Moscow, one of the main reasons for traffic jams is not the bad organization of roads, not bad outcomes and not quality of roads. One of the main reasons for traffic jams are drivers who violate traffic regulations.

There was a stopper in two ranks, and poorly - is poor, but went. But as soon as 2 - 3 persons went round it on a roadside and began to get into slowly going ranks - the stopper rose! And if such heroes on all stopper is not 2, but 15 - 20, then so far they will be passed it is possible to stand enough - long.

The set of not less striking examples of rudeness can be met at work, study and even in shop. The set of problems is caused by banal disrespect for people around, and unwillingness to realize that around you there are other people. In particular, according to doctors, about 70% of all diseases are in a varying degree caused by a stress. So it is already beyond just moral damage.

As for the decision, it here, in my opinion, one - to change the point of view. And I do not mean “to force to change the point of view“ applying power methods or threats of punishment. If to intimidate the boor, then he will not stop being the boor. It will be simple to choose those targets of which he is not afraid.

So I would entrust change of the point of view only to education. In other words - to explain to children with school (and it is even better with kindergarten) benches why it is important to respect people around. Yes, it is important. It “is not necessary“, or it “is accepted“, and it is important for future most this person.

In this regard there is a wish to mention the statement of one famous philosopher of the XX century - Ron Hubbard. In one of chapters of the book “Road Fortunately“ he in very democratic and at the same time to an intelligible manner, writes about how it is worth treating surrounding people. Chapter is called: “Try not to do others what you would not like to yourself“. And here what he writes in it:

“... Only the Saint can live all life, having never caused harm to someone to another. But only the criminal does harm to people around, even without reflecting.

... In times when for some there are no restrictions keeping them from bad acts, the potential of a survival of the person strongly decreases.

If you are able to convince people to apply this rule, you thereby will give them something, from a position of what they will be able to estimate own life, and for some - will open a door to reunion with all mankind“.

And, in my opinion, this statement more than correctly. Present what will be society if as a criterion for actions of people serves this rule. Whether will be roughnesses, rudeness, unfair criticism, and the similar phenomena much?

Me, for some reason, it appears, that is not present.

Artyom Kuznetsov